I don’t know how many of you watched Donald Trump’s speech last night, but it was jaw-dropping. Like, summations of so many private prayer projects converging together into one 76 minute proclamation for America’s future. Trump articulated a clear vision to get America back on track!

I am by no means saying that Donald Trump is the savior of America. That title belongs to Jesus Christ alone. That said I have had two impacting dreams about the potential God is offering Donald Trump and the nation. To read on “Your Hired! Trump & Homeland Security” click here. To read “New Thrust of Victory—Second Trump Dream” click here.

As we have thundered across our nation, we knew by the Spirit this year that politics alone could by no means save America. Instead, it would take a move of God to dislodge evil and bring forth His intended turnaround!

But I knew this move of God would dramatically impact the thrones of government in our nation. And the thrones behind the thrones. We’ve seen it before—like beginning on 7-22, 2014, for both America and Israel. Centered on what we like to call God’s “Turnaround verdict,” the legal precedent for His turnaround movement. 

And this turnaround movement is officially now in play. You can feel it.

Can’t wait for this 7-22 Revolution gathering tonight and tomorrow in Colorado Springs with Dutch Sheets. This is an important statement. Just as God summoned us to Boston MA for 7-22, 2014 to see God’s “turnaround verdict” released,” so He summoned us on 7-22, 2016 to Colorado Springs. Please keep us in prayer. It’s going to be a history-defining time. Truly a full-circle moment. Turnaround!

I’ve recounted below our journey into Daniel 7:22 for you. With a basic teaching and just a few stories of God encounters surrounding them.

Breakthrough—Israel Elections 2015
Leaving Israel was hard. Jolene and I were somewhere over Greece, flying through clouds. We were ecstatic over recent breakthroughs, and our flight home had come way too soon.

In God’s covenant land, we had just become witnesses to history as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a hard-fought election. To Jolene and me this was much more than a victory for democracy, it was actually a verdict from the Court of Heaven. An initial fulfillment of a global prayer assignment conveying how God is rendering judgment in favor of the saints, and granting unprecedented turnarounds in our lives and world.

Nobody thought Netanyahu was going to win. Especially because so much pressure had been applied by the Obama administration against him, in both America and Israel. But as God often does, He showcased His covenant land before the world, and then brought the impossible into reality.

The Turnaround Verdict
Ten days before, Jolene and I were sent by the Lord to Israel to with a prophetic mandate for the election. Actually, we like to refer to it as the “Turnaround Verdict.” Because as conveyed by Daniel 7:22, the Lord restrains all opposition and grants the saints free course to possess the Kingdom. He grants a turnaround.

As you’ll see, we believe the 2014 American elections literally turned according to this verdict. In 2015, we felt strongly that the Lord was granting this same verdict and turnaround for Israel. And in 2016, once again for the United States.

Friends, consider this. If God can even turn entire elections by this verdict, He can surely bring a turnaround into your own life as well! And as you will soon discover, within this Turnaround Verdict is the power to repair your past, redeem your present, and restore God’s dream for your future.

You might be asking how an ancient courtroom verdict, received by a prophet in Iran of all places, could have any effect on Israel and America today. Daniel lived some 2600 years ago. And from his time forward, billions of legal decisions have now been issued. Most of them are now dust. What makes this one so different?

Court of Heaven
The key to this verdict’s power rests within its origination. It’s not a byproduct of man’s discernment, logic or will. Instead the words recorded by Daniel convey a decision by the Court of Heaven, presided over by One who identifies Himself as the Judge of the entire earth.

Ponder the implications. The fact that such a Court even exists, let alone that its judgements can affect the thrones of earth, is staggering. In reality all nations, governments and people will soon be impacted by the authority of this Court.

As conveyed in Daniel 7, the Hebrew prophet Daniel actually saw a vision of this Court, seated to consider one of the greatest cases in all recorded history. The ensuing decision is so extraordinary that it actually catalyzes the Great Return of Jesus Christ and the dethroning of an antichrist spirit—followed by the promised earthly reign of this Messiah of Israel.

Lets take a brief glimpse into Daniel’s vision of the Turnaround Verdict, beginning with verse 21:

(21) I kept watching, and that horn was waging war with the saints and overpowering them

(22) Until the Ancient of Days came, and judgment was rendered in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the saints took possession of the kingdom.

Until this verdict was released, the Bible says that the saints of God were being overpowered by a demonic horn, a symbol of an antichrist spirit. But the Court of Heaven sat, and the Ancient of Days rendered judgment.

By implication, the saints are doing everything they know to do—worshiping, fasting, praying, tithing, assembling together, living righteous lives in their professions and at home. They are mobilizing to affect society for God, yet losing ground at every turn. Many have become isolated, marginalized, impoverished, defrauded of their covenant promises. Some have even made the ultimate sacrifice, the flame of their lives extinguished for their faith.

Then Heaven rules in their favor. And in a moment, everything changes. The Beast that opposed them is restrained. And these same war-weary saints are immediately released to possess the Kingdom!

Please note that a Courtroom verdict accomplishes for them what their own efforts and cultural engagement could not alone attain. As Jolene and I began to participate in Heaven’s Court, receiving His verdicts, we experienced this reality ourselves. Results come quicker, easier, and as we continue to engage in spiritual conflict we find the breakthroughs come much more rapidly!

Because as you will see, the Lord Himself honors and defends every verdict that He legitimately renders.

According to Daniel’s account of the proceedings, this decision is simply rendered “in favor of the saints.” And as much as these words were meant for Daniel’s generation, they will find ultimate fulfillment a future generation of saints, marked to live in what the Bible calls “the end times.”

Perhaps this is our generation, perhaps not. But as you will see, this verdict is absolutely valid for every generation because of the legal precedent it is based on. The body and blood of Jesus Christ.

The Precedent
Have you ever hired a lawyer? It’s never cheap. Especially if your case goes all the way to the Supreme Court. Oftentimes, justice is never met simply because the plaintiffs runs out of money to pursue their verdict.

But for the lawyer in Daniel 7, the verdict being pursued becomes the most costly court case in all recorded history. Also the most unusual. Because for this lawyer to prove His case, He must not only present the evidence for vindication, He must become the evidence.

Lets briefly examine this extraordinary decision, witnessed by Daniel, Isaiah, John and others, that becomes the precedent for our Turnaround Verdict.

Herod then Pilate presided over the initial trial of the Son of Man, Israel’s Messiah. It led to a death sentence.

But the case was immediately promoted to a higher court. As planned from the foundation of the world, the Court of Heaven became engaged.

Some 700 years before its occurrence, the prophet Isaiah received a vision that conveyed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in graphic, yet legal terms. Legally in the Jewish system, there could be no remission of sins without the shedding of innocent blood on behalf of the guilty. Lambs without spot or blemish were required to bear the sin. And Isaiah 53 describes how Israel’s Messiah appears on earth as a man, and then suffers a brutal death to become our Passover Lamb. See how Jesus bore our iniquity—for our legal justification.

He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement that brought us peace was laid upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed… By His knowledge the Righteous One will justify many, for He will bear their iniquities (Isaiah 53:5, 11).

Daniel begins his record of Heaven’s Court by introducing us to the Supreme Judge—the Ancient of Days.

I kept watching until the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of Days took His seat… Thousands upon thousands were attending Him, and myriads upon myriads were standing before Him. The Court sat, and the books were opened (Daniel 7:9-10).

Note that the Ancient of Days is presiding over Heaven’s Court. In fact, the only time God is referenced as the Ancient of Days is in context with these courtroom scenes.

I kept watching in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven, One like a Son of Man was coming, and He came up to the Ancient of Days and was presented before Him (Daniel 7:13)

Note that the Son of Man was presented before the Ancient of Days—before God as the Supreme Judge. The word “presented” is a legal term, denoting how evidence is being entered into the court for evaluation in the case.

In a dramatic convergence of time and eternity, Daniel saw the resurrected Son of Man coming with the clouds before the Ancient of Days. The body and blood of this Jewish torture victim was presented—or entered before the Court as evidence—for the redemption of all mankind.

Note that Jesus died to redeem us from our transgressions and our iniquities. In order to access the full benefits of the Turnaround Verdict, you must understand what both of these are. Transgressions refer to the sins that we ourselves commit. Iniquities refer to sins within the generational line that were passed down to us from our forefathers. “The sins of the fathers are passed down to the third and fourth generations…”

So what’s the big deal for you? Not only are you redeemed through His blood from your present sins, but you can also access His verdict to see your generational bloodline cleansed! The cyclical affliction of addiction, which devastated generation after generation in your family, can be caused to cease. Horrific afflictions caused in your life by ancient vows to demonic powers can be put to an end.

The Son of Man, Jesus, was presented before the Father. His own body and blood were entered into the Court as evidence for your redemption and mine.

Because of this, not only can your present world be redeemed, but your past can be repaired. You can have a turnaround. If you remember one thing from this chapter, if only one sentence is allowed to become etched upon your heart and mind, let it be this.

Jesus died to give you a better verdict.

The Coronation of the King
In the Court of Heaven, after the evidence was presented, the prophet Daniel and others bore witness to the fullness of this staggering verdict. Pay attention to this now, it is vitally important. As part of Heaven’s verdict, not only are people redeemed but the suffering servant is coronated as King!

Both Jewish and Christian scholars agree this judicial decision is granted to Israel’s Messiah. One like the Son of Man was granted rulership over all mankind.

And to Him was given dominion, Glory and a kingdom, that all the peoples, nations and men of every language might serve Him. And His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which will not pass away; and His kingdom is one which will not be destroyed” (Daniel 7:14).

I don’t know how this works—maybe some of you prophets out there do—but in the intersection of time and eternity, through a visionary encounter, the the prophet Daniel and the apostle John literally “saw” this same coronation. Note the similarity between the experiences.

Daniel describes the scene this way. Thousands and thousands were attending Him, and myriads upon myriads… standing before Him; the court sat, and the books were opened (Daniel 7:10).

John, who lived some 600 years later, saw and described the following. Worthy are You to take the book and break open its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. You have made them to be kings and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth. Then I looked and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders; and the number of them was myriads and myriads, and thousands of thousands… (Rev. 5:9-11)

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing… To Him who sits on the Throne, and unto the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion for ever and ever! (Rev. 5:12-13).

Note that in this overarching verdict, the Son of Man is granted a kingdom, as well as the servitude of all the peoples of the earth. Why? He was found worthy to rule because He literally gave His own life to redeem the ones serving Him. To give them—you—a better verdict.

Restoring Destiny
Deep inside you there is a greatness, a God-given destiny and purpose, that has been ruthlessly opposed by the enemy. You’ve felt the resistance—probably for much of your life. Maybe you’ve been rejected or abused. Maybe you’ve always done your best but have never been delighted in, invested in, or honored—never truly seen.

Whatever your experience, you know what it means to be marginalized. You know what it means to be opposed for no apparent reason, except perhaps for your love for Jesus.

You haven’t given up yet—but maybe you feel overwhelmed.

Take heart, my friend. Like the saints described in Daniel 7, God’s own heart has been moved by your offering of love, the offering of your very life. You may feel like you’re only treading water now, but things are about to change.

You’re about to take some ground. And like the saints of old, you might just find that this ancient verdict is the key that unlocks your promised destiny. This Turnaround Verdict is literally yours for the asking.

Back to the Future
Now lets return to the plane flight home. After all we experienced over the previous 10 days, I really wanted to encounter the Lord afresh. Like Daniel in exile, I really wanted to make sure our heartfelt friendship remained, even when the land was far away.

So on the flight home I wanted to encounter God. But I felt too confined to pray, and too tired to read. So looking for love in all the wrong places, I reluctantly turned to the airline’s media offerings. I must have started—and stopped—ten movies before settling on a really safe bet.

Back to the Future.

This Hollywood blockbuster came out in 1985, the year I graduated from high school. Featuring Michael J. Fox as a high schooler with a skateboard and a mad scientist as a mentor. “Doc” the mad scientist, played by Christopher Allen, had invented a time machine to travel, well, back to the future.

The farther into the move I got, the more I realized God was actually using this Hollywood classic to speak to me. Even to prophesy!

Back to the Future. Where the young protege Marty repairs the past to redeem his present world, and restore the future to its original intention.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that three decades after its release, a whole move of God was being birthed to access the power of repairing the past to release a better future. Only in this case, “Doc” isn’t played by an actor—but by God Himself.

Introducing the Ancient of Days
In Daniel 7, the Ancient of Days is conveyed as the Supreme Judge who presides over the past, the present, and the future of all humanity. He is the ultimate “time traveler” in that He resides outside of time.

The Ancient of Days knew each of your forefathers by name. He saw when they sinned against Him, opening your bloodline to the pollution of generational sin and bondage. And He also became deeply touched by the nobility of heart displayed by many of your forefathers, who made decisions to love Him sacrificially, honor covenant, and invest hearts and lives for the betterment of future generations.

God is love. And He never forgets the love and sacrifice of His friends, even through the generations.

It’s also good to know that this Ancient of Days, this Supreme Judge of the Universe, is actually an activist judge. Presiding over man’s condition, He saw only one way to lawfully redeem His treasure. And that’s when, with great resolve, gave His own Son to redeem our lives.

As prophesied by Isaiah, God became a man. During his infancy, the God of eternity clung to an earthly mother, and was protected and provided for by a man he knew as dad. Jesus was soon mentored in the family business, using wood and nails to build homes.

When He came of age, God activated a higher calling, using the same wood and nails to restore the dilapidated framework of all humanity.

“This is the blood of My covenant,” Jesus admonished His disciples before His death. And when this blood and battered body was presented before the Court of Heaven to justify mankind, judgement for all eternity was rendered in favor of the saints. Covenant was restored, and your turnaround was forever secured!

Repairing Your Past, Restoring Your Future
And as we’ve shared, by His verdict, you can secure a better future. We’ll explore this concept in much greater detail, but what’s important now is that you simply embrace the concept, and meditate on its possibilities.

Please note that you cannot escape your past—but by His verdict you can actually repair it. You can repair your past to redeem your present, and restore God’s dream for your future.

Kind of like what this movie was all about. Only this vision will come true.

Lightning Strike! 7:22
So there I was flying over Europe, pondering the prophetic implications of a movie I never intended to watch. Doc the mad scientist was hanging from the town clock as he tried to repair the power line that would transmit a bolt of lightning to the DeLorean so that it could return… um… back to the future.

Got it? Good.

As Doc makes his repairs, he sees it’s almost time for the lightning strike and and becomes alarmed. He shouts to his young protege:

“I’ve calculated the distance and wind resistance retroactive from the moment the lightning strikes, AT EXACTLY 7 MINUTES and 22 SECONDS. When this alarm goes off you hit the gas!”

Seven minutes and twenty-two seconds. 7:22. That’s when the lightning strikes to take you back to the future.

Please keep in mind I’m watching this movie in 2015, flying home on a plane from Israel where we had just stood on this Daniel 7:22 verdict to see the entire Israeli elections shift. A dramatic turnaround where history was redefined right before our very eyes.

And in the movie, 7:22 became the timing for breakthrough.

Here’s something else. Michael J. Fox returns home from 1955 to 1985 to find that his family life has drastically improved. Mom is beautiful. Dad is a conqueror instead of a victim. The past has been repaired, the present world redeemed, and times ahead look bright.

That’s when Doc reappears. He tells his young protege he’s going to use his time machine to launch 30 years into the future. To 2015.

Yes, I discovered on the flight home that there’s a coded prophecy hidden within the most popular Hollywood film of 1985. 7:22. Repairing the past to redeem your present and restore your future. In a way that would somehow impact 2015 and beyond.

Here’s my verdict on the issue. You just cannot make this stuff up.

This vision is mirrored in the New Testament by a revelatory encounter given to John the beloved. Like Daniel, John sees and hears myriads of angels and redeemed human beings thundering their praise before the Throne.

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing… To Him who sits on the Throne, and unto the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion for ever and ever! (Rev. 5:12-13).

Worthy are You to take the book and break open its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. You have made them to be kings and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth (Rev. 5:9-10).

You may not be facing end-time giants, with the fate of all mankind in the balance. But these same principles can be accessed in your own life. You can petition the Court of Heaven, and see judgement rendered in your favor. The forces of darkness impeding you can be restrained, and you can be released to possess the Kingdom—to possess the promises God has entrusted to you!

So we encourage you to pray through Daniel 7:22. Ask Him to manifest His verdict of justice for you! The world will never be the same…

Covenant blessings to you, in Jesus Name!