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Tonight in Waupun WI! Tuesday Pittsburgh! Weds home to DC! Glory Train site:

The Glory Train is on the move! We just crossed the Mississippi River into Wisconsin after a weekend of breakthrough in St. Paul, Minnesota with Karen Krueger. I can’t wait to share the messages with you. Revolution and Turnaround!

I’m doing my best to document our journey to share with you. The video above covers our ministry journey from Hawaii to Alaska to British Columbia, Washington State, and Montana. Just keep in mind we’re new to “video world,” ok?

Rugby—Angel Gate Open
It’s so interesting how the Lord has led us, because different regions have brought out different expressions prophetically of the same overall theme. Rugby ND, the geographic center of North America, launched a message on how the Lord was opening up His “angel gate” and releasing the hosts of the Lord for this next move of His Spirit. We so enjoyed joining with Barbara Becker and her crew of Gideons for this breakthrough.

You might remember how Bob Jones saw God’s move as a marriage of the Book of Exodus with the Book of Acts, bringing an entire continent into the restoration of His glory and a sweeping move of deliverance. Our time in Rugby became my first cognizant experience prophesying to an entire continent to receive His move!

St. Paul—Revolution and Turnaround!
Our next stop was Minnesota with Karen Krueger. Such a powerful time! God’s people were so hungry to see His glory that registration was actually maxed out! This actually made me a little nervous, but the Lord met His people in an incredible way. I have not sensed a grassroots “spirit of revolution” since Faneuil Hall Boston two years ago.

Friday evening I felt very strongly that Minnesota is where the Turnaround for the nation begins. It was our first time there and I didn’t have a clue what that meant. But in a vision I saw an aerial view of the Mississippi River and grounds shaking. Then I saw a train turning a corner, and heard the Lord say “this is where the nation turns!”

So Friday evening we shared on how this new move of the Spirit is actually a spiritual revolution. Revival… a divine attack upon society! Saturday I shared from Daniel 7 on God’s “Turnaround Verdict” for the first time in probably a year. We stood before the Judge for Minnesota, and when the gavel fell the Glory of God literally met us at the gate. Judgement rendered in favor of the saints! I haven’t been that impacted by God’s tangible presence in years. Still reverberating. And quite literally our nation has turned.

We are literally carrying this verdict into our Nation’s Capitol on Purim this Wednesday, culminating the first leg of our journey from Washington to Washington.  I had absolutely no idea awe were coming home on Purim until James Goll mentioned it to me last week. Amazing. Declare that the Hamans opposing God’s turnaround are exposed and restrained, covenantally and governmentally, by verdict of Heaven’s court!

DC on Purim! James Goll on Call!
Speaking of which, we are so honored to have James joining us this Wednesday evening—on Purim—to share and prophesy! Remember James was scheduled to join us earlier in the year but instead had to go through surgery. Once again it is amazing how the Lord has orchestrated our journey, culminating our first Glory Train journey on Purim with this prophetic statesman!

All I can say is, you cannot make this stuff up 🙂

Please keep the engines of prayer burning! Tonight we are in Waupun, Wisconsin and then on to Pittsburgh PA on Tuesday. Jolene and I are so grateful for your prayers!  We hope you enjoy the video.

Covenant blessings!

Jon & Jolene