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After much prayer and labor, Jolene and I are so excited to share with you the first few tours of the Glory Train Turnaround Tour. Hallelujah!

A year ago this Valentines Day, we announced the Glory Train project in a simple posting sharing the vision. We also included the prophetic word on the Glory Train by Bob Jones, who went home to be with the Lord on February 14, 2014.

We are in a season of coming full circle! As Bob prophesied, God’s glory is being restored across our Nation. And in 2016, the Lord has summoned us all to literally circle this nation, connecting our land in covenant prayer. No King but Jesus!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered—I’m Yours!
Covenant is often symbolized by a circle. Through the Glory Train journey, I believe we are literally giving the Lord Jesus Christ a wedding band from our Nation. And we are receiving His band of covenant in return!

Signed, sealed, delivered—I’m yours! The words of this classic Stevie Wonder song convey the sealing of our hearts in the devotion of covenant love. It’s exactly how God feels about each one of you as His bride.

Sealing our Borders
That said, please keep in mind that much of the Glory Train will also be very focused on sealing our borders through this expression of covenant prayer. We hope to share more on this tomorrow. But the sealing of our borders must continue as a focus of urgent intercession right now!

Cindy Jacobs and the Paul Revere Prophecy
As we share with you today the Glory Train schedule, I can’t help but remember the prophecy spoken 16 years ago by Cindy Jacobs. “You will be spiritual Paul Reveres,” declared the prophet. “I see you holding out a burning lamp. You will be going from city to city, and instead of saying the British are coming, the British are coming, you will be saying the Lord is coming, the Lord is coming!”

It is amazing to me that 16 years later we are embarking on this Glory Train journey from city to city, with a primary focus of seeing God’s glory restored. Cindy’s words keep echoing in my mind. “And everywhere you go, revival will break forth!”

Please Lord, for Your Name’s sake let it be.

Faneuil Hall… With Cindy Jacobs… on Patriots Day!
Did I mention Cindy will be with us for the East Coast launch of the Glory Train? In Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall, the womb of the Revolution? On Patriots Day, the anniversary of Paul Revere’s Ride?

You just cannot make this up. Just ponder this. And please plan to join us April 18 for this significant gathering!

Did I mention the Boston launch will be just 9 days after Azusa Now, Lou Engle’s historic gathering from the very ground where Gods’ glory touched down 110 years ago? The east coast tour rolls through the 13 Colonies, host of the First and Second Great Awakenings. Can’t make this up!

Eight Legs of the Journey
We begin in Hawaii, officially launching the Glory Train on March 4. This will be immediately followed by a trip to Alaska.

There are eight legs to the tour in the continental US. We are taking Amtrak each step of the way, forming an unbroken circle around the United States. We welcome friends to join us along the way. Please note that the schedule must remain fluid and flexible. We will update you as soon as possible of any adjustments.

  • Northern Tour—Seattle to Washington DC March 12-23
  • Northeast Tour—Boston to DC April 18-22
  • Southeast Tour—DC to Brunswick, Charlotte April 23-May 4
  • Deep South Tour—Atlanta to Houston May 5-22
  • Southwest Tour—Dallas to Los Angeles June 9-22
  • West Coast Tour—San Diego to Seattle July 1-10
  • American West Tour—Sacramento to Omaha July 16-26
  • Heartland Awakening Tour—Topeka to Boston July 27-Aug 8

Glory Train Launch—Hawaii & Alaska

March 4
Maui, Hawaii—Launch (private)

March 6
Issaquah WA—10:30 am Kingdom Praise

March 8-9
Anchorage, Alaska—7 pm Anchorage City Church

Northern Tour—Seattle to Washington DC

March 13
Northwest Launch—10:30am Covenant of Life Centre, Langley BC with Faisal and Sabina Malick.

March 14
Get on the Glory Train! Seattle WA

March 15
Whitefish MT

March 17
Rugby ND—6:00 pm Restoration Ministries
Note: Rugby ND is the geographic center of North America!

March 18-19
St. Paul Minnesota—details TBA

March 20
Waupan, Wisconsin—7pm the River Church

March 22
Pittsburgh PA—7pm Shepherd’s Heart Church

March 23
Train Pittsburgh to Washington DC

Northeast Tour—Boston to Washington DC

April 15-16
Old Saybrook CT—Valley Shore Assembly

April 18 (Patriots Day)
Revolution Boston! with Cindy Jacobs
Faneuil Hall, Boston on the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride

April 19
Times Square NYC, details TBA

April 20-21
Philadelphia PA—Phil. Tabernacle of David

April 22
Washington DC with Dutch Sheets—details TBA

Southeast Tour—Washington DC to Brunswick, Charlotte 

April 23-25
Williamsburg and Virginia Beach VA—details TBA

April 27
Charleston SC—details TBA

Apr 28-May 1
Brunswick, GA—The Remnant Church with Jamie & Redonnia Jackson

May 1
Jacksonville, FL—details TBA

May 3-4
Charlotte NC—details TBA