MATT LOCKETT & KATHY HOLCOMB—PRAYER CALL WEDNESDAY! 9-11pm EST. We are in a season of watching similar to Rees Howells in World War II.  We feel to host a special 2 hour call tomorrow evening to address recent warnings. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

SOW TOWARDS GOD’S DREAM FOR AMERICA! For the next eight days, please consider to sowing into the Glory Train project! We are believing God for $8,000. To share your gift please click here.

222 INHERITANCE CONFERENCE Feb. 19-21. More info click here. Registration at www.theprayerfurnace.org

Gifts before the Throne
First—a friend yesterday pointed out it may seem disingenuous to announce we are starting the Glory Train in Hawaii and simultaneously share a request for funding. So in the interest of transparency, our trip to Hawaii is a special gift to us from dear friends whose counsel and continuous intercession has greatly accelerated our ministry.

What a gift! Especially over my birthday, March 4. Which is also the date we felt to launch the Glory Train. With a strong personal conviction from the Lord that Hawaii and Alaska must be included and emphasized towards this national turnaround.

It’s important for you to know our strong conviction not to directly request funding except as directed by Holy Spirit. The provision we are seeking goes 100% towards the Glory Train—for leaders assisting us, train and air tickets for nationwide travel, rental fees for conference venues, etc.

And unequivocally, the Lamplighter family is presenting these gifts before the Throne, as an act of worship and devotion to Jesus Christ alone. In His name, Jolene and I receive them with holy trembling. And we seek to steward these gifts with covenant faithfulness and integrity towards the dream He has entrusted to us all. We are grateful for you!

2016—Peril and Potential
This year is so pivotal. For the past few “Glory Train” postings we have focused on the potential for this year. Heaven at our Gates! Accessing God’s turnaround window, seeing His glory restored to our land. There’s an unmistakeable grace every time we seek to convey this potential.

But we also be faithful to the warnings of potential peril the Lord has been so clearly conveying. Conflict of Thrones. A call to pick up the mantle given by the Lord to Rees Howells and others, and engage together in a World War Watch. A message recently confirmed by Dutch Sheets almost word for word.

Tomorrow you will hear from Matt Lockett, director of JHOP-DC and Bound4Life, who has received an extraordinary directive for this season regarding Rees Howells.

And today you will receive insights from Kathy Holcomb, senior pastor of Breakthrough Church in Tulsa OK. Jolene and I have asked both of them to join our call tomorrow night.

Warning of Impending Terror Strikes
Kathy has received a severe warning of potential coordinated strikes from terrorists coming across our borders. She has been engaged in a 90 day watch in response.

It’s one thing to know the possibility of this. It’s entirely another for the Spirit of God to directly convey revelation of impending crisis. And when we compared notes last week, the continuity of the warnings made my hair stand on end. Such as her warning of waves crashing on our shores, representing terrorists coming to our land.

Kathy received the following on December 3:

While joining in corporate prayer I saw a vision and then received Divine understanding of that which I was seeing:  I saw repeated waves slapping at the shores of America.  And then I saw several lights that seemed to be scattered around the nation in various places. As I saw both sights going back and forth a few different times I believe God revealed the following.

There is an onslaught of the enemy of a magnitude and scale being planned to bring destruction from across the waters to America. The perpetrators will link with those already planted in America to accomplish this plot.  

God reminded me of how Gideon’s men had confounded the Midianites and the Midianites fought against one another to bring victory to the Lord and Gideon. I believe God is saying If God’s people would stand WATCH for the next 90 days, and pray to bring confusion to the communications between those attempting to come and those that are already planted here, that God will confound them and spoil their plot against America. 

Let’s do our part and watch the mighty hand of the Lord deliver America from this attack. God’s plans bring Victory!

Countering the Peril—Watch!
Amazingly, the 90th day of Kathy’s watch against terror strikes brings her right to March 3. Talk about continuity. Because on March 4, we launch the Glory Train.

Most of you know the Lord has mandated we traverse our borders by train, specifically to pray for these borders to be sealed by Him and protected from the very scenario warned of in Kathy’s dream.

It was also astounding to discover the Lord called Kathy to a prayer watch between 3am-6am to counter the terror strikes the Lord had warned her of. Because the Lord had also called Jolene to pray from 3am-6am through the 22nd of February!

One day last week, I awoke and found myself praying about joining Jolene in her 3am watch. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke the phrase, “imminent attack.” I knew the Lord had summoned Jolene—and Kathy, Julie, Marlene and so many others—to this 3-6am watch specifically to counter this potential.

Friends, I’m all for gender-inclusive warfare. But it’s really time for the guys to step up too. I am finally committed to this watch. Biblically, the 3am-6am watch is the time when God’s people stepped into the Red Sea, and Pharaoh’s army was overthrown.

Please consider how the Spirit of God is compelling you to watch in this hour. Seal your commitment right now!

From the outset of 2016, we are standing together with the Lord to secure the gates of our future. Fulfilling this mandate preserves the window of opportunity the Lord is giving us all for personal and national turnaround.

Please pray—the peril is real, as is the potential.