GLORY TRAIN FINAL DAY! Celebrate with us. We are believing God for a miracle of $4,000 to close out our journey and launch us into the Fall. To sow into this work of the Spirit please click here. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

Strategic Prayer Guide for DC and the Nation below. Please engage!

Glory Train—March 4 to August 8!
BETTER WATCH IT OR I’LL SING IT. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. That’s been my very effective threat to Jolene and our friends Jamie and Redonnia Jackson as we roll down the Hudson River towards Washington DC. This train is bound for glory, this train! This train is bound for glory, this train! 

This train is bound for glory, don’t ride no one but the righteous and the holy! This train is bound for glory, this train…

It’s been five months almost to the day since we began. From Washington to Hawaii to Alaska to Vancouver BC to Seattle and then circling the nation by rail from Seattle to Seattle, then making a final run from Sacramento to Syracuse, Albany then to Washington DC.

We haven’t been home, or slept in our own bed, for more than three months. But we’ve had many sleepless nights on this awakening journey, encompassing more than 12,700 miles by rail alone. Through the glaciers of Montana and the canyons of Colorado, the power centers of the northeast and the harvest fields of the heartland, America we’ve fallen in love with you all over again.

And we’ve seen this turnaround begin. Remember how God’s “33” trumps the enemy’s “33.” The Lord gave Jeremiah 33 to Bonnie Jones as a word for the Glory Train and for His overarching work in this hour:

“For I will cause a turnaround for the land from its captivity, so that it will be as it was at the first, says the Lord!”

And Lamplighter family, it’s been such a privilege to take this Turnaround Tour, this journey of a lifetime, with you. Each step of the way!

Prayer for DC and Nation—Stake Your Claim!
Today through Wednesday, the Glory Train culminates its national summer journey and the Stake your Claim prayer project with three days of intensive prayer onsite in Washington DC. A national coalition of prayer networks has convened, partnering with thousands of leaders and intercessors across the nation, including yourself. What a way to roll! Especially when you remember we marked the launch of the Glory Train with comprehensive onsite prayer in DC on 2-22. Yet another full circle moment.

Keep in mind we are approaching the 9th of Av and the culmination of the Jewish season of Dire Straits. It all began when the people of God rejected the call to enter into the promised land. Joshua and Caleb saw the harvest, while the 10 spies focused only on the giants. The ninth of Av marked the day the people rejected their window of opportunity for turnaround.

Lets not make the same mistake! Instead, lets reverse the curse and get back on track! Then and now, we probably do not fully comprehend the stakes we are facing. Shields up! Lets be like Joshua and Caleb and stake our claim! Lets be like Gideon and TAKE BACK OUR LAND!

No King but Jesus!

August 8—Awakening Well, Bob Jones
Most of you know that August 8, 2008 marks the day when a historic well of the Second Great Awakening was re-constituted in the earth. The sacrifice of so many was profound, both before and after. Yet so is the glory! Our postings last week share on this miracle.

And it was at this well eight years ago that the Lord conveyed a vision of awakening that has framed our labors ever since. I saw a geyser burst forth. Then the ground split apart in an earthquake from Lowville NY to the Washington Monument in Washington DC. Every where the earth split, babies shot into the sky and were caught by angelic hosts.

I knew the Lord was conveying a grassroots movement of awakening and prayer that would literally overcome both the culture of death and the covenant with death that had claimed our nation. Glory!

Three years later, the Washington Monument cracked in an earthquake 50 days after we culminated the project to divorce Baal and see covenant with Jesus Christ restored as a nation.

And eight years later, we’ve been honored to embark on a governmental prayer journey bearing witness to the restoration of God’s glory in our land. Culminating, appropriately, on 08-08-16.

Bob Jones on 08-08—Billion Soul Harvest!
Here’s something you may not know. It was actually on 08-08, 1975 that prophet Bob Jones went to Heaven and came back from death. You know it was Bob who was given the Glory Train vision, the last overarching prophecy to our nation before he passed on. In the Glory Train word he writes:

Two promises were given to me in the past when I came back from death on August 8 of 1975. The first promise was that I was to come back and touch some of the leaders of the Church to prepare them for the greatest harvest of all time, which would be one billion people coming into the Lord in one great harvest. And then I was told to get ready for I would live to see the glory return.

Bob saw the glory return to the earth shortly before he died. Actually on the convergence of Hannukah and Thanksgiving 2013, the very day we launched our book “Crown and Throne.”

And today, as of 08-08-16, the forerunning prayer journey bearing witness to the restoration of God’s glory in the land has now been completed.

This Train is Bound for Glory
But the Glory Train only rolls on. And it will only get bigger and bigger! As Bob wrote:

So we’re on that glory train and any time you hear a train whistle just say this in your thinking, “I’m on that train, I’m on God’s glory train! My future is in His glory train and that’s where I’ll abide with Him! And all of my time down here, that glory train will get bigger and bigger because when it stops in the city, that city will no longer belong to the enemy. It will belong to the Father.”

Get ready for entire cities to be saved. And get ready for the glory to shine at night like streaks of flames; like fireworks to where you’ll visibly begin to see His glory. It’s a coming glory but I don’t believe we have to wait long for it to come. I believe it’s at the door waiting and shortly it will come through.

We love and appreciate you. This train is bound for glory!

Jon & Jolene

Thanks to all our friends and family who hosted us along the way and prayed us through to breakthrough. Together we made history! We are eternally grateful to our friend Bonnie Jones, to Bob Jones whose legacy we were privileged to embrace, to Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, John Benefiel, James Goll, Chuck Pierce, John Robb. 

We are grateful for the leaders of the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network and Reformation Prayer Network—for our friendship and collaboration, for your passion for the nation and the generous, willing hearts that made this journey a reality. May each state receive the fullness of God’s glory!

Special thanks to Ed and Lynn Alderson and Darrin and Amanda Schiflett for their incredible, diligent work in administration and web design. Thanks to Jamie and Redonnia Jackson for seeing us home. 

LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY WE ARE BEYOND GRATEFUL for your love for the nation, your incessant intercession and extravagant investments in this Glory Train journey! Thanks to Bill and Marlene Brubaker, Ma and Pa to the Lamplighter family and incredible intercessors who surrounded us with prayer every moment of the day. Thanks to Russ and Julie for your attentive and love-saturated prayer and care. And the pearls of wisdom within each and every oyster!

And thanks to Martin and Cindy Frankena for the priceless, consistent miracles that cleared our spirits and propelled us forward every step of the way. He that endureth to the end shall be saved!

Most of all, thank you Father, Son, Holy Spirit—for national turnaround and the restoration of Your glory! For a double portion kiss that has ushered us all into a new season of intimacy and victory. For union, as only you can make it so real.

For the privilege of presenting You with a wedding ring. AMERICA, MARRIED TO JESUS CHRIST! Lord please don’t ever take it off… even if at times You feel you have to… At least not for long. WE THE PEOPLE LOVE YOU.