Now that we’ve come full circle… It’s time for the Glory Train to roar across the nation to seal His work! We have three major announcements in this posting. Please mark your calendars.

Below is the Glory Train schedule through August 8. We have an incredible journey ahead of us, with many stops built around two major gatherings. Dutch Sheets will be with us for both Colorado Springs on 7-22 thru 7-23 and then Syracuse NY, the epicenter of the Second Great Awakening on 8-5 thru 8-6.

Announcing Revolution Colorado Springs!
Within the past week we received a great breakthrough for Colorado Springs. When Colorado leader Terri Brown was searching for a venue, the Lord led her to a beautiful retreat center near Garden of the Gods called Glen Eyrie. This center, owned by the Navigators, is where Cindy Jacobs convened prominent leaders across the nation to launch the US Spiritual Warfare Network back in 1996. Setting a national precedent for prayer networks and movements to follow!

I was honored to be part of this gathering, seeing this move mature from its very beginning. Talk about a full-circle moment! By God’s design, we are returning to the birthplace of a movement for the Revolution gathering. Joined by Dutch Sheets, who just returned to Colorado Springs to live.

You cannot make this stuff up. We’re going to have a primary focus on Colorado Springs and a secondary but significant focus on national turnaround. We would love for you to join us for the gathering. Note that seating is very limited. So if you’re serious about coming you must register now!

We felt from the beginning to hold this Colorado Springs gathering on 7-22 thru 7-23. Because God is again emphasizing Daniel 7:22, His promised judgement in favor of the saints. What we have come to call God’s “Turnaround Verdict.”

You might remember how the Lord dramatically emphasized Daniel 7:22 to us two years ago during our “Glory Procession” prayer journey through the 13 Colonies. We hosted Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Gary Beaton at Faneuil Hall Boston on 7-22, 2014. Petitioning Heaven’s court for a verdict of justice in favor of the saints of this nation. Time for the saints to possess the Kingdom. Time for the saints, from city to city all across America, to take back our land TODAY!

Two years ago, Jesus responded in an extraordinary way with immediate confirmation. And as we moved forward, we saw historic tidal wave shifts in our national government and in the government of Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu winning his election against all odds.

This verdict from the Lord is absolutely in play today. God is setting our government in order in this season. He is rendering judgement in favor of the saints—in Colorado Springs and nationwide. It’s time for a reconstitution of His covenant purposes.

It’s time for national turnaround. And as Seattle Revival Center so clearly taught us, it’s time for the manifest glory of God to dwell with us again.

Announcing Revolution Syracuse!
Speaking of restoring glory, WE’RE GOING TO SEE THE THIRD GREAT AWAKENING BURST FORTH! God is returning to the places of revival where His glory once was. Where his presence and power lifted. He is restoring His glory in America!

For this reason we are culminating this run across the nation with Dutch Sheets in a major conference in upstate NY, site of the Second Great Awakening. On the 8th anniversary of a project to uncap a well of Holy Spirit awakening and forerunning prayer pioneered by revivalist Charles Finney and intercessor Daniel Nash.

The whole region was once known as the “burnt over district” because of the extraordinary manifestation of God’s glory in the land. This well of awakening is alive and flowing a this hour! Attendees will have an opportunity to join for onsite prayer in Rome NY and Lowville NY, sites of this extraordinary move.

So… make plans now to join us for a glory-filled weekend culminating this nationwide run!

Announcing “Stake Your Claim Prayer Project!”
7-18 thru 8-8
Here’s another major announcement. A prayer project to culminate the Glory Train run across the nation from July 18-August 8. “Stake Your Claim—a Time to Take Back Your Land!”

Our stop on July 18 says it all. We begin this prayer project in Promontory Utah, site of the original “golden stake” which connected the east and west railways to form the first transcontinental rail line.

Friends, it’s time for our land to be connected in His glory! We’ve seen the enemy’s onslaught against this Throne Room unity. But please remember we are closing out the “year of the vav!” Where Heaven is joined to earth, and where from city to city we are being supernaturally connected and synergized by God’s Spirit.

This prayer project will carry us through the 7-22 gathering to Syracuse, and then to Washington DC on 8-8. I cannot go into details right now, but on 8-8 a significant prayer gathering is already in process for Washington DC.

And God is summoning us for these 21 days to engage in a nationwide Daniel fast with focused prayer for the breakthrough and turnaround He has promised Washington DC and our nation. Including the full release of His Third Great Awakening, this Glory Revolution. With an anointing of holy conviction which so demarcated these revivals restored in our most desperate hour.


American West Tour—Sacramento to Omaha

July 17
Train from Sacramento to Salt Lake City launches the tour.

July 18 Salt Lake City
Stake Your Claim Prayer Project begins. onsite prayer in Promontory UT, site of the golden stake that connected the transcontinental railroad. Details TBA.

July 19, Glory Train Salt Lake City!
7pm Hampton Inn and Suites, Salt Lake City Airport.

July 22-23 REVOLUTION Colorado Springs with Dutch Sheets
Glen Eyrie Retreat Center, 3820 N 30th St, Colorado Springs, CO

July 24 Cheyenne WY
6:00 pm Destiny Church, 711 Warren Ave, Cheyenne WY.

July 26 Lincoln NE
7:00 pm Living Word Fellowship, 4005 N 70th St, Lincoln, NE

Heartland Awakening Tour—Sioux Falls to Albany NY

July 27 Sioux Falls SD. Details TBA.

July 28 Des Moines IA with Katherine Watsey. Details TBA.

July 29 Olathe KS/ Kansas City
Day: IHOP KC for prayer.

7pm Jubilee Family Ministry Center, 701 N Mur-Len Rd, Olathe, KS

July 30 day: Train Kansas City to St. Louis MO

July 30-31 Glory Train St. Louis!
Beginning 7pm Sat. Life Gate St. Louis with Kingsley & Glenda Walker, 7575 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, St Peters, MO.

Aug 1 Train Day
Train St. Louis to Chicago 7:55 am-1:52pm

Train Chicago to South Bend, Rochester NY.

Aug 3 Rochester NY
Bridge Builders Ministries, 1787 Norton St, Rochester, NY

Aug 4
Train Rochester to Syracuse

August 5-6
REVOLUTION Syracuse with Dutch Sheets
Believers Chapel, 7912 Thompson Rd, Cicero, NY

Aug 6 Afternoon—Lowville NY, details TBA

August 7
Berne NY—10 am Rock Road Chapel with Pastor Jay Francis

Train Albany to Washington DC.

August 8
Washington DC! Strategic Prayer gathering, private.