TONIGHT—GLORY TRAIN KY! 7pm Hope Harbor Church, Murray KY with “Mama Bunny” Warlen. Revival fires are already burning! 

7pm Friday, 9:30 am Saturday. Entering into Rosh Hashanah. Worship by Jamie and Jonathan Fitt of PTOD with special guest James Nesbit.

PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Bill and Marlene Brubaker are leading. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

The Glory Train! Kentucky and Nashville
Well, the Glory Train is rollin’ through America again after a tremendous stop in Jerusalem, Israel. We are looking forward to “special deliveries” from God’s covenant land. The tour through our final five states launches tonight from Murray Kentucky, hosted by legendary intercessor ‘Mama Bunny’ Warlen.

I have long seen Kentucky as a womb of America’s emerging awakening. The fires of revival are already burning bright from the land of Lincoln’s birth. Kentucky and Tennessee are uniquely linked together to define America’s future.

And with Bunny leading the way—even Heaven cannot withstand her persuasion. Really the only option is GLORY!

We then roll to Nashville, Tennessee this Friday and Saturday. The timing is very important. After such an impacting time in Jerusalem, we are journeying to Nashville for the weekend that ushers in Rosh Hashanah. With James Goll and friends!

I do feel this state is tremendously linked to God’s covenant land. It shows in the quality of leaders God has raised up here. Like our host Kim Driver, an amazing prayer leader who cares for Nashville the way King David loved Jerusalem!

Music City is made for worship. So we are beyond excited that Jamie and Jonathan Fitt of the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David are powering us through with their breakthrough sound.ere’s an awesome surprise. Joining them will be legendary bluesman James Nesbit!

I promise you, Nashville will never be the same.

And finally, prophetic statesman James W. Goll will finally be joining the Glory Train this weekend. After consecrating “Prayer Storm” to the Lord on Mt. Zion, Israel, we will have the privilege of receiving from James in Nashville.

So the Glory Train is rollin’ again! Please pray for us. And if you’re wondering about whether to join us, just consider all the Lord has brought forth so far this year. We are now on our final few stops. Even if this is last-minute for you, I can attest to the value of hearing the Lord and responding to His invitation. Trust me, He will prepare the way for you. Don’t miss anything He intends for you!

And we together MUST fully receive God’s intended turnaround. So if you are anywhere near Kentucky or Tennessee—like in Maine, Colorado, Texas or either Washington—it’s time to get on board. Because this train is BOUND FOR GLORY!