7-22 ALASKA! Sacred Assembly, services live streamed. Jamie Fitt leading worship. With Candy Sunderland, Robert and Eleanor Roehl, more. Real Life Church, Palmer AK.

GLORY TRAIN—ANCIENT OF DAYS TOUR! 7-22 thru 8-8. With Jon and Jolene Hamill and Chris Mitchell Jr.
7-22 Alaska! Live stream: https:
July 23 Seattle (private residence)
July 24-25 The Father’s House, Portland OR
July 27-29 180 Church, Rocklin CA (Sacramento)
July 30 Gateway City Church, San Jose CA
August 1 Hollywood House of Prayer, Hollywood CA
August 7-8 Limitless Realms Int’l, Vista CA

7-22 ALASKA IS JUST DAYS AWAY! Warm greetings from Alaska, this sacred gateway of the Ancient of Days. We want to express our profound gratitude to our hosts, inviting us even to a rushing river teeming with salmon, in the shadow of a park named after Elijah. Come on! The message is this. FROM THE WILDERNESS, GOD IS PREPARING THE WAY! 

This post carries such an important word for you this Tisha b’Av. Listen, a storm is breaking. The clouds that have kept you from gaining clarity for your future are now parting. Watch how your “far horizon” now comes into view! Yes there are storms ahead. But there’s also glory. God is forging a pathway forward. FROM THE WILDERNESS, HE IS PREPARING THE WAY! 

As most of you know, from 7-22 through 8-8, we are acting upon a very strategic word by Chuck Pierce, journeying from Alaska down the West Coast to San Diego. We are requesting both your focused intercession and your engagement. Lets see God’s turnaround catalyzed in this hour.

Gateway of the Ancient of Days! Chuck Pierce
Some have asked—why Alaska for 7-22? On this date over the years we’ve been everywhere from Faneuil Hall Boston to the White House. It has come to represent God’s verdict of justice in favor of the saints, found in Daniel 7:22. We call it the turnaround verdict.

So again, why Alaska? Really, Alaska summoned us. Or, better said, God as the Ancient of Days summoned us.

Two decades ago, Chuck Pierce prophesied that Alaska is a gateway of the Ancient of Days. This reality became so clear to us as we launched the Glory Train in Alaska over Passover. Note the revelation of God’s nature and character as the Ancient of Days bursts forth out of Daniel 7, in context with Heaven’s Court. And in Daniel 7:22, when God’s verdict of justice is released in favor of the saints, the saints are released TO POSSESS THE KINGDOM. 

Not a coincidence this 2021 Glory Train journey has been called by the Lord “the Inheritance Tour.” Friends it’s your time. God is calling you and us together to PURSUE, OVERTAKE, AND RECOVER ALL. 

Breakthrough Highway of Glory—Chuck Pierce
Two years ago, on 8-8-2019, Chuck Pierce prophesied about a dimension of God’s glory that is only accessible in the state of Alaska. We have come here, humbly, to seek this dimension of His glory as the Ancient of Days.

In this same 8-8 word, Chuck also prophesied about a two year window for a “breakthrough highway of glory” to form. He saw this breakthrough highway open in Alaska and then move through Washington State, Oregon and California in a way that shifts the West Coast!  

That said, this assignment is big—far bigger than us. It is strategic for the West Coast, for Washington DC and for each of your states. Now through August 8, we are asking for you to engage in watchman prayer. Lets see this shift together from antichrist influences headquartered in the West Coast. Only God can do this. LORD RELEASE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH HIGHWAY OF GLORY!

7:22 for 2021—Judgement in Favor of the Saints
Here is some background on the Glory Train. In 2016 the Lord assigned us to circle the entire nation by train, bearing witness in all 50 states to the governmental turnaround He was about to bring. Covenant restoration—divorced from idolatry—was the legal foundation for this Daniel 7:22 “Judgement in favor of the saints” to catalyze His intended turnaround. History now records that the Lord fulfilled His promise! 

And He is doing a new thing now, in 2021-2022. In pursuit of this, the Lord has actually asked us to move in a “Figure 8” across the nation, bearing witness to His eternal covenant. 

We have seen His glory at a much higher level already. And for the first time in seven years, I have again felt a “burning” in my spirit over the Daniel 7:22 verdict for this season. IT IS TIME AGAIN FOR TURNAROUND. 

Glory Train Prayer! Now Through 8-8
Here are a few requests of you. First, connect with us live via web stream on 7-22!

SECOND, PLEAE ENGAGE WITH THE LORD PERSONALLY over Daniel 7:22. Remember the Ancient of Days is identified presiding over Heaven’s Court.We encourage you to refresh your focus by reading Daniel 7 repeatedly through this time. Also please engage by receiving communion daily. What specific verdict are you asking the Lord to grant over this time?

THIRD, PRAY FOR THE ANCIENT OF DAYS TOUR! Now through 8-8, pray for each city. Ask the Lord to move through the gates from Alaska to San Diego as the Breaker. Declare the Lord open His “breakthrough highway of glory!” Ask for His angels of breakthrough to be released. His angels of covenant. His angels of awakening. Pray most of all for the governmental glory of God to move in power. 

FOURTH, PRAY FOR US—for Chris Mitchell, Jolene and myself. The Ancient of Days has summoned us together before His Throne to release His verdict for this hour. The One who judges also makes war to enforce His verdict in the earth (Rev. 19:11). And He is going to create a “breakthrough highway of glory” that catalyzes His shift on a governmental level.