REVOLUTION SAN DIEGO FRI-SAT! July 1-2 with Dutch Sheets, Skyline Church. You don’t want to miss this significant time.

“I saw the Glory Train bursting forth out from the kaleidoscope in a brilliant array of color, into a burst of glory never witnessed before, birthing a new era for this nation”—Keat Wade

November 2012—The San Diego harbor was stunning from the aircraft carrier USS Midway. And I could have spent all day just looking at the amazing aircraft. But our dear friends Keat and Judy Wade were pulling us below deck. There was a room we needed to see, actually to feel.

The war room. Packed with clocks and maps and a large strategy table, the room looked like something out of “Top Gun” or “Hunt for Red October.”

For a few precious moments, intercession shook the walls of that war room, calling on Heaven’s strategies for breakthrough in San Diego and coast to coast to Washington DC! Fervent prayer that made your hair stand on end, even when whispering. I felt like I had somehow been transported to Heaven’s war room, standing with generals!

And Keat and Judy are amazing generals. They have led the prayer movement for the legendary Skyline Church for years. They also lead weekly prayer calls for Dan Cummins and his wife JoAnn. You might have heard of Dan and JoAnn as they now hold church services for congressional leaders and others in the US Capitol!

Yes, for the first time in almost two centuries, church services are again taking place in the US Capitol! I like to think that our little war room strategic prayer session helped set the course for this. Forerunning prayer with Keat and Judy almost always becomes history in the making!

So Keat and Judy are known for their fiery intercession linking San Diego with Washington DC. But Keat is also one of the finest prophetic poets in the nation. He had an amazing dream recently about the Glory Train. Gives you some perspective on what we hope to receive from the Lord this weekend. Please slow down, and take time to engage with the Lord over this key revelation.

Keat also put together the artwork below, which conveys visually what he saw. Awesome! I believe Keat’s word is true. A new era for the nation is being birthed…

Kaleidoscope Glory Train 4 - Shattering Glory.jpg

Glory to Glory

For all who believe
It all begins and ends there.
We are little aware
Of its true expanse and fullness
Until we arrive
And enjoy, with eternity to explore.

Kaleidoscopic DreamThat night in a dream, I was traveling through a kaleidoscope seeing the fragmented colored pieces which were beautifully mirrored into a continually changing glorified imagery of something/someone beyond the now, foretelling . . .

Now, limited, through my
Kaleidoscopic view
But then, clearly, emerging into the
Reality of who He is, in His Domain
Immersed in Kingdom Glory!

Show Me Your Glory, Lord
That my way may be lighted
Yes, even by the light of Your Countenance,
That shadowed pathway obstacles
Might be clearly seen. . . . through the glass darkly.

Keat Wade 06/04/16

This writing occurred over a 10 day period, May 24 through June 4, 2016.  The dream seemed to interrupt the flow of the poem after the first verse, but then, I was shown the Glory Train Turnaround Tour arriving in San Diego. I saw the Glory Train bursting forth out from the kaleidoscope in a brilliant array of color, into a burst of glory never witnessed before, birthing a new era for this nation.