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7-7 SACRAMENTO! COVENANT CONNECTION! 7pm The Rock of Roseville, Roseville (metro Sacramento) CA. With Vicki Nohrden, more.

Jolene and I are on the final run up the west coast to circle the nation by rail. Glory! We’ve traveled more than 7,300 miles so far, from Seattle to Washington DC, from Boston to Atlanta to Oklahoma City to San Diego and now to Sacramento on 07-07.

I’ll share more on the significance of tomorrow’s service in a moment. Here’s something amazing. We will come full circle, from Seattle Washington to Seattle Washington, this weekend with special services at Seattle Revival Center. If you’re in the area, you don’t want to miss this!

You remember the Lord showing me tracks being laid for God’s glory between Virginia Beach and San Diego. Friends from Washington State then prophesied that we must begin the Glory Train tour in Seattle WA. When I prayed about it I saw the finger of God outlining the border of the United States, calling us to circle the nation in prayer and revival. Holy Spirit spoke that “As you circle the nation, you are presenting the Lord with a wedding ring. America, married to Jesus Christ!”

It is this covenantal expression we are completing now through Sunday.

Around the same time the Lord spoke this to us, James Goll prophesied to Jeremy and Miranda Nelson about a “west coast rumble.” James saw revival breaking out from San Diego to Seattle!

So when we started the tour, we were invited at the last minute to a pastors dinner launching nightly revival meetings at Seattle Revival Center. Leaders from there had ventured down to Jeremy Nelson’s revival in San Diego. They caught the vision and stepped out in faith for the entire west coast corridor to be flooded with this move of the Spirit!

Jeremy, in fact, addressed that gathering by Skype and spoke about James Goll’s word. We are now journeying this very corridor, from San Diego to Sacramento to Seattle. Glory train. West coast rumble. Full circle glory.

You cannot make this stuff up.

All of this brings us to tonight’s call and tomorrow night’s meeting. Lamplighter family, from the plains of North Dakota to Faneuil Hall on the anniversary of Revere’s ride, from Washington DC on Passover to the full birthing of this move in Atlanta, from beignets in New Orleans to Jackson revival and flashpoint Houston and Revolution San Diego on July 4 weekend, we have journeyed along these glory-saturated tracks together. We have sown into the vision and spent many weary nights in prayer.

And now we are coming full circle.

It’s only appropriate that the final ride of this full circle journey begin in Sacramento on 07-07. Exactly nine years after the Call Nashville, where the entire process of divorcing Baal nationally and internationally was launched. You remember that scripturally, the repudiation of idolatry by God’s people, and the reconstitution of covenant with Christ, opens the door to the restoration of God’s glory. Together we have engaged in the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in American history!

And a door has now opened for God’s glory to be restored. It’s turnaround time!

Seven is the number of covenant. We are journeying to Sacramento, named after the sacraments of Christ’s body and blood, for this incredible honoring of the reconstitution of covenant with Jesus Christ nationwide.

You cannot make this stuff up. Lets roll!

And remember throughout this journey, the Lord has emphasized that this new move of the Spirit is a Glory Revolution. Whoa! In the spirit of Revere and revolution, please keep this at heart. No one fights a revolution simply to take more ground. Instead, every revolution is fought to establish NEW GOVERNMENT.

And the governance of the Kingdom accompanies this restoration of glory. Bob Jones even prophesied that this new move would mark the anointing of Jesus Christ as King. NO KING BUT JESUS!

Below is an amazing passage of scripture highlighted to Vicki Nohrden this morning. The parallels to today are amazing. An illegitimate governance is now being shifted in this hour. From Second Chronicles 23:

In the seventh year of Athaliah’s reign, Jehoiada the priest prepared to revolt and conferred with the commanders over divisions of warriors: Azariah… Ishmael… Azariah… Maaseiah… and Elishaphat… These men made an agreement with Jehoiada, promising to fight against Athaliah’s illegitimate government…