Prayer Storm—Lighting the Lamp of Global Spiritual Revolution!


As of July 4, 2016, Jolene and I are the new directors of a global ministry birthed and pioneered by our revolutionary friend James Goll. PRAYER STORM! It is such an honor. We are grateful for the passing of this sacred torch.We look forward to partnering with you to see the nations ablaze with the revolutionary fire of God’s glory!

New Website for Prayer Storm!
And as of today, July 4, we are lie with PRAYER STORM on the web! A new Prayer Storm website now accompanies this transition. Special thanks to Darin Schiflett for making this a reality. IT’S SPECTACULAR!

So please check it out, spend a few moments taking in the amazing revelation anointing being imparted to you. Make sure to sign up now for the Prayer Storm emails!

Relighting the Global Moravian Lampstand
Being Lamplighters, lamps are very precious to Jolene and me. Most of you know how God supernaturally lit our menorah during our wedding. You know I’m a descendent of Richard Warren—a Pilgrim—and Paul Revere, a Revolutionary. God called us as spiritual Paul Reveres or revolutionaries, holding out the burning lamp and going from city to city declaring “the Lord is coming, the Lord is coming!”

It’s amazing how similar James Goll’s tracks have been over the past few years. Because lighting the lamp of the Lord is exactly what Prayer Storm is all about! 

James received the Prayer Storm commissioning in 2007, the same year God spoke to us about resetting His lampstand from region to region and relighting the flame. James’ mandate was nothing less than extraordinary. In a dream, he actually was given a commission to “relight and release the global Moravian lampstand.” And as he awoke he saw amber words blazing before his eyes. “Prayer Storm!”

You know that’s what we just experienced in San Diego. We have prayed and ministered across the nation with the Glory Train. We have prophesied about how the restoration of His glory is pictured as a whirlwind—as storm clouds. God is riding on a cloud swiftly, and the gods of Egypt and the thrones of Egypt are toppling!

But in all honesty until now we haven’t actually felt led to move into corporate prayer. Until San Diego, the time where Prayer Storm was officially shifted into our care. Watch for more Prayer Storms ahead!

Miracle Yesterday—a Lamp for Global Revolution!
OK. Let me close by sharing with you an incredible miracle the Lord brought to us at Skyline Church. As we celebrated the Fourth of July with an incredible worship service at Skyline, an intercessory couple brought us a gift. A colonial-style lantern, much like what Paul Revere would have carried. FROM PLYMOUTH MASSACHUSETTS.

The lamp was already burning. And Terah Reed not only gave us the lantern, she gave us the igniter. Quite literally, a lamp lighter!

She knew of our call as Lamplighters, but she by no means knew of the transfer of Prayer Storm to us. And as we entered into this new phase of global ministry, occurring unexpectedly during our time in San Diego, GOD GAVE US A LAMP. From Plymouth MA.

You cannot make this up.

How did this lamp get from Plymouth MA to San Diego? The gift-givers, Steve and Terah Reed, went on vacation a few years ago in Plymouth to better understand the history of our nation. They took a tour of Plymouth at night… guided by the light of this lantern! In other words, this very lamp lit their way of discovery of our covenantal heritage.

Can’t make this stuff up. Thanks to Jesus and James Goll, as of July 4 a lamp was truly entrusted to us—for Israel, America, and the nations of the earth. All we can say is we are grateful, and promise to steward this gift WITH YOU to see the nations ablaze with the revolutionary fire of God’s glory.

Covenant blessings to each of you… Glory!

Jon & Jolene