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Storm of the Lord! Awakening Alarm
Talk about an Awakening Alarm. Hurricanes are virtually unheard of in early summer. But as I write this morning, Tropical Storm Arthur is gathering strength off the coast of Jacksonville and is projected to move up the east coast as a hurricane—just as we start our “Glory Procession.”

Coincidence? Maybe. But God has promised us that the Lord will “ride on a swift cloud, and the idols of Egypt and the gods of Egypt will tremble at His presence” (Isaiah 19:1). The prophet who spoke this word is Rick Ridings, who along with his wife Patti actually sojourned through the east coast on the original 13 Colonies Prayer Journey 17 years ago.

Can’t make that up.

Further, God’s glory is often pictured as a storm. Ezekiel saw God’s glory as a massive, fiery whirlwind—a tornado. In Ezekiel 8 and 9 this glory was seen departing from the temple. In Ezekiel 43, this same whirlwind was seen coming through the East Gate and being restored to the temple.

Is it any wonder the disciples experienced a “mighty rushing wind, with tongues of fire” when the Glory of the Lord was restored as chronicled in Acts 2? Come Holy Spirit—in the same way today! Come through the geographic east gate of our land, and fill the house with your glory!

East Coast Movement—Crown & Throne
Rick actually prophesied this “swift cloud” word at the opening of the Washington House of Prayer in January 2012. He also shared prophetically from Revelation 5:8 that as the Lord emphasized the “Harp and Bowl” in the previous decade, so He is emphasizing the “Crown and Throne” in this decade. Jolene and I felt strongly this “Crown and Throne” movement is now being released and that the East Coast is a primary birthing place in this very hour. Which is a major reason we are embarking on this Glory Procession, following the prophetic directives the Lord has given.

So it’s interesting the emerging hurricane is named Arthur. King Arthur and his “knights of the round table” saved their nation in a desperate hour. There was a lot of mixture with the legends of King Arthur, so I’m not going to get weird here. But the Lord is so clearly emphasizing roundtables at this time. To the extent we are even facilitating a roundtable during the Metro DC Glory Procession July 12.

And as you will see from Cindy Jacobs’ word, if there’s anytime we need to rise up and save our nation, beloved it’s now.

Many have asked about the prophetic words given by Cindy Jacobs, shared on our Monday night call. Below are notes on Cindy’s message from our friend Marlene Brubaker. Not verbatim, but a good summation!

“This is a strategic  time.  God has surprises ahead.  It is time for the Watchman anointing. Many will rise. There are many circuit riders being released, and it is significant that the Glory procession is now.

There are two strong warnings—from the Bible and from leaders. Daniel 9:12 leapt off the page–And He has carried out intact His (threatening) words which He threatened against us and against our judges (the kings, princes and rulers generally) who ruled us, and He has brought upon us a great evil; for under the whole heavens there has not been done (anything so dreadful). As He has caused to be done against Jerusalem (America). A great disaster.

Also, Ann Graham Lotz has called for strong prayer between July 1-7, when the Glory Procession launches. There is reason for it. I read on twitter that intelligence sources have picked up a lot of chatter. There are big plans against the US.

We are in a time of coming full circle. The number 13 is significant. Abraham was 86 when he received the promise, and 99 when the promise came. The Kettle Tour prayer journey was 13 years ago this summer, where I gave the prophetic warning about 9-11.

We have already stepped into a Jesus people movement. The Vietnam Nam War stopped the first Jesus People movement, and disaster is trying to come again to abort this move of God. The good news is that never in history have the watchmen been so prepared. This is the greatest preparation of the watchmen in history.

Prophetic word.  “I desire to release my glory and vision.  Who can stand before me.  I am glorifying Myself in the Supreme Court, pro life.  I now will give you strength at the gate. This time is strategic, a plan I will supernaturally reveal Myself and what should be done. The cities in this tour will be connected like a string of pearls, knit together.

I have chosen you for this season.  Some are weary.  I am coming in a refreshing that will strengthen you. I will show up, you will see because the government is upon My shoulders.  Governmental anointing that will shift the course of the nation.

East coast to the Northwest region will light up with the glory.  Bellingham, Portland, Seattle and all the West Coast.  The East Coast and West Coast will be like bookends, huge anointing.

Anoint the watchmen in the 13 states, you will look back and see how this is a history making time. Establish America and strength to the warriors. The old garment will fall away, a supernatural shedding of discouragement and hopelessness, etc.  Get strong in inner resolve.  Thank you for strength. For Jon and Jolene, let Your mantle fall…a double double mantle fall. You have the governmental anointing to establish God’s will, and eagle eyes to see what disaster is trying to come.

Annapolis…a new anointing,  cleansing the land. Look to the Naval academy as there are now firebrand revivalists coming forth. Anointing  on the,, boldness, called them to be generals, leaders. The Navy…eagle eyes on the Navy… Annapolis and San Diego.

The East coast and the West coast will be like bookends.  The whole house is filled at the gate facing East. Turn the battle at the gates! You all are coming full circle and have the governmental anointing to bring the glory…”