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REVOLUTION 2021! Dec. 9-12, Brunswick GA. THANK YOU Becca Greenwood, Chris Mitchell, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Lynn Alderson, Lynnie Harlow, more. Hosted by Jon & Jolene. Hanukkah is a season of visitation. Midnight turnaround secured! 


FIRST—WE ARE ALMOST THERE! On 12-12, a date highlighted by the Lord to complete the contributions towards His movement being birthed through Hanukkah 2021, please consider a generous end-year donation. At His leading, we have been seeking the Lord for $22,000 in contributions from the Lamplighter family to launch us into 2022. WE ONLY HAVE $3,000 TO GO! 

We are this close. Please help us complete this turnaround! And even more importantly, please sow into the move of God’s Spirit being released through this revolutionary time. A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM. 

Look What the Lord has Done!
Revolution 2021 was perhaps our most weighty gathering yet. The Lord had given Jolene a dream that if we would put up a tent of meeting on the property He would come. We launched under a big tent Thursday evening after spending most of the day putting it up.

And He visited. 

It’s going to take months to process all that happened. Thursday evening we governmentally decreed the Isaiah 54 turnaround from this very covenant covering, this tent referenced by Isaiah 54. Stretch out the curtains of your tent! Lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. You’re going to BRANCH OUT to the right and to the left!

On Friday night we also decreed the shift from barrenness to conception and fertility, from the covenant of death to God’s covenant of LIFE as we saw through the Hanukkah hearings. We prayed over the Supreme Court and the jurists, declaring God’s covenantal alignment for LIFE. AND THE NEXT DAY A MAJOR SHIFT WAS UNEXPECTEDLY ANNOUNCED!

Did I mention that through the previous two days 55 people were baptized? 

Speaking of which… A realm of glory opened yesterday morning that literally crossed us over into the promised season of breakthrough. We crossed over from a Jacob season into a new season as a nation in covenant with God! 

Glory! Isaiah 6 Visitation
Then today the Remnant Band launched into Isaiah 6. I see the Lord, high and lifted up, and His train filled the Temple. You could feel the visitation realm open, and the Lord enter in. 

Most of you know that I had a prophetic experience with the Lord while in Jerusalem during the spring of 2019. Isaiah 6 was highlighted, looking out over the Temple Mount were Isaiah originally encountered the Lord. As I read through Isaiah 6, I suddenly realized that it was on this mount—identified as His very throne—that the prophet Isaiah encountered the Lord. The gateposts of a literal Temple shook as the governmental glory of God crossed the threshold. The Temple was filled with the substance of Heaven. And Isaiah saw the Lord! 

The overall context is Israel was ushered into a time of governmental shaking where a beloved king named Uzziah was unseated. Within a year of the suffered loss, Isaiah was visited. 

From Isaiah 6:1: 

In the year King Uzziah died I saw the Lord seated on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple.

In the experience I saw Donald Trump being shifted from the presidency in a way that would shake the nation to its core. The last chapter of our book White House Watchmen actually deals with this, though in deliberately veiled terms. My fear was that there would be an assassination attempt. In honestly it was simply not on my grid that he would not be elected again. 

But I knew immediately a very difficult season was coming to America through a transition in America’s highest office. I saw the same for Israel, and for the United Kingdom. 

We also knew God’s response in the midst would be to usher us all, including these three nations, into a season of visitation that defines our future. 

A “call 911” moment immediately followed the release of this word. In Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu was unable to form the coalition necessary to establish a new government. New elections were called. Jolene and I then flew to from Jerusalem to London to continue our ministry tour. And on May 23, just four days after the Lord spoke to me from this passage, UK Prime Minister Theresa May unexpectedly resigned. 

I knew the scope was global. But what I did not fully grasp is how virtually every person in the globe would soon suffer the grief of loss from the covid crisis.

The good news accompanying this prophetic warning is that as in the days of Isaiah, the Lord is now going to begin to unveil His unshakeable Throne. His governmental glory is moving through our gates. As with Isaiah, many will become undone by their encounters with Him. We experienced this in a wonderful measure even today. And I know one thing. Eventually the suffered loss of this season will even become a catalyst for what can only be called a midnight turnaround. 

Covenantally and governmentally, this midnight turnaround has now begun!

The final verses recording Isaiah’s encounter ask, “Whom shall I send? And whom will go for us?” Isaiah cried out, “Here I am—send me!” The word “sent” is apostolic. Remember the apostles were known as “sent ones.” And on this 12-12 date, as part of this Isaiah 6 experience, we saw the Lord officially commission a new apostolic network now being called forth as “The Glory Alliance.” Glory Alliance International Network, or GAIN. We’ll share more about the alliance in months ahead. But the commissioning has taken place, sealed by Jesus’ signet ring with His own blood! 

Jolene and I cannot express our gratitude enough for Jamie and Redonnia Jackson, Chris Mitchell, Becca Greenwood, Ed and Lynn Alderson, Lynnie Harlow, and the entire Remnant team. From beginning to end it was extraordinary. All the more so because the labor was so intensive. For eleven days a Remnant team prayed for Revolution through night watches from 6pm to 6am. Many of these same intercessors formed the team that erected the tent. The leader of the night watch for Revolution actually then spent seven entire hours straight baptizing all our friends in the baptism pool. 

Then there were the ushers, meal preparers, cleaners, etc. These people are heroes. And they deserve both our gratitude and our greatest respect.

We also want to thank you, the Lamplighter family, for your love, your care, your prayers. It’s made all the difference. Please know that every year as part of the offerings shared through the Lamplighter donations over Hanukkah, we do our best to bless this “Burning Wick” called Remnant. Your offerings make an incredible difference. We are grateful! 

Finally Jolene and I want to thank a private group of high level leaders and intercessors who have come around us through the previous few months. Your impact through breakthrough prayer and breakthrough revelation has been immeasurable. So is our gratitude.