We’ve called this journey the Crown & Throne tour, but it could easily have been termed the “Crowned Vav” tour. How the Lord has woven the respective journeys of each leader together is nothing but supernatural. Ed Watts, James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt and team have done an incredible job. And everything  has culminated and begun again with the crowning of our vavs.

We’ve all been forerunning something here, even for you. I feel the Lord is governmentally releasing this movement globally through the Passover season. His way, His day, your time to receive His crown of glory.

For Review—Crowned Vav this Year
Remember our prophetic focus this year is “Thrones of Glory.” He is working with many of you to establish these thrones for His glory beginning this year.

In August, towards the end of 5776, the Lord began to share with us regarding the Hebrew year 5777.

  • Six is the Hebrew word-picture “vav” or tent peg. Vav connects.
  • Seven is the Hebrew number for covenant, and is described as a “crowned vav.”

As I began to perceive this, Holy Spirit broke in with a simple phrase that has now become life-changing. “This year God is crowning your vav with His glory and His government.” The Lord is faithful. And He is coming to the places where you have staked your claim—your places of covenant commitment, even to the point of laying down your life. He is crowning your vav with His glory and His government!

Yeshua the Crowned VAV!
In Jerusalem this past September, we had the privilege of “pegging in” the Glory Train-Turnaround Tour to Mount Zion. The Lord clearly directed us to Isaiah 22:22-23. “I will give him the key of David, and when he opens no man will shut, when he shuts no man will open. And I will DRIVE HIM LIKE A PEG in a firm place, and he will become a THRONE OF GLORY to his Father’s house.” 

The vav in the earth becomes God’s throne of glory. Profound!

Six months ago, while in Jerusalem, we had the privilege of visiting a Moshav to experience a worship service with Messianic Jewish apostle Asher Intrater and then briefly connect with him. From September’s posting:

My heart was bursting to share what the Lord has brought forth, immensely inspired by Asher’s prophetic words and teaching. But before I could even share, Asher began to teach us prophetically. To paraphrase, he shared how Jesus—Yeshua—is the fulfillment of Isaiah 22:22. Our Eliakim! Given the Key of David, He opens and no man shuts, and He shuts and no man opens. But the next verse says that “I will drive Him like a peg in a firm place, and He will become a throne of Glory to His Father’s house…” 

Asher conveyed how God the Father literally pegged Jesus into the earth to redeem mankind. From the time of Christ’s resurrection the VAV of the cross and the Key of David have literally CIRCLED THE EARTH in proclamation of the Gospel. But the Lord is now in process of PUTTING THIS STAKE back into the ground of Jerusalem. This time as King! Jesus, the Throne of Glory to His Father’s house…

Tears filled my eyes. All of our eyes. Asher had no idea that a vision of a peg in God’s covenant land compelled us to make this 9-11 journey to Israel. 

I reached into my bag. And trembling, I handed my friend Asher Intrater the golden railroad spike that God had commanded me to bring. Representing the Glory Train. To be driven like a peg in a firm place. Becoming a Throne of Glory promised by the Father for His house.

On our part, we saw this peg as staking our claim to the inheritance the Lord has granted us for Israel and America. Prayer Storm. Glory Train. Lamplighter. Turnaround. The divorcement of Baal, and the restoration of covenant with Christ. Ultimately, the restoration of His glory in the places where His covenant flame once burned brightly.

But Asher saw an even higher vision. Yeshua, vaved to a cross that was violently pegged into His covenant land. Yeshua, resurrected and crowned. Redeeming the nations with His covenant love and governmental authority. Yeshua, whose Throne is again being staked into the very ground of Jerusalem. 

This time to be seen as Israel’s Messiah. For Israel and the nations, truly A VAV THAT IS CROWNED. A Throne of Glory.

Ed Watts—Crowning at the Zion Gate!
During our tour we had several amazing encounters regarding the Crowned Vav. Ed Watts has been on an astonishingly similar prophetic journey. His “vav” tour led him to Jerusalem two years ago, to drive a stake into the Zion Gate. Before they left they received a prophecy about a Chinese group who would meet them and help them stake this vav. When Ed’s team of 52 arrived, they were met by a Chinese tour group by Zion’s gate at the same time. They had exactly 52 people as well. 

It didn’t take long for a holy spark to confirm God’s direction to the Chinese and to Ed. They found a place by the Zion gate between two olive trees. Together, East and West pegged in the vav.

You cannot make this stuff up.

But it gets even better. We went back to this vav with a crown, to governmentally declare and release—I believe globally, from Zion—this move of the Spirit crowning the vavs of His people. Sounds like a lot to believe for. So perhaps to encourage us or lift our faith, would you believe we were met by another Chinese delegation at the Zion gate!

And if that weren’t enough, the guide leading the tour was the exact same leader who met Ed Watts and team two years ago. She had just finished telling her tour about the experience when Ed ambled up to say hello.

You cannot make this up. Seriously.

Vision—Crown of Glory at City of David
Amazingly, we closed out the day at the City of David, praying with John and Una Gere, the leaders who helped me peg in the tent peg of America’s turnaround. Two full circle moments confirming what I believe to be the global release of God’s movement to crown the vavs, the places of sacrificial commitment of His people in His Name.

You can only imagine the sounds and songs that came forth that afternoon as Jamie Fitt and James Nesbit led in Crown & Throne worship at the City of David. Again, the very place where David’s Tabernacle rested. During the session I had a vision. It is one of the most important I have ever received.

I saw what looked to be a solid golden rainbow come out of the ground near the shelter at Shiloh. This rainbow began to arc and came back down at the City of David. This golden rainbow then broke through the ground and continued underground, until it formed a perfect circle.

A wedding band. A Crown of Glory. Connecting Shiloh, the place where the ark of God’s glory rested and then departed, with the City of David.“You shall be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord!” (Isaiah 62). Married to Him!

The Lord is bringing a major alignment this Passover from Zion to the nations. Watch how crowns of glory begin to form. Watch how yours even connects your past, present and future in a way you previously did not see. His redemption—your glory.

Crown of Glory—How God Crowned David’s Commitment
The wedding ring conveys how genuine thrones for God are established by covenant with God. Below are just a few verses from Psalm 132, which conveys David’s covenant commitment to establish a throne of glory in the City of David.

God so cherished this throne that He promised in the end of days to resurrect it (Amos 9:11). And we are now in the global restoration of the Tabernacle of David.

Psalm 132 begins with David’s plea regarding his sacrificial commitment. “Remember, O Lord, on David’s behalf, all of his afflictions. How he swore to the Lord and vowed to the Mighty One of Jacob… I will give no rest to my eyes, or slumber to my eyelids, until I find a place of the Lord, a dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob.”

Remember, Lord. What a powerful prayer! David then begins to describe how he searched for the Ark of the Covenant after it had been discarded by the Philistines. Seeking to restore his covenantal heritage to its place of honor. That’s what our own journey has been all about as we retraced the steps of Israel’s greatest king.

“We heard of it in (Bethlehem) Ephratah, we found it in the fields of Jaar… Arise O Lord to Your resting place, You and the ark of Your strength!”

David then admonished all who desire to engage in this quest. “Let your priests be clothed with righteousness, and your godly ones sing for joy!”

The final passage records God’s response. I want you to pay close attention. Because at the place of David’s Tent, the Lord literally promises to crown this tent peg, this vav, with His glory. It’s how the psalm culminates.

“There I will cause the horn of David to spring forth,” the Lord thunders. “I have prepared a lamp for Mine anointed. His enemies I will clothes with shame, but upon himself his crown shall shine!”

Crowned Vav. You just try to make this up. As you step into David’s commitment to establish a throne of glory, know that there will absolutely be sacrifice involved. But Heaven and earth will back you up. He will crown your vav with His glory and His government!

And as witnesses of His work, we agree that this movement of God’s Spirit is now governmentally released. Globally. Now receive your crowned vav—from Zion’s hill—in Jesus’ Name!

Full Circle—Back Through the Gates
Final point. A few days later we prayed at Caesarea, where the apostolic gospel of Yeshua was launched from Israel to Greece, Rome and the nations—by Paul, Peter and others. Through these gates the gospel literally went to the nations.

And at the direct leading of the Holy Spirit, amidst our worship a golden vav went into the ground at Caesarea. This peg governmentally bears witness to a full circle moment. Yeshua, the Crowned Vav, is being pegged again into His covenant land. This time welcomed in as King.

No King but Jesus…