CALL TOMORROW—TOWARDS PENTECOST! From consecration to presenting the costly offering to Kavod on the altar! With Chris Mitchell, Jamie Jackson, Jamie Fitt, Briskilla Zananiri leading in communion, Jamie Fitt. Seeking mercy at the threshing floor, King David declared “I will not give the Lord that which costs me nothing.” As we move into Shavuot (May 28-30) we as a community will do the same. God promises to open the windows of Heaven and rebuke the devourer! Conference Call: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690.

CALL REPLAY! TONGUES OF FIRE—DR. YOLANDA MCCUNE. Wednesday evening Yolanda McCune shared profound revelation on the potential released through praying in the Spirit. We are deepening our consecration, and receiving tongues of fire! (605) 313-5155 access code 552-690.

Awaken Pentecost Promise, hosts Jamie Fitt, Jon & Jolene.
With opportunities to bless God’s covenant Threshing Floor.

2-4PM Wednesday May 27—Briskilla Zananiri with communion
2-4pm Thursday May 28— Prophetic Statesman James Goll
2-4pm Friday May 29—Rick & Patricia Ridings, Succat Hallel

FIRST—HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Jolene and I pray you will experience delight and adventure as you connect with family and friends. That said, please also open your heart to the purpose for honoring Memorial Day in the first place. Freedom is costly. Lets remember those who paid the ultimate price, and resolve to stand courageously in our hour! 

SECOND—JOIN US TOMORROW EVENING as we launch an incredible week towards Pentecost. We are connecting almost every day either by conference call or online zoom calls. Because Shavuot 2020 is simply that important. 

THIRD—THANK YOU FOR PRAYING! Before Yolanda shared Wednesday evening, the Lamplighter family prayed for an immediate crisis. Friends of Carol Clough had just been involved in a head-on collision. A day later an incredible report came in, honestly unexpectedly. All four are alive! Pray for quick recovery. And thank you for your intercessory intervention.

The Sign of the Lampstand is shining. Heaven’s fire is about to rock your reality. Today you’re going to discover how the Lord Himself is reconstituting an an ancient scroll, meant to direct your destiny. This is not hype. Instead it is a very real transaction being offered to you, culminating our week of consecration. Give me liberty—or give me death.

It’s time to recapture the same fiery passion that propelled Moses to move his people into freedom. That consumed the Maccabees to restore their desolate heritage. That propelled John the Baptist to become a burning lamp for Israel’s true freedom. That propelled patriots to ignite a Revolution, and that compelled America’s sons and daughters ever since to secure freedom for their generations.

The issue of covering is so important for the hour—both removing the shroud of demonic oppression, and establishing godly covering. I want to say that prophetically, President Trump is still wearing the “Maccabee mantle” I saw him encompassed in last year during the National Day of Prayer service at the White House. Lets continue to pray for our President, his team, and the administration as they move us into freedom. Clarity, refreshing, wisdom and resolve!

Today Jolene and I have the privilege of introducing you to a fresh voice of freedom. Our intercessory friend Bonnie Frey, from Frederick MD, has come out of the closet—the prayer closet—long enough to share with you a prophetic experience so important for this hour. Here is her encounter, edited for brevity.

“There Cannot be True Life without Liberty”
Jon & Jolene, This is my full account of 3 separate days, but I feel its important you hear it all because it will help with this morning’s vision for the United States.  This first one was 2 Wednesdays ago, May 6. It began in a vision where I walked my into a beautiful garden that I knew was ancient—almost as if I was coming into the Ancient of Days.  The garden was beautiful and in the middle of it was a table with large old, old keys laying on it.  It didn’t even occur to me to only to take 1 or 2, I asked if I could have them, and I was allowed to take them all.  I asked how would I know which key was for what, and the Lord said I would know.

The Gate of Solitude. I went out of that garden onto a path that led me to a locked gate. I used a key, opened it and discovered “The Gate of Solitude”.  It led me out into this large field of green green grass—so lush—and I felt I was to lie in it.  The scripture that came to me was Psalm 23. He makes me lie down in green pastures and restores my soul. I felt like I did when I was a child, just taking in all the smells, the huge bright yellow dandelions in the grass, the beautiful sky. My heart was full and satisfied, giving Him glory. Many of you need to know the quiet refreshing within this time has been necessary for you—in preparation for what’s ahead!  

The Gate of Exploration. After a time, I arose and began continuing on the path which led me to another locked gate.  Again, I used one of my keys and unlocked it. I knew it was called, “The Gate of Exploration.”  It opened into a maze of trees that was fun to find my way through and came out at this old, old house. I went inside and began exploring. Everything in it was old (ancient), covered with dust, and I had full access to any floor, any room, any drawer, any chest, any closet that I wanted to explore. There were treasures everywhere to discover.  I knew it was a place of attaining wisdom & revelation, strategies & instruction.

I left the house and followed again on the path to the next locked gate. I knew this one was called, “The Gate of Dining.” But instead of this being a place of eating, it was a place of giving out all that the Lord has given, both in revelation or instruction and in gifts to meet physical needs. As we give out in this season, we are going to be nourished and resourced by the Lord!

The Gate of the Ancient Well. Again I went out to another locked gate and unlocked it. ”The Gate of the Ancient Well” led me to a large, old stone well. I kept repeating in my spirit as I looked at it—“It’s a deep, deep well!” Its a well of living water and it is a place to receive refreshing & life. After giving out and being fed in our souls, we are now to come and be refreshed.

The Gate of Crushing. As I continued to walk, I could smell grapes and kept thinking, “Oh maybe this gate will lead to the fruit of the Spirit!” Even though the only fruit I smelled was grapes. But to my surprise the next gate was actually called “The Gate of Crushing.”  When I went through, a huge vat of grapes was being tread upon and crushed. I could see an area where the juice would run out.  I felt like it was a place of transformation – just as the solid grape was transformed into liquid – almost like shedding our outer garment so that Jesus in me can be seen, smelled and tasted.  We become the new wine.  And it produces such JOY!  He showed me it represents us coming into our destiny . . . when a man plants a vineyard, the destiny is not the grapes, but the wine produced from the grapes.  The scriptures I was led to was Joel 3:18 and Amos 9:11-13. We are entering a time when the hills will drip with sweet wine!

The Gate of Celebration. The sixth gate was the last gate in my experience. Remember the number six represents man, it represents humanity—and the gate was again surprising. The key unlocked “The Gate of Celebration!”  

I saw a large table we were all to sit around. By Jesus’ invitation and design, the greatest celebration in this season is around “The Table of the Lord!” I knew I was witnessing the celebration when the prodigal son came home. Call your sons and daughters, your mothers and fathers and friends and family, to this table!

Every gate I prior was an expression of Jesus’ life, and yours and mine in Him. Intimacy and vision recovered in solitude. Exploration and discovery leading to purpose. Feasting through giving. And new wine from the crushing, wine that exhilarates the Table of the Lord! 

Jesus the Greenhouse
Then in the vision I was walking on this mountain that opened up into this large clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a large greenhouse, like you grow plants in. I kept hearing the words in a Communion song: Here’s where the dead things come back to living, I feel your heart beating again!  I kept hearing and singing this song over and over. I couldn’t stop seeing this greenhouse but I had no idea what it meant.  

While continuing to pray, the vision of the greenhouse opened up to me again. When I entered, it was filled with blinding light. I couldn’t see anything except blinding light.  I knew it was resurrection light—the same light that burned Jesus image into the shroud. 

I came out and said, “Lord, why are you showing me this?  Do people have to enter into this greenhouse to receive this “life”?  What does this mean? 

Suddenly, like watching a sci-fi movie, the greenhouse morphed/transformed into Jesus himself.  And I felt like He was telling me this is how he’s about to manifest himself on the earth—Resurrection Light & Life—where the dead things come back to living. I feel my heart beating again! And I knew this season would be marked by Resurrection Life overcoming the season we have been in. Life is at hand. Harvest is at hand! 

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!”
Now for today’s revelation. It began with me wanting to go back and retrace the path that led to the Gates. As I prayed, I was suddenly walking through the Gate of Solitude and lay down in the green grass, refreshed and exhilarated in Jesus. Then I found myself moving through the Gate of Exploration.  

Once again the large old house was before me. Upon entering I found myself standing in the middle of this vast room. There were all kinds of drawers, closets, shelves, and other stuff laying around, all of it dusty like it had been there a long, long time.  I asked the Lord to “discover” something today. Immediately my eyes fell to the old wooden floor. Without thinking, I reached down and pulled up a floorboard. Underneath there was a secret, rectangular compartment. I pulled out a rolled-up scroll which had an American flag superimposed on it. and I knew it was something for our nation. I felt intimidated, because I’m not really into governmental stuff and history was my worst subject. But by faith, I unrolled it to see what was inside.  

There, written in big letters, the scroll said, “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!”

Friends this ancient message has been unsealed for our hour. These words were famously proclaimed by Patrick Henry in Virginia, speaking his resolve just before the American Revolution. And the Lord is saying, this declaration now needs to be spoken over the United States again!

Scroll in hand, there was one more place the Lord brought me to again in the vision. The Greenhouse. Resurrection light, sacred fire, enfolded around me again. And the word of the Lord came to me. “There cannot be true life without liberty!” 

The church has been good about talking about the blood of Jesus, His forgiveness as the sacrificial lamb, and even that He’s alive, but I do not hear that much spoken about Resurrection Life & Light. Nor do I hear many messages compelling us to give our lives for His freedom to be seen.  But it’s in the crushing that the new wine flows. And it’s the surrendered hearts that draw down Heaven’s fire! 

That’s why there needs to be new wineskins, because the old can’t hold Resurrection Life & Light! I also knew that in the revelations about the transfiguration taking place with us, that that also is us becoming Resurrection Life & Light. The Lord wants us to go forward in such a victorious offensive position, but it will only come as we allow the Lord to set us free from anything & everything in our lives, nothing hidden, no matter how many generations it goes back.  That light is so pure and bright because there is no darkness in it. He wants to do such a deep cleansing that will release Resurrection Life & Light because of the total Freedom we will walk in.  

In our walking in freedom, realizing the total victory Christ has already won over the enemy, we will also go forward undefeated!  And the Lord not only wants His church to walk in it, but also the United States, taking an offensive position. Because there cannot be true life without liberty.

So let the declaration from an ancient scroll become your cry. Give me liberty, or give me death!