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Gideon’s Torch—Save a Nation
God desires to save our nation, and at this very time He is calling forth His Gideons once again.

Gideon was perhaps the first of God’s Lamplighters. Why? His greatest victory came as his army lit their burning torches! Friends it’s time for yours to blaze as well. The Holy Spirit recently highlighted this to me again while praying about a recent vision. You may remember how I saw Jesus dressed in a deep red robe, cradling my barely-burning lampstand in His hands. He began to weep, with His tears and breath dropping down into the flame. Immediately it began to blaze!

Prophetically, each of you are in a season where God is drawing close, tending your lampstands and causing a barely-burning flame to intensify. The Lord’s primary invitation is to rekindle your passion and intimacy with Him. But there’s more. Strategically, your burning lamp is also set by God to expose and disperse the enemy! This is part of heaven’s current battle strategy for His corporate Gideon army.

Divorcing Baal, Preparing the Way
Here’s a key to helping your flame grow brighter. Before Gideon could save a nation, he first had to tear down his father’s altar to Baal. It’s what we call today “divorcing Baal” or receiving a verdict of divorce from Baal.

The same holds true today. Many of God’s deliverers have been prepared by the Lord in private, receiving generational deliverance and the divorcement from Baal as a prelude to God’s work in national deliverance. Maybe this is you. You’ve been called by the Lord, you have been prepared for this time over many years, and now you are being summoned for active duty in His army!

It is also important to note how the divorcement from Baal prepared Gideon’s society for victory, preservation and deliverance. In other words, it set a new course for the people in God’s covenant land, securing deliverance from the Usurper. 

In like manner, God wants to prepare each of your spheres for the battles just ahead. He has appointed you for victory! But you must position yourselves for victory by re-consecrating your sphere of authority in covenant with Jesus Christ, apart from all idolatry. In other words, by divorcing Baal. Note: Our new book Crown & Throne will walk you through this process. Please order your copy today!

Tomorrow we will examine Gideon’s partnership with the Angel of the Lord for victory. Because once again, God desires to release His angels today to protect our covenant boundaries, restrain the usurpers, and grant us breakthrough in our battles. But for today, lets close by examining a few recent warnings for our nation.

Vigilance Now! Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs
The Lord has many times spoken to us about a “World War Watch.” In preparation for what’s ahead, He is calling His watchmen to a higher place. Our hope and quest is that much of the harm the enemy intends to impose can—and will—actually be averted.

On Feb. 12, we issued a strong warning to keep watch with the Lord through Purim. Cindy Jacobs had just called for prayer against terrorism in both America and Israel, specifying the 13 original colonies, New York City and California.

A day later, Chuck Pierce issued a warning the Lord had given him regarding Iran, as they keep vigil. “These 40 Days are about negating war weapons focused against you!” wrote Chuck. “Beginning in January, I started releasing a word about Iran. The word was to watch Iran very carefully through March 21. The Lord continued to say that Iran would be positioning itself for war. My hope was that if we watched carefully and prayed accordingly, the war that was being planned would be postponed.”

Chuck continued, “There are weapons pointed at you in the spirit realm. No weapon formed against you will prosper!”

I totally agree. During these 21 days, I encourage you to do whatever is necessary on your part to see His fire kindled in your life. Know that the Lord is with you to cause your lampstand to blaze—and that this fire is key to exposing the enemy and causing him to flee.

Lets also continue to keep vigil with Jesus for our nation, and for Israel. World War Watch! We prepare now for the battles ahead, knowing this Gideon army has already been appointed for victory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!