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Today’s word by Lynnie Harlow captures the essence of what God is doing RIGHT NOW. Lynnie sent this yesterday, and I finally got to read it through this morning. Her message so correlates with what we posted yesterday it is virtually the same!

Storm riders. Gideons. Spiritual revolutionaries! By the mouth of two or three witnesses…

Remember the dream of Washington DC on the edge of a cliff, with Capitol Hill a last line of defense. We are at a precipice as a nation, and by the Spirit of God Lynnie is calling us all right to this very precipice. To turn the battle at the gates.

Gideons—Come to the Edge! Lynnie Harlow
It’s time for my Gideons to come to the edge. I’m calling you out to stand on the edge of my promises for you. It’s time to fly, it’s time to come to the edge where you trust beyond borders and you let go and fly. 

Take up your lanterns for I will illuminate the darkness that has been keeping you from seeing my promises. The enemy has surrounded you on many sides, but I have given you the victory to push forward and come to the edge. 

It’s in this place that you will understand and perceive I AM WITH YOU MIGHTY WARRIOR. I will wrap myself around you and you won’t have to lay down, but you will take up what I’m doing in this hour. There is a whirlwind in the air…and it’s coming upon this nation like a hurricane. It will turn things in a moment of time but you will see and know I’m in this. It may drop, but it will rise, because it’s the calm before the storm. 

I tell you this, the shaking has now begun. The synergy of the ages is swirling and it’s bringing with it a command from Heaven that will shake anything that is not grounded. This is not the end, but the beginning of that which I have ordained for the coming of my Kingdom and the bowing of all Nations. 

Prepare yourselves, for I am calling my remnant to be battle- ready with your lanterns and your perception on high alert. This is the time mighty warriors to come to the edge, for I will make you brave in the midst of all that is to come, and I will release the promises that have not manifested.

Amen, Lynnie. I hope you got this. God is calling us all to be battle-ready and on high alert.

Finally—lets go to the precipice, and turn the battle at our gates!

Take Up Your Lanterns!
Finally, PLEASE HEED LYNNIE’S WORD TO PICK UP THE LANTERNS. Lynnie called us all to pick up the lanterns He is giving us. Keep them trimmed and shining! You may even want to prepare your lanterns in the natural in case of power failures in weeks to come.

This word from Lynnie is what stopped me in my tracks. Because yesterday I saw it in a vision. We are ministering with our friend Irene Fulmer on Long Island. Yesterday Irene asked me to seek God for a specific word for the region.

I saw two visions of Long Island at night. In the first vision, burning torches were strewn on the ground all across the island. It was clear that many of these torches had actually been dropped.

They were all storm torches. Supernaturally empowered to blaze through winds and storms! All were just waiting for His Gideons of this hour to pick them up.

Lynnie saw essentially the same picture for the nation. Remember torches, lamps and lanterns more often than not symbolize prayer. Let this word encourage you. Pick up your torches and blaze!

Real-Time Beacons or Automated Signals?
What I saw next conveyed the same message in a different way. I saw automated lighthouses, flashing mechanically with pre-programmed lights. The signals never changed even during storms.

It was clear the Lord wants authentic signal beacons to shine from His lighthouses, His churches and prayer centers once again!  Because automated, pre-programmed prayer and services will not take us through the coming storms.

In this midnight hour, it’s time for genuine fire in His upper room! The Spirit of God wants to give real-time prophetic signals that can guide the body of Christ through the storms and waves of this coming night.

Lamplighter family, you remember the message of spiritual Paul Reveres—the Gideons of this hour, holding out their burning lamps and declaring the Lord’s coming. Revere saw two burning lanterns in the upper room of a Boston church. He rode with this intelligence, the message of this signal, to awaken America’s army and position them for battle.

Revere rode, and a nation was born. The spiritual Paul Reveres will ride in this hour, and the nation will be born again!

It’s time to discard the programs of man and seek the Spirit of God for authentic, real-time prophetic revelation. It’s time for night watches across the nation. Gideons, it’s time for you to arise!