Seal Your Consecration with a Special Offering

GIDEON RECLAMATION OFFERING! Forging forerunner pathways for 2023. Seal your time of consecration to Jesus with a special offering! CLICK HERE

JOLENE AND I ARE GRATEFUL for our watch together through the first three weeks of 2023. By the orchestrations of Holy Spirit the Gideon Reclamation Project has been launched in a surprising way. Forerunner pathways have been created. History has unfolded before our eyes—and in some cases has even shifted with our prayers. 

NOW LETS DO THIS! I do feel a year-long focus has been entrusted to us all. Like Elijah, lets stand continually before Jesus. Like Gideon, lets light our lamps and make the midnight hour a pivot point for turnaround. Together we can reclaim our land!

With that in mind, special thanks to Apostle John Benefiel for the privilege of sharing these posts with the broader HAPN community. I hope we all have become more aware of both the significance of Gideon calling exemplified by HAPN, and the dramatic impacts Jesus has consistently granted through these years. Thank you Andy Leong for your hard work in editing, formatting and sending the posts. And thank you colleagues and friends within the Lamplighter community, HAPN and many other networks who engaged together, encouraged us, and took these messages to heart.

Obviously our work is just beginning. Looking forward to running together through 2023!

Sealing Your Consecration
We began the project by embracing a Holy Spirit summons to a higher consecration to Jesus. For Jolene and me a season of consecration actually began while in Jerusalem in early December, as we followed through with a vision I had seen in July 2022. In the vision we picked up a mantle by the Jordan River. I knew it represented the mantle of Elijah. And if you’ve gained nothing more through these postings than this, please know that as of December 10 this forerunner anointing has now been released in a much greater measure nationally and globally.

That said, while preparing in Jerusalem Holy Spirit spoke, “Consecrate yourselves as Gideon and I will give you the mantle of Elijah.” Our consecration journey took us to Tel Megiddo or Armageddon, then across the Jezreel Valley to Gideon’s spring. 

A part of Gideon’s consecration was to earnestly confront disillusionment. He also was directed to deal with a reproach in his generational line by tearing down his father’s altar to Baal. An altar to the Lord was then established in its place. This instance marks perhaps the first recorded “divorcement of Baal” in the Bible. And it really set a pathway for all who followed, including you and me.

A third aspect of Gideon’s pattern of consecration, one I sincerely hope you have embraced, is to seal your consecration by presenting an offering to the Lord. Gideon of course presented the Lord with a boiling pot of stew. As giving this gift isn’t really possible now, Andy has provided you a link to present your offering online. 

As Lamplighter Ministries, we felt from the Lord that it was vital to start off the year 2023 by sowing into the grace and “Gideon legacy” carried by Apostle John and HAPN. And we wanted you to know that Lamplighter has presented the ministry a special offering, even as we are now receiving receive an offering from many of you who wish to give. Thank you for preparing a generous offering to the Lord to seal your consecration as a Gideon for this hour!

Lets Stay Connected
In a moment we’re going to share a list of all of the postings for the Gideon Reclamation Project, as well as links. But first—for those who would like to connect further, here are a few ways.

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Gideon Reclamation Project Postings
1. Consecration—Gideon Reclamation Project Begins!  “Consecrate yourself as Gideon, and I will give you the mantle of Elijah.” What a way to launch into the new year!

2. Receiving the Mantle of Elijah. What is the Elijah mantle? First and foremost it is a fathering mantle. Post features a powerful video teaching and impartation with Chris Mitchell, Jon & Jolene. 

3. Armageddon—Tick Tock to the Holy Clock. Probably our most important prophetic post of the project, with a vital word and focus by Jolene. I don’t know of a clear directive to help you understand and successfully navigate what’s ahead. Please carry through the directive on daily communion! 

4. Dethroning Jezebel, Reclaiming Seats of Authority. The project suddenly shifted when the word of the Lord came to cleanse and reclaim the seat of the House Speaker. Featuring a prayer that was later prayed by congressional leaders on the House floor January 6. 

5. Speakership Turnaround—Wild Backstory. Sharing the story of  Congressman Greg Steube’s prayer on the floor of the US House of Representatives. A midnight turnaround soon secured God’s intentions. 

6. Urgent Prayer! War Drums Sounding Against Iran. Restoring homeland security is a vital aspect of the Gideon call. Urgent prophetic alert after uranium found at Heathrow Airport, US planes grounded. 

7. 2023—Reclaiming Seats of Authority. The directive to cleanse and reclaim the seat of the House Speaker sets a precedent for each state and for Washington DC this year. This post casts vision for this government mountain project.

8. 2023—Upgrading Your Seat of Authority. God wants to establish Elijah thrones this year that dethrone Jezebel and realign our spheres. There’s a new standard to attain. This post gives you keys to cultivating the seat of authority entrusted to you by the Lord. Features a clarion prophetic word on Jeremiah 23 for 2023. 

9. After 50 Years, Reclaim Your State for LIFE! Celebrating breakthrough on the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade, remembering HAPN/RPN’s contribution to this breakthrough, mobilizing for the future state to state and nationally. Includes text of the Life Decree. 

10. Gideon Reclamation Project—NOW LETS DO THIS! Today’s post. Thank you again! And please remember to seal your consecration through these 21 days with a special offering to the Lord. NO KING BUT JESUS!