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Decades ago, Bob Jones prophesied the Glory Train would come to Cartersville GA with holy fire, and then to Atlanta. Renown regional leader Rocky Abernathy tells the story of this historic roundtable, held in the home of legendary revivalist Sam Jones. Bob Jones, Sam Jones, Glory Train. You just cannot make this up! Click here to view.  

The Re-Constitution State of Georgia has proved to be a historic turning point for our Glory Train journey, and I believe for the turning of our nation. A freedom movement has literally now been birthed!

First—forgive me Lamplighter family for not greeting you in a posting as we usually do on Mothers Day. I had been privately stirred to prayer most of the day, inwardly in travail. And Sunday evening, Mothers Day, the Lord moved in a way that has still left me trembling. In my spirit I am still in focused communion by the Spirit, and not feeling able to adequately convey all that transpired.

But the movement we’ve all been contending for is now in the earth. Those following the Glory Train journey know this long- promised move is a marriage of the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. What Cindy Jacobs prophesied at the outset of our journey as a “Glory Revolution.” It’s why we are in an intensive watch from Passover to Pentecost—Exodus and Acts.

Chuck Pierce Prophecy—Revolution Atlanta
And it’s why we began the east coast portion of our journey at Faneuil Hall Boston on the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride. Revere rode, and a nation was born! We have been gripped with the promise that as the midnight riders of this hour advance, our nation will be born again.

In our first morning in Atlanta, we actually prayed over the former headquarters of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement, asking the Lord to unseat the principalities that had claimed it and bring this entire movement out of the realm of Egypt. Longtime friends and apostolic leaders Vanessa Battle and Jacquie Tyre joined Ed and Lynn Alderson, Jolene and me for the journey. Without going into detail, we saw the Lord unseat this power and shift a movement back on track—with Jesus Christ at the head of His Glory Revolution!

In the evening we ministered at the Fathers House in Conyers GA, the geographic east gate of Atlanta. Pastors Tim and Debbie Hogg were celebrating their 25th anniversary of ministry there. Jacquie Tyre stopped me in my tracks with an astounding word about revolution in Atlanta—by Chuck Pierce!

Back in 2006, Chuck Pierce prophesied that Atlanta would become the headquarters of America’s next revolution. Chuck literally saw the Lord breathing on seeds of revolution from Boston, and carrying these seeds from Boston to Atlanta.

In 2006!

We had no idea of this word. But here we were in Atlanta after praying over the headquarters of the Civil Rights movement, after beginning this east coast journey in Boston MA on the night the revolution began!

Can’t make this up. I dare you to try.

Birthing the Movement
Throughout the journey the Lord spoke to us on birthing this new move. In St. Paul MN, the gavel came down for the Glory Revolution as a manifestation or execution of His verdict regarding the Re-Constitution of the United States. In Pittsburgh the Lord spoke about Pennsylvania as His “Turnaround Womb.” Jolene perceived how this baby was in a breached position. She saw the hand of the Lord come to literally turn this baby around and position the child for birth. In Philadelphia the Lord spoke to us that the baby’s head was now crowned.

This crowning began a final birthing process through the Passover season. The Lord instructed us to watch carefully our journey every step of the way. We began Passover in Washington DC with Dutch Sheets speaking on “the Underground Turnaround.” You know the word. A train representing America was moving headlong in the wrong direction. It went underground. Suddenly and unexpectedly the train switched tracks onto a hairpin turn, and shot out the other side in the right direction!

And we knew it was significant that we culminated the last night of Passover in Georgia.

I will never forget how the Glory Train message, on the last night of this sacred feast, was interrupted by fireworks. Followed by a train whistle! From Bob Jones’ prophecy on the Glory Train—

So we’re on that glory train and any time you HEAR A TRAIN WHISTLE just say this in your thinking, “I’m on that train, I’m on God’s glory train! My future is in His glory train and that’s where I’ll abide with Him! And all of my time down here, that glory train will get bigger and bigger because when it stops in the city, that city will no longer belong to the enemy. It will belong to the Father.”

Get ready for entire cities to be saved. And GET READY FOR THE GLORY TO SHINE at night like streaks of flames; LIKE FIREWORKS to where you’ll visibly begin to see His glory.

The final night of Passover commemorates the night God parted the waters of the Red Sea, overwhelming Pharaoh’s army while ushering God’s people from slavery to freedom. As the rockets glared and the fireworks burst in the air, as a piercing whistle then announced the arrival of a train, we knew the Lord was making a point.

The Glory Train is now tangibly here. An underground turnaround. THE WATERS PARTED, THE WATERS BROKE.

There’s so much more to the story but this will have to do for now. On Sunday, revelation began to pour forth from the Lord about how the underground turnaround also represented a child in the final stages of birth. A movement was coming fully to birth. In Atlanta, on Mothers Day!

The Apostolic Trinity—Vanessa, Jacquie, Lynn
It was a moment when the apostolic legacy of three incredible Georgia leaders converged—Dr. Vanessa Battle, Lynn Alderson, and our host Jacquie Tyre. Jacquie and Vanessa had previously joined with us on a project to pray through every major Civil War battlefield in the nation, seeking awakening and union to replace division and subjugation. I’ll never forget the moment in Gettysburg PA where the words of Abraham Lincoln encompassed us. That this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth.

We together prayed this declaration from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address again on July 4, 2011. Asking God to grant us the divorcement from Baal and the reconstitution of covenant with Jesus Christ alone.

Interestingly, fifty days later an earthquake cracked the Washington Monument. And we knew the Lord had granted our request.

So it was nothing less than astonishing for Jolene and me to join with Jacquie and Vanessa again, along with Lynn, to see the movement we had all dreamed of actually come to pass in our midst. On Mothers Day, appropriately.

I simply cannot tell any more of this story right now. It is too sacred, and at this point my ability to convey all that transpired—I am still not doing it justice.

All I know is our God’s move has come through the birth canal, and our nation has turned. In Jesus’ Name!

Let me close the posting by sharing just a few comments from Facebook on the Glory Train journey. May these sentiments encourage you that The Lord of hosts is truly answering your prayers, AND HIS GLORY TRAIN IS ON THE MOVE.

What an amazing weekend as the Glory Train rolled through Georgia! I am still undone by what all God orchestrated. The Glory Train is headed to Birmingham, Alabama and is rolling down the tracks through our nation. Thank you Jon and Jolene Hamill for your obedience in this assignment to bring turnaround to Georgia and our nation. We will never be the same—Apostle Lynn Alderson.

What a wonderful Holy Ghost move we had over our region! Thank y’all for the leadership in bringing Jon and Jolene with the Glory Train. The train is moving and the Glory of Yahweh is prevailing—Randy Webb

We are so happy that you came on the glory train to South Ga.. There has been a shifting and an outpouring of his spirit of this trip and will spread like wildfire. We are ready—Patty Kempton

Thank you for bringing the Glory Train to Atlanta and to the State of Georgia. None of us will ever be the same… The Underground Train has made its turn and Revolutionary Glory Revival has been birthed…take it to the nations! ALL ABOARD THE GLORY Train! —Apostle Jacquie Tyre

Jonathan Hamill, thank you for busting through the East Gate of Atlanta. We will not be the same, we are revolutionaries, and Atlanta is beginning to burn!!! Thank you for coming. Keep carrying the glory to America—Pastor Debra Hogg


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