On Friday we shared our sense that God is breaking forth with a fresh move of baptism. Multitudes will be streaming to Jesus Christ, receiving cleansing, healing and a new beginning. I believe Georgia will be among the first states to experience this move.

Since our Crown & Throne School, we’ve been hearing many reports of lives that were changed. Such great news. And revelation from the Lord simply poured forth! We are grateful to the Lord for His grace during this significant time. And now that we’ve had some time to ponder and process, we want to share with our Lamplighter family more of what was conveyed.

The South Shall Rise Again
It is amazing how revelation from the Lord grows in breadth and clarity. Last year with the Glory Procession, the Lord spoke to us that Georgia was the “Re-Constitution State.” This time around I saw a historical perspective related to the word. I saw how the body of Christ nationally had broken apart in Georgia, and how idolatry had opened the door to this division. Because of this division, the Second Great Awakening that was sweeping the East Coast came to a screeching halt. The Civil War soon broke out.

You have to understand that for years I have carried a dream that the entire East Coast would be consumed, united, in this Third Great Awakening. That was God’s plan from the beginning.

And last weekend this New England Pilgrim saw how the Lord was starting again right where He left off. Standing at the gates of Georgia, breathing His awakening winds into the coastlands of the Re-constitution State. I even found myself prophesying, “The South shall rise again! The South shall rise again!” This time to restore a broken America with a move of Holy Spirit awakening, as Jesus picks up right where He left off.

Now that’s Re-constitution.

Georgia, Gideon and the Angel of the Lord
I believe God’s work in Georgia is very similar to His work through Gideon to restore Israel. Judges 2 records how the Angel of the Lord could no longer move with God’s people because they had violated God’s covenant and worshiped demonic powers. He was assigned to help the people take the land of their covenant promise. To finish the work He swore by covenant to establish!

Instead, because of their idolatry and immorality, the Angel vacated the premises—and the Nation came to ruin.

Homeland security failed. Foreigners, essentially terrorists, began to flood through Israel’s porous borders, and plunder the nation. Sound familiar? Watch out now. Because Judges 2 is actually a powerful warning to the United States of America. Pride, especially open defiance of God, comes before a fall. Israel experienced the consequences of their defiance, and if we’re not sincerely deliberate in our repentance and honoring of the Lord, America could as well.

The Angel of the Lord did not show up again for a few generations. He was dispatched in response to the sincere cries of God’s people as they were being overcome, marginalized and subjugated within their own covenant boundaries. Just think about the body of Christ in America today, then multiply the challenges by a thousand.

Then the Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon. Signaling to Israel He was now dispatched to literally pick up right where he left off. To restore homeland security within Israel’s boundaries.


Ponder this a moment. The defiance of Gideon’s father in erecting this altar was the primary reason the Angel had departed in the first place! Not a coincidence the Angel’s first assignment to Gideon was to tear this thing down. Opening the door for him to pick right back up where he left off.


Only after Gideon “divorced Baal” was he released to be a deliverer to the nation. Gideon! Mighty man of valor! Suddenly qualified to be a deliverer.

Angel Through the Gates
And that’s where we are now. As in Gideon’s day, gross darkness seems to be flooding every corner of our nation. Yet from a covenantal perspective, it’s actually not as bad as it looks. Because we together—and Georgia specifically—received a divorce from Baal, these altars of idolatry are down, and covenant with God has actually been restored. These demonic altars are no longer legally able to restrain the Lord’s move for restoration! Further, the state has strongly and purposefully aligned with Israel, investing in God’s dream for His covenant land.

While in Brunswick, I had a strong perception that the Angel of the Lord is literally moving again through the gates of Georgia in this season. He’s picking up right where He left off! Awakening and union. Breakthrough. Reconstitution. The blowing again of the breath of God!

Like Gideon, we are now being summoned to stand with the Lord and see our land redeemed. The “Reconstitution State” is key for this, but this movement is by no means restrained to Georgia alone. We are all being summoned into this army. It’s time to arise and take back our nation!

Watch how the Lord prophesies to you in this season. Like Gideon, may will hear His summons—the Lord is with you, mighty man, mighty woman of valor!

For many of you, this posting is actually His summons.

Vision—Destinies in the Whirlwind
And as we are personally being summoned before God, we are being rejoined—reconstituted—to each other. This was one of the most important visions during our time in Georgia. We prayed before Heaven’s Court for the covenant with death and hell to be annulled, and I saw the gavel come down. As it did, a stream of parched documents began to flow up from the gavel. I knew they represented both the Constitution of the United States and scrolls of destiny for God’s people. As they streamed upward, they also connected together, almost like puzzle pieces. Suddenly a massive canopy covered the entire state!

It’s like “Gone with the Wind” played backward. I believe this vision is what Re-Constitution looks like. And it’s His verdict for Georgia.

It was quite something to see the destinies of each person twined together and forming God’s covering over this Re-constitution State. To read the scroll, all you needed to do is look up! But you cannot miss the point God was making. Our destinies are twined together. To negate one person’s destiny is to form a hole in the covering God Himself has fashioned.

Awakening and union instead of slumber and division. Reconstitution. A Gideon state! This is how God longs to define Georgia in the desperate hour where America is absolutely in the balance. Pray that this great state respond to His call.