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YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP. A Russian leader nicknamed “General Armageddon” by his own troops was commissioned by President Vladimir Putin to lead the Ukraine war just three days ago. Right before Russian military supply lines were brought to a sudden stop by a massive explosion on the Crimea-Russia bridge. 

Sounds like the start of a bad thriller novel, doesn’t it? 

General Armageddon’s real name is Sergei Surovikin. And according to reputation he is ruthless, brutal and methodical. During his time in Syria he helped tip the war in favor of Syrian strongman Assad. To do this he forged alliances with both the Iranian National Guards and the terror proxy Hezbollah. These alliances are apparently carrying over into present circumstances. Which means that as the battle lines form for the future, there’s every potential for a Russia-Iranian alliance against the US, Israel and NATO forces. 

Which in honesty is a perfect Armageddon scenario, as President Biden recently conveyed.

Did I mention that General Armageddon’s previous post was to direct Russia’s equivalent of the US Space Force? That might explain the barrage of missiles now devastating Kiev and other Ukrainian cities immediately following both his commissioning and the Crimea bridge explosion. Prompting G-7 leaders to vow to stand with Ukraine long-term, you don’t even have to be prophetic to see that a “perfect storm” is now forming.  

What’s ahead? Beloved, we warned about coming storms. Some are forming before our very eyes. We’ll share more tonight. TURN THE STORM, LORD! 

Overcoming the Midnight Crises
And yes, I do believe He will turn things. I don’t believe it’s time for Armageddon. But as we’ve written in our past three books, the Lord made clear that as of 2020 we would experience a series of “midnight crises” that would essentially serve as training or a rehearsal for events prophesied in the Bible as defining the end times. How we confronted these challenges, and overcame them, would even serve as a roadmap for believers in future generations who would face the prophesied challenges in full.

The good news is WE ARE VICTORIOUS. What I must emphasize is the challenges are real. The training is real. You may have been mantled to overcome, but you will have to engage—especially with God, in prayer. No passivity in gaining these victories!

Forerunner Pathways—Two Journeys
Back in 2012, Holy Spirit spoke clearly to Jolene about a “World War Watch” in Washington DC patterned after Rees Howells’ legendary prayer vigil through World War II. With this at heart, Jolene and I have been invited to gather with Becca Greenwood and a few friends at the Bible School of Wales for a private time of seeking the Lord. This school is where Rees Howells led his students in victorious, continuous warfare to overcome Hitler and the Nazi advancement during WWII. We are investing in this mantle to be accessed in our hour of conflict! 

Then in early December we feel to return to Israel for the first time since the c-vid outbreak. Of course we have the same focus at heart. Among other things we will be praying directly at Tel Megiddo, the biblical site identified as the Armageddon battlefield, as well as connecting with leaders and friends. 

At the Lord’s direction, we are making an investment in the breakthrough that will define our future, nationally and globally. We want to invite you to do the same. Would you consider sowing into these two extraordinary journeys? We are believing God for an additional $12,000 to cover expenses for both Wales and Israel. 

Lamplighter family, it’s truly time to create forerunner pathways that define our future. As a family, we can do this. We are grateful to be running together!


Revolution 2022—Save the Date!
Final note, and I’ll just mention it for now before we make our formal announcement. After much prayer we finally received direction from the Lord on Revolution 2022. We will be hosting Revolution 2022 Dec. 30-January 1, with a focus on creating forerunner pathways. Note this will be immediately following the Wales and Israel journeys. It will be an incredible time to receive from the Lord, and set our course together for the future.