TONIGHT! 7pm Glory Train Seattle service at Seattle Revival Center. Live stream click here.

Full circle glory. We just experienced an extraordinary meeting in Seattle WA. Thank you James Goll for the hilarious, poignant video introducing us. How do you make everybody laugh and cry all at once?

It is amazing how God has ordered our steps—really our tracks—for this journey. Because as you will see, Pastor Darrin Stott and the Seattle Revival Center have literally become a signpost for our nation.

A Full Circle Moment
We were told by the Lord to launch this Glory Train journey, focused on the restoration of His glory across our land, from Seattle. We had no idea Seattle Revival Center would step into revival at the very time we launched our journey! But a prophetic word James Goll gave about a West Coast Rumble became their catalyst for this leap of faith.

And we just “happened” to be invited to a pastors meeting there the very day before we launched. Only to return to this same church to culminate our full-circle journey.

Seattle Revival Center—A Sign to our Nation
Of all the churches in the nation, God chose Seattle Revival Center as the place where He desired for us to present our initial Glory Train journey as a “wedding ring” to Him. America, married to the Lord. What you may not realize is that this church was in full revival in the 1990s, the same time as Toronto and Brownsville. Then there were some challenges. The full weight of revival dissipated.

BUT GOD’S GLORY RETURNED THIS YEAR. 2016. The very year God spoke to us He was opening a limited window of opportunity for national turnaround, and the restoration of His glory.

You cannot make this up. There are no more words to say. Except that Seattle Revival Center, led now by young revivalist Darrin Stott, IS A SIGN TO OUR NATION.

Yes the glory had lifted in our land. Revival has been at a distance. But God is now—like at this moment—releasing the restoration of His glory!!!

Oh, and “coincidentally” last night’s service was actually the 77th service since they started extended meetings. 77. Covenant. You cannot make this stuff up.

Darrin Stott Leading the Revival
Darrin Stott is carrying this revival with a depth of power and maturity that stunned Jolene and me. We found Darrin to be refreshingly genuine and transparent. He is hilarious and yet resolute, gifted with great competence and apostolic foresight to lead. He delights in the fathers and the friends he is running with.

And Darrin Stott carries the true power of God. Humbly.

Darrin’s father Darrell Stott was part of a pastoral team who led the original Seattle revival in the early 1990s. It seems a torch of heritage has not only been passed, but burns now with an even greater clarity and intensity than before. Glory!

Darrell just passed on to Heaven earlier this week. Lamplighter family, please keep the Stott family in your prayers.

Apple Wine and the Firestorm
They call it Apple Wine. Jeremy and Miranda Nelson from San Diego prophesied about “Apple Wine” and the Seattle revival on February 13, 2016. Jeremy had stepped out on a word our friend James Goll gave him about a “west coast rumble” that would break forth from San Diego and Tijuana to Seattle and Vancouver.  West coast revival!

And this time the revival breaking forth would be a “rumble.” To me that’s a fighting word. Actually another word for “revolution.”

So Jeremy stepped into revival with extended meetings. Meanwhile a new weight of glory had already begun to transform the atmosphere of the Seattle Revival Center. Darrin’s team soon connected with Jeremy, and the prophetic promise about “Apple Wine” provoked this Seattle revivalist to step into extended meetings.

It was interesting that along with “apple wine” Jeremy also saw a “firestorm” breaking forth. New wine and holy fire. It was our honor to share the Glory Train journey yesterday, culminating with the story of how God supernaturally lit our lamp on the first day of Hanukkah during our wedding… as we were singing “Glory, glory, send your glory!”

Holy fire. A revolution. The impartation of the Spirit that followed was really strong. Truly a firestorm!

Full Circle Glory
Again, we are deeply humbled to take this journey with you all. And deeply humbled by the extraordinary orchestrations of the Lord. Conveying to Seattle and all America that His glory is again being restored to our land.

Full circle glory. You cannot make this up.