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Note: The Resounding Scrolls Project will officially culminate next Monday, the actual 200th day of President Trump’s presidency.

GLORY TRAIN TWO: August 18-October 4. Details coming soon! 

We are seeing God’s turnaround this Tisha b’Av! Thank you all for praying through these second hundred days. Actually exactly 114 days from Passover to Tisha b’Av, and 93 days into President Trump’s second hundred days. His kings are being crowned, and His scrolls are being released! 

Further, this weekend the Lord showed us how old scripts must be renounced for new scrolls to be received. More on this in a moment. 

Though today is the landmark for this prayer project, the Resounding Scrolls watch will continue til next Monday. We had a sense from the Lord that this second hundred days would be as important as the first. The perception has absolutely proven true. 

Lets take a brief stroll down memory lane… From unprecedented leaks to National Security shifts to Trump’s historic visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel, to the Comey firing and subsequent Senate hearings, to the disengagement of the Paris Climate Treaty, to the shooting of Rep. Scalise at a terror-filled morning baseball practice, to intensified scrutiny on alleged Russia collusion, to North Korea threats, Temple Mount tumult, and of course the breathtaking personnel shifts of the past few days… What an incredible time to press into God and see a new course set for our nation. 

Tisha b’Av Turnaround—Possess the Land!
As a Lamplighter family, we prayed through this time with great expectation that God is now granting an open door for restoration after a 40 year season of discipline. Judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints—Daniel 7:22. The time has come for YOU to possess your portion of His promised land. No King but Jesus!

On this Resounding Scrolls project, we’ve also been seeking the Lord to receive His new scrolls for our lives. We launched our five “School of Kings” based on a word the Lord gave us that “this summer God’s kings are being crowned, and His scrolls are being released.” There’s no doubt the Lord has released many scrolls to many people throughout this time period. But I personally had not seen the breakthrough release of revelation or direction we were anticipating. This even carried over into my personal writing as I sought to complete my book. The revelatory flow for this was simply not there. 

But a spirit of prayer was throughout. More precisely, a “kingship” spirit of governmental prayer as well as an impartation for breakthrough. And this has certainly intensified through this last two schools. The gates are now open for you to go through. Corporately we have entered a season of breakthrough!

Angelic Company with Scrolls Released!
On 7-22 in Aiken SC, we saw God flood our school with His presence after praying and releasing His Daniel 7:22 verdict in favor of the saints. We approached the bench seeking specific healing from an ancient reproach in the region. After God met us Saturday night, our host Kathryn Wade told me she felt the entire region had shifted. Thank you Jesus!

And on 7-23 in Augusta GA, for the first time I saw Heaven’s scrolls being released. We were in a service at Life Center, overlooking the Savannah River. All of the sudden I saw a company of white, glimmering angels bearing Heaven’s scrolls. In fact the scrolls were virtually indistinguishable from the angels—almost as if the angels themselves embodied the scrolls they were releasing.

Something has shifted. Heaven’s scrolls are now being released. I had expected these scrolls to be released over Pentecost, but for some reason, perhaps the healing of this national reproach, the scrolls were withheld til this time period surrounding Tisha b’Av. So take extended time to pray. Watch for title deeds, blueprints, key revelation to set the course for your future. Because Heaven’s scrolls are now being released!

From Old Scripts to New Scrolls
Final point. During our final School of Kings in Brunswick, GA, Jolene led a group of leaders to share revelation they had received while praying together earlier in the week. Host pastor Redonnia Jackson gave an extraordinary word on renouncing the old “scripts” that have subconsciously directed our lives. Self-talk, insecurities in our identities, poverty mindsets, generational cycles we fall into, roles we intuitively play. Others shared along these themes as well.

And when I got up to give my piece, I felt the Lord speaking that He’s shifting us “from old scripts to new scrolls!” In order for us to embrace the new scrolls, released by Heaven to define our future, we must renounce and repudiate the “old scripts” that have kept us in captivity. From old scripts to new scrolls! 

Ask the Lord to help you shift. This is exactly what transpired when Joshua and Caleb ushered their people out of a 40 year “script” of judgement that kept them circling the same wilderness mountain. A new scroll was released—the title deed to Israel. And were finally released to possess their portion!

Friends, we are in a similar era right now. This may just be our finest hour. The gate is now open. So receive Heaven’s scrolls. And go through the gate to possess your Promised Land!