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Passover this year is already amazing. Yesterday we shared about the convergence between Passover with Good Friday and the start of the American Revolution. Prophetically this conveys a convergence of godly legacies from America and Israel in a new freedom movement bursting forth for this hour. LET MY PEOPLE GO!  

Remember also how the blood moon at precisely 12:12am on January 21 pointed to this season, ushering us into this movement with a literal Midnight Cry. Exodus 12:12 declares the execution of God’s justice against the gods of Egypt and the government of Egypt. 

We had a powerful meeting at Launch Houston Saturday night with this focus. Jolene shared the following real-time revelation:

Passover Season Extended! Justice Over Abortion
“I saw during worship how God has been dealing with abortion in America in a way that’s similar to how He dealt with abortion in Exodus. He’s doing the same with the idolatry behind it. 

“And it’s now a Passover moment to deal with the 10th plague, the spirit of death. The Lord highlighted the 9th plague, where we’ve been in the midst of darkness so tangible that it can be felt. And we’re moving into the 10th plague which is dealing with the spirit of death through abortion. The death of the firstborn. You have to understand we’re going into an extended season of Passover, not just a week of Passover. It means God’s work is going to be through an entire time period until He is done dealing with this spirit of death through abortion in America!

“Exodus 12 covers the Passover. In Exodus 13 Israel’s firstborn are consecrated. When God’s dealings this Passover season have been completed, then there will be a consecration of the firstborn in our nation similar to the consecration of the firstborn in Exodus!”

What does this mean? Really only the Lord knows. But a new generation is arising. Multitudes will be born again. It is clear that an assignment for this year’s Glory Train movement is to serve as a catalyst for breakthrough from abortion into this covenant of life and awakening. Let me explain. 

Christmas Dream—The 13 Colonies Glory Train
During Revolution last December, Rick and Patricia Ridings prophesied that we would be journeying again through the 13 colonies. Ed Watts authoritatively prophesied the exact same word to us just a few weeks earlier. But it was honestly nowhere on my personal radar screen until these words began to surround us. So I asked the Lord for personal confirmation. It came in the form of a dream over Christmas.

In the dream I was standing at the base of the Washington Monument on August 8, 2019. I knew we had just launched the Glory Train on July 22, 2019 at Faneuil Hall Boston. I sat up in bed and immediately prayed into the dream, and this is what the Lord showed me. 

We as the Lamplighter family are summoned to Faneuil Hall to receive the next phase of execution of His verdict for this hour. Then for the northeastern part of the journey, we are to follow the angelic pathway outlined in a legacy vision chronicled below, from Albany and Lowville New York to the Washington Monument in Washington DC. 

2008 Prophetic Vision—Abortion to Awakening
On 08-08-08, or August 8, 2008, Jolene and I found ourselves in an open field in the small town of Lowville New York, surrounded by worshipers and intercessors seeking to uncap a legacy well of the Second Great Awakening. The brief narrative of a nearby gravestone explained it all. It read simply, “Daniel Nash, laborer with Finney, mighty in prayer.” 

For those not familiar with American revival history, Charles Finney was a primary catalyst of the Second Great Awakening in upstate New York. He was one of the first evangelists to ever “hire” a full-time intercessor. Smart investment. Because his friend Daniel Nash would be sent as a forerunner ahead of the legendary evangelist to cities earmarked by the Spirit of God for awakening. His main job was to prevail in prayer. Once breakthrough was secured, Daniel Nash would send for Charles Finney and they together would reap what was described as the greatest harvest ever seen since the Book of Acts. Eventually the currents of this “awakening river” even shifted America out of the scourge of slavery.

And on 08-08-08, with leaders Bill and Rita Gamela, we were seeking the Lord to uncap this historic well of forerunning prayer for awakening. Bill and Rita had just purchased the property, sensing from the Lord that the title deed had to literally be secured so that this sacred well could be uncapped.

As we walked the land, we saw how a masonic obelisk demarcated the exact location where Daniel Nash had his church. This was a surprise to me, because Finney and Nash actually attributed the outpouring of the Awakening to entire denominations recanting of masonry. We were asking the Lord how to move forward when all of the sudden I had a vision. 

Ground Shakes! Babies in the Sky!
The first thing that happened was the ground began to shake! I thought it was a literal earthquake, and looked around to see the reactions of friends. To my astonishment nobody else felt it! Then I saw a geyser burst forth from the ground. And I knew this well of the Second Great Awakening had been uncapped. 

As the vision continued, the earth began to break apart from Lowville New York all the way through to southern New York, through Pennsylvania, through Maryland, straight to the Washington Monument in DC. And everywhere the earth broke apart, I saw babies shooting out of the earth and into the sky! 

All creation was travailing for the manifestation of these sons and daughters of God. In the vision the babies were being caught by angels.

From the vision I prophesied that the uncapping of this awakening well would accelerate the release of His river to the nation and nations. The release of this river during the Second Great Awakening shifted us out of slavery and into freedom. The release of the river in this hour will shift us out of the covenant with death tied to abortion in this land. A seismic shift for justice!

2011—Washington Monument Cracks in an Earthquake
What I didn’t realize then was that exactly three years and two weeks later, the Washington Monument would literally crack in an unprecedented earthquake. And that the quake itself would be a sign for us that God’s original covenant with our land had been restored. Divorce from Baal granted. Validated by Heaven’s Court! Covenant with Christ restored. 

You have to know the full story to fully appreciate the magnitude of what I just shared. Suffice to say the earthquake was an extraordinary sign for us. You just can’t make this stuff up.

OK. As I noted before, my dream this past Christmas conveyed how the Lord wanted the Glory Train movement for 2019 to actually retrace the journey conveyed in the vision from Lowville down to the Washington Monument. By this we are called to bear witness to the execution of God’s “real-time verdict” in a freedom movement shifting us from abortion to awakening.

At the Threshold—From Abortion to Awakening
Remember the mandate to make this journey came over Christmas 2018. Bearing witness to God’s covenantal shift from a covenant with death empowering a culture of death to a covenant of life empowering a culture of life. From abortion to awakening!

Remember also how our nation had been entwined even with the abortion mandate from ancient Egypt which provoked the Lord to His passover miracle. Exodus 1:22 describes how Pharaoh mandated all the firstborn of the Jewish people were to be aborted. God responded by bringing the groaning of His covenant people into a Courtroom hearing and rendering a verdict which would speak into each successive generation.  

Beloved, it’s not a coincidence that Roe v Wade was passed on 1-22, 1973. Neither is it a coincidence that on January 22, the 46th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the New York legislature voted to legalize abortion statewide right up to birth. Infanticide. The vote occurred just a month after the Lord called us to the Glory Train journey through New York in a dream. 

The mandate stands—for New York and for our nation. A higher Court is trumping the decisions of the Empire State. The heavens over New York are shaking, and all creation is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed. It’s time to shift from abortion to awakening. Let My people go. Let My children go!