FREEDOM WATCH PRAYER CALL! Anne Tate joins from GOZ! Bunny Warlen joins from Kentucky Statehouse! 9-11 pm EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

CROWN & THRONE SCHOOL, June 5-6, 2015, Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, PA. More info at

Freedom Watch—Anne Tate, Bunny Warlen on Call!
We just received confirmation that Anne Tate with Glory of Zion will be joining tonight’s call! Anne is leading a 50 day Daniel Watch even as we launch into the Freedom Watch tonight.

Veteran prophetic intercessor Bunny Warlen joins as well, from inside the Kentucky Statehouse! Kentucky is the birthplace of America’s Moses, Abraham Lincoln. We believe a Moses movement is rising again from Kentucky!

Both respective leaders in the Senate Patriot Act debate, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, serve the state of Kentucky. And from Kentucky a shift was made for the first time since 9-11 to regain civil liberties while retaining the security of our nation.

The debate will go on. But the freedom principles for which we fought the American Revolution have been honored, and a slide towards dictatorship has been rejected. From a Court of Heaven perspective I believe this decisive shift has even helped to retain God’s covenant protection over our land. Thanks in part to your prayers, His freedom watch endures!

June 6—American Pharaoh, Triple Crown?
This Saturday, June 6, marks the date of our very first Crown & Throne school—in the revolutionary city of Philadelphia!

Not coincidentally, June 6 also marks the 48th anniversary of Jerusalem’s restoration under Israeli sovereignty. This is a huge statement, so let me break it down for you. In 1967, Israel fought and won the Six Day War, securing Jerusalem and bringing Israel’s ancient capital city under its domain for the first time since the diaspora.

Jerusalem—specifically the Temple Mount in Jerusalem—is identified in Scripture as God’s Throne. In 1948, Israel was reborn. In 1967, the city God claims as His Throne was secured and realigned with His covenant land.

On June 6. What a great time to focus on securing God’s Throne in our lives, our nation and world through our first Crown & Throne School! By the way, June 6 happens to be the birthday of Chuck Pierce—and our fellow revolutionary and partner in the school, Jamie Fitt.

Can’t make this stuff up.

Yet here’s something else you really cannot make up. On June 6, this same date, a race horse named “American Pharaoh” is running to win the Triple Crown. If successful, American Pharaoh will be the first horse to win since Jimmy Carter was president.

Crowns represent thrones. American Pharaoh already won two historic races. Will he win a third?

Conflict of Thrones
We shared yesterday about how God fought a revolution to deliver His people from Pharaoh. Let My people go, that they may worship Me! Pharaoh was a dictator whose throne of governance was established by covenant with the gods of Egypt. One particular power offered to Pharaoh through this covenant was the “all seeing eye” of Isis, or unlimited surveillance empowered by the occult.

Pharaoh in Exodus is a picture of the Antichrist in Revelation. Who establishes his throne of global governance in covenant with the highest level demonic powers. Who governmentally forbids worship of God, and even utilizes extraordinary advancements in surveillance to fashion a “mark” that tracks every aspect of an individual’s life, worship and finances. Nobody can receive the “mark of the beast” unless they bow their knee to this beast.

This might seem like the plot of a science fiction movie until you realize that this very technology is available today—for the first time in history. Yet it was prophesied 2,000 years ago.

In both instances, the freedom to worship God forces the ultimate conflict of thrones.

A Few Coincidences
Maybe it’s not a coincidence that today in America, our freedom to worship is being undermined at an unprecedented level. Not our right to sing and play a guitar, but our right to live our worship by standing for the fundamental values of Judeo-Christian life and morality.

Maybe it’s also not a coincidence that America was established in covenant with Jesus Christ as a beach-head against antichrist dictatorship, and for freedom to worship. And when we as believers stand according to God’s covenant, despite all odds we see breakthrough. I even believe that, from our foundation forward, the Lord has called us to be a beacon of freedom that opposes Pharaoh thrones in the end-times.

Moses Movement
And maybe it’s not a coincidence that a Moses movement has been prophesied for this very hour of American history. Prophet Bob Jones saw it back in 1983. He prophesied that God was going to bring forth an end-time move of His Spirit that combined the miracles of Exodus—a Moses movement—with the miracles of Acts! We like to call this movement “Crown & Throne.”

Further, just before Bob passed on last year, he spoke to key apostolic leader Che Ahn that as of Hannukah/ Thanksgiving 2013, the move he saw has now been released.

The convergence of Hannukah with Thanksgiving back in 2013 caught our eye too. In fact, that was the official date our book “Crown & Throne” was released.

Bob Jones actually gave us a word about June 6—back in 2006. He prophesied that Jolene and I needed to be very aware of June 6, 2007 because on that date, the 40th anniversary of Jerusalem’s restoration to Israeli authority, God was going to shift His people from the wilderness to the Spirit.

Bob’s word also brought clarity on embracing God’s call to full-time ministry. I was working as a contractor for Homeland Security at the time, and Jolene was working as a mortgage broker. Throughout the following year, we worked hard and saved diligently to prepare for this shift.

I gave my notice in May 2007. And by no design of my own, June 6 marked my first preaching engagement in full-time ministry.

My, how we’ve come full circle! You just cannot make this stuff up. You can probably see why we are so excited personally for this first Crown & Throne School on June 5-6. Our eighth anniversary in full-time ministry!

And it’s no coincidence there is such a conflict of thrones portrayed through this date. Even today, President Obama has just conveyed his support for a UN Resolution establishing a Palestinian State in Israel.

All I can say is, LET MY PEOPLE GO!