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DC Counterterrorism Drill, Senators Briefing at WH
SHIELDS UP! Two unprecedented events today in Washington DC mark a potentially historic flashpoint regarding Korea. A “full scale terror attack drill” is taking place even as I write in Washington DC and across the metro region. And President Trump has summoned the entire US Senate to the White House for a briefing on North Korea this afternoon.

The entire US Senate. When is the last time this has ever occurred? 

With the US Senate briefing and also a “full scale terror attack drill” ongoing throughout the day, involving DHS, FEMA and hundreds of police, fire, and emergency medical personnel, you have to understand something. The threat is serious and is being taken seriously. 

Meanwhile… ’Washington Man of Prayer’ at Capitol!
Amazingly, Jolene and I are going to the Capitol early tonight to attend “Washington, Man of Prayer.” This yearly event, hosted by Dan Cummins with Jim and Rosemary Garlow, brings together Congressional leaders and other governmental leaders as well as key spiritual leaders from across the nation—to perpetuate the legacy of prayer upon which our nation was founded

OK so just for your review. All DC is engaged in a counterterrorism drill. Senators are receiving an unprecedented White House briefing. Meanwhile the Capitol is hosting an extended prayer meeting, arguably the most important of the year, with governmental and spiritual leaders.

You cannot make this up. Please pray for the “Washington, Man of Prayer” gathering. Pray for Holy Spirit’s visitation, direction and authority. Pray for the leaders!

National Security Council—Heaven’s Clarity and Unity
Remember a primary assignment for our Lamplighter family is sustained prayer for the National Security Council team, headed by H.R. McMaster.

For review, the NSC team is primarily responsible for developing cohesive and effective policy regarding military, intelligence, counter-terrorism and diplomatic efforts of our nation. That’s a really big deal. 

With Korea, Syria and Iran directly in view, I can only imagine the decisions they are wrestling with. Pray for Heaven’s scrolls, Heaven’s priorities and strategies, to be released to them. Pray for healthy debate where needed and unified vision where needed. Ask the Lord of hosts to restrain our supernatural enemy in every realm, dimension, communication portal and sphere of authority. Lord we decree that Your direction alone prevail! In Jesus’ Name.

For your information, President Trump is the chairman of the National Security Council. The principals generally at the table include Vice President Mike Pence, National Security Advisor HR McMaster, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the US Military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley etc.

Again, pray for the team. Lets also pray fervently for the incredible NSC staff, tasked with policy development, coordination and communication, etc. 

We Invoke the Lord of Hosts!
And lets agree for the most important Principal at the table to take His seat. Remembering that the thrones of this nation are established by covenant. No King but Jesus! We desperately need the intervention of the Lord of hosts, the General of the armies, at this time. Keeping in mind that literally 24-7 prayer has been engaged by South Korea for at least two decades regarding North Korea and a REGIME CHANGE FROM TYRANNY. 

God wants to give breakthrough. And as Benjamin Franklin observed in his proposal for the Great Seal of the United States, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” LET MY PEOPLE GO!

So Lord Jesus Christ, Lord of hosts, we invoke You at this time to take your seat as presiding Director of this National Security Council and every seat at the table. Knowing that these seats are ultimately Yours by covenant, now that covenant with You has been nationally restored. 

Lord only You are able to bring justice and freedom. You judge, and make war to uphold and enforce Your verdict (Rev. 19:11). Render your verdict of justice in favor of the saints according to Daniel 7:22. Tip the bowls of Heaven, Your answers to the incessant prayers of Your covenant people, regarding the Korea crisis. Bring freedom to North Korea Your way—deliverance from the anguish of tryanny, abuse, trauma and lies inflicted by the North Korean leader upon his own people. Counter the incessant threats against South Korea, Japan and the United States. Protect people and nations. Disempower Pharaoh, and release your people into freedom as only You can do! 

Lord let Your own hand bring freedom Your way. Bring fresh vision and strategies by Your Holy Spirit. Prepare our nation, Lord, for what’s ahead. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Pray for Homeland Security!
Obviously we need to continue praying for Homeland Security, AND THE SUPERNATURAL SECURITY OF OUR HOMELAND. Remember this was a key aspect of our Glory Train-Turnaround Tour as we circled the entire nation by rail last year. 

“Except the Lord watch over the city, the watchmen labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1). Ask the Lord to do what only He can do in thwarting any planned terror strike! Regarding North Korea, the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego seems most vulnerable. 

But we must pray against other potential scenarios too. While seeking the Lord for resolution to the Korea crisis recently, I saw prophetically how North Korea could attempt to smuggle in a nuclear device to the US mainland. Either a dirty bomb or an active bomb of some kind. Potentially through drug cartels etc. We prayed for all attempts to be exposed to authorities and comprehensively stopped. 

I kept clearly hearing “paper trail” from Holy Spirit. We prayed for the “paper trail” to be exposed to the right authorities. Please continue praying on this. 

And above all, please keep praying in the Spirit over today’s events. Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord. No King but Jesus!