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Note: The Resounding Scrolls Project will officially culminate next Monday, the actual 200th day of President Trump’s presidency.

GLORY TRAIN TWO: August 18-October 4. Details coming soon! 

President Trump has now set a course for breakthrough. General John Kelly was sworn in as the new White House Chief of Staff today—on Tisha b’Av! This was a much needed turnaround. Reince Prebius served the office well, but my personal sense is a new leader was now needed to align the White House for future effectiveness. 

Remember my dream in January 2016 of President Trump winning the contract to restore the Department of Homeland Security. Gen. Kelly was immensely successful at restoring both morale and mission while leading the Department of Homeland Security over the past six months. And he will certainly do the same in service to President Trump. Such a wise choice!

The mandate remains the same—to make America great again. That is the mission as we go through the gates this Tisha b’Av. And as of Tisha b’Av, the 100th day of this prayer project, we are seeing genuine breakthrough. TIME TO TAKE THE LAND!

Maybe you’re not impressed yet? Well, how about this. News just broke that, in the first hours of his first day, Gen. Kelly fired Anthony Scaramucci. Last week the newly hired communications director communicated extraordinarily defiling perceptions of fellow colleagues to many media outlets, provoking outrage across the spectrum of government and among many of Trump’s most ardent supporters. His immediate departure sets an absolutely vital precedent to vagabonds throughout the Administration. 

HALLELUJAH! Now that’s what I call genuine turnaround.

Fire Storm!
FIRESTORM was the word Jolene heard from the Lord two weeks ago, just before our DC prayer journey. It was God’s fiery way of calling us to pray into a shift in personnel. Fire storm!

But she didn’t receive the interpretation of her word until our small apostolic team had gathered for prayer. We were on our porch overlooking Washington DC when Lynn Alderson received an extraordinary perception that Heaven’s Court was calling government leaders to account for their actions, and that some would even be removed. I know many, including Dutch Sheets and many others, have carried a similar sense. And many apostolic leaders from other streams have been engaging in similar prayer projects. I love how God is speaking and leading His body in supernatural collaboration!

On Wednesday, July 19 the Lamplighter family prayed corporately the “Turnaround Verdict” focused on Daniel 7:22. And when Lynn saw a writ being issued from Heaven’s Court, it gave us confidence to lean into God’s verdict regarding challenged leadership. It also gave us confidence in His commitment to bring a shift. Because Jesus is faithful to His word. When He judges, or renders a verdict, He also makes war to uphold it and enforce it in the earth (Revelation 19:11).

Maybe sometime in the future we’ll get to delve into the fullness of Lynn’s word. For now, suffice to say it brought both sobriety and focus to our team. And it gave understanding to Jolene’s prophetic perception about a “firestorm.”

And we’re now seeing effective results. I love how God is aligning us all on Tisha b’Av to receive His breakthrough! That said, lets pray for General Kelly to receive the fullness of His wisdom and revelation to bring even greater effectiveness to the Trump Administration. And lets continue to intercede with all diligence for President Trump! 

Covenant blessings to each of you.