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I AM WRITING YOU IN THE AIR somewhere between Brunswick GA and Washington DC. Usually my flight times are reserved for  reading. But instead, tonight I feel prompted by Holy Spirit to write. Some of the prophetic perceptions now before me are challenging, to say the least. 

It’s time to pray. In our very real world, it’s how the forces of good prevail.  

That said, let me share some good stuff first. We are in the final forerunning stages of an unstoppable turnaround from the Lord. In both Washington DC and Georgia we have seen the lid come off! Complete with “resets” of moves of God that were once so strong, with tangible expressions of God’s glory filling the house. We saw this over the past few weeks at Remnant Church in Brunswick, GA with Jamie and Redonnia Jackson and then over the past few days at Whole Word Fellowship and the Gate DC, where Ken Fish and Becca Greenwood were ministering this weekend. In both cases it’s as though the movement just picked right up where it was halted. In both cases, the lid literally came off. Holy fire is falling! And we are simply in awe.

Watch for this to continue in DC and from state to state. Also watch for breakthroughs regarding LIFE, election integrity, redemptive exposure, and more. Again, in this season what the enemy sought to achieve from 2020 til now is being thwarted. It is being reversed. THE LID COMES OFF!

Glory and Conflict
Remember when Holy Spirit filled Jesus in the baptism waters, He was immediately led by the Spirit into the wilderness to conquer the enemy. We are in a similar season of glory and conflict. At the same time holy fire is falling, extremely evil plans are now in play, especially within the globalist arena. Many of these plans are being exposed and thwarted as I write. Many are still play. Lets press in by the Spirit for full breakthrough. Because Holy Spirit knows how to pray even when we don’t. Tongues of fire to conquer the enemy’s unholy fire! 

The time for turnaround has come. And the enemy knows it. Which can make for intense, sometimes volatile storms. It is much like the days of Jesus in the wilderness, when the enemy confronted Him and tested Him to try and thwart the movement that was about to be unleashed. 

In Jesus’ day, fasting, prayer, immersion in the word and obedience to Holy Spirit brought overwhelming victory. And it will in our day too. Which is why the following admonition is so important. LETS TAKE THE NEXT THREE WEEKS TO KEEP WATCH. 

A primary word I heard for this season is “Firefall.” We all know that Pentecost is the time when the glory of God was restored, with holy fire falling upon each person in the upper room. To our amazement we are beginning to see this even today. There’s certainly more to come. The Spirit is brooding over the waters, even the waters of baptism. Holy fire is falling. And the Lord is separating light from darkness!

That said, prophetically I feel that before Pentecost the enemy is going to attempt to send down unholy fire, both spiritual and physical, perhaps even the fire of a nuclear weapon. Western Europe? Israel? America? I know absolutely that Washington DC and the east coast are being targeted. Pray this be completely thwarted!

Idolatry Produces Unholy Fire
There’s another source of unholy fire that we must choose to restrain. It comes through idolatry, especially forms of idolatry that the body of Christ either embraces or conveniently overlooks. But it releases desolation not glory. 

In this season the enemy is looking for willing partners in releasing this holy fire. Compromise will lead to both dysfunction and the lifting of the very glory we hoped to experience. 

For these reasons and more, THIS IS NOT A TIME TO TOLERATE IDOLATRY. Nor should we venerate leaders who embraced idolatry as a core expression of their identities without warning of these shortfalls. Where there’s an aspect of a leader’s legacy that remained unrepentant, we must be honest about it.

For instance, some prayer movements right now are celebrating Harry Truman. Some are even implying God’s covenant will be with them as they honor Truman. Make no mistake, our 33rd president truly did great things. He brought the end of WWII. He stood for the rebirth of Israel. And more.

But our 33rd president was also a 33rd degree Mason, who simply by his highest-level rituals vowed allegiance to Lucifer. Further, as a Shriner he took his masonic vows on the Quran. 

And while Truman stood for Israel at her point of rebirth—which again was great—he also empowered this antichrist expression in God’s covenant land. 

Which was not so great.

Let me be clear. Those who desire intimacy with Jesus must not tolerate the violation of covenant with Him through idolatry. Remember how Satan tempted Jesus. He came as an angel of light. Bow your knee to me, and all this can be yours! 

Thank God Jesus didn’t fall for the false fire. Otherwise there would be no redemption. A wise focus for prayer and action in this season is the prayer of Jesus. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Because the consequences are greater than we know. 

Shalom Over Volatility
As mentioned, we are entering a volatile time in the spirit. As a result, much of what has been generally stable is now shaking. The challenges of the hour may well test your own volatility. Don’t respond with unholy fire! As with Jesus, lets plan ahead to keep our cool. 

The Spirit of God is shalom. And it’s His shalom which conquers chaos. Keep this at heart the next time you want to confront an aggressive driver, the colleague with volatile political opinions, the boss who fails to celebrate your achievements, or the broker who steers you wrong. Hopefully not off the precipice. That said, it’s always wise to invest your treasures in the Kingdom. More on this soon. 

That said, pray. Gain wisdom. Respond wisely instead of reacting wrongly. Forgive. Counter effectively, by Holy Spirit. Reflect the strength of who Jesus is, and the dignity of who you are. RELEASE SHALOM!

To Him Who Overcomes
In the challenges of this season you are gaining new strength and authority. This is coming through the process of OVERCOMING, both in the spiritual realm and the natural realm. 

As chronicled in the Book of Revelation, again and again Jesus’ admonition to the church is “To him who overcomes I will give.” There would be no need to overcome if the challenges faced were not real. 

So lets keep watch!