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Prayer Storm Warriors and Lamplighter Family,

Greetings! It’s hard to believe America’s elections are tomorrow. With all the twists and turns of a bad thriller novel, this spectacle has literally become the “Greatest Show on Earth.” Obviously the stakes are very high. It goes without saying that every nation will be affected by its outcome. So we are grateful for your prayers.

No King but Jesus!

We return to Washington DC today from an incredible weekend in Michigan, the 50th and final state of our 2016 Glory Train-Turnaround Tour! Amazingly, this day of completion—THE DAY BEFORE OUR ELECTIONS—marks exactly 247 days since the Turnaround Tour officially began on March 4. We are so grateful to Pastor Ed Watts for hosting us yesterday, and HAPN leader Anita Christopher for hosting our journey. We literally experienced a last-minute breakthrough by the Spirit of God. TURNAROUND!

The Michigan Turnaround
“Never forget that Donald Trump was mantled for the Presidency by a black pastor from Detroit.” These words came to me as we were leaving for Jerusalem on September 11 after seeing a picture of the presidential candidate draped in a Jewish prayer shawl by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.

Note we believe it’s entirely possible Hillary Clinton was mantled for the presidency as well. I only know what the Lord has emphasized to us through our journey.

That said—would you believe we had the privilege of meeting Bishop Jackson this Saturday, and even addressing his congregation! We are grateful that the Spirit of God brought a significant prophetic confirmation to them as I shared. Justice has been released from God’s throne.

And last night in Flint we received a breakthrough so substantive that most of the room felt the shift. After much prevailing prayer, a genuine turnaround. It was interesting that Donald Trump was speaking in Michigan during this very time. We together were led by God’s Spirit to declare that the mantle imparted from Michigan this September was now activated in Trump’s life.

And today, Lamplighter family, we have the privilege of presenting together to the Lord Jesus Christ the finished work of the Glory Train-Turnaround Tour! Reminding God of His promise that, as we circled the nation in prayer and revival, we not only demonstrated the turnaround He is granting, but we are presenting the Lord Jesus Christ with a wedding ring. America, married to Jesus!

Two Tracks—Pray America Choose Right!
Thought our 50 state Glory Train Tour, we have emphasized that a limited window for national turnaround has opened for us to recover our covenant destiny. We have continually warned that two clear tracks are before us. One track leads to global governance tied to idolatry and unjust bloodshed, bringing our nation and the nations into greater subjugation. The other track leads us into God’s intended turnaround, a securing of our Constitutional freedoms and balance of power, and above all else a restoration of our covenantal destiny in Jesus Christ.

We have emphasized over and over again that the turnaround is not dependent upon our elections, because neither party has the full solutions to truly heal America’s wounds. However the US elections will reflect the choice we are making—either to embrace God’s turnaround or to shun it.

Please pray that we embrace God’s turnaround. Pray that we get fully back on track!

James Goll, Jackson’s Mantle and Trump’s Israel Policy
Here’s something amazing. Bishop Jackson, who we believe mantled Donald Trump for the Presidency, has been tremendously blessed prophetically by the ministry of Prayer Storm founder James W. Goll. Accurate prophetic words from James strongly confirmed direction for Bishop Jackson many years ago. Including an emphasis on honoring Israel.

This is especially significant when you consider Donald Trump’s policy statement regarding Israel, released this Wednesday. Declaring Jerusalem to be Israel’s eternal and indivisible capital. Honoring Israel as a sovereign nation, and repudiating assumptions of rulership by the United Nations and the US.

Follow the sequence. More than a decade ago, James Goll’s path intersected with this bishop from Detroit. Prophetic words encouraged the ministry’s continued direction regarding Israel and the Jewish roots of our faith. In September 2016, this same bishop places a Jewish prayer shawl on Donald Trump and gives him a Jewish Heritage Study Bible. He encourages Trump to favor Israel.

And a week before the election, Donald Trump goes public with the strongest policy statement towards Israel ever offered by a US presidential candidate.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Backtrack—a Turnaround Turnaround?
Some have questioned the legitimacy of God’s “justice turnaround” after FBI Director Comey stated he will not pursue any further charges on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Beloved, lets have faith in the American people. Most correctly conclude that FBI Director Comey would have been completely out of his mind to reintroduce this case to the American public, only 11 days before the election, if no clear evidence of criminal activity actually existed.

While praying this morning, a question crossed my mind as to what occurred. Perhaps Sampson had his hair cut twice? This is pure speculation, but could a deal have been cut to reflect the Justice Department’s mandate that Clinton be absolved? News reports from the Washington Post and other sources clearly convey that FBI Director Comey faced pressure to do so. To absolve Sec. Clinton from the illicit use of a private email server and the crime of allegedly passing classified information through the server. God alone knows the truth.

The Turnaround Verdict
And I saw again yesterday how the carriers and enforcers of His justice were being released. I don’t know what this looks like in the natural. But as shared in a recent vision, the “horses of God’s turnaround” are still racing through our land.

And the Daniel 7:22 turnaround verdict is still absolutely in play. We believe this verdict was key in the election turnaround of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. And we felt then that as we stood for God’s will to be secured in Israel’s elections, He would stand for us in America’s 2016 elections.

I believe we will see God’s intended turnaround. Between now and then, lets follow Daniel’s example and KEEP WATCH! Looking forward to praying with you tonight.

“I kept looking (watching), and that horn was waging war with the saints and overpowering them 22 until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the saints took possession of the kingdom” (Daniel 7:21-22).