Turnaround Tuesday 1pm ET Broadcast with Chris Mitchell, Adam Schindler, Hamills

April 4
, 1PM ET
with Special Guest Jeff Wilson! Along with Chris Mitchell, Adam Schindler, Jon & Jolene
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SPIRIT OF ELIJAH PROJECT through Passover. Ramping up through the final three weeks. Please receive the Table of the Lord every day! 

PASSOVER OFFERING. At the Spirit’s leading, we are inviting you to prepare a special offering during this Passover season. Please consider a generous donation today! To contribute CLICK HERE.

DEAR FRIENDS, FIRST—WE ARE CELEBRATING PASSOVER AND RESURRECTION DAY WITH YOU. Please continue to receive the Table of the Lord daily. Lets all press in for a greater intimacy and revelation of Jesus. And as you do, contend in prayer for your sons and daughters. LET MY CHILDREN GO! 

SECOND—WE ARE EXCITED TO WELCOME AUTHOR JEFF WILSON on today’s broadcast of Turnaround Tuesday. Having served with the Navy Seals, Jeff is now a renown author of special ops thrillers, along with his writing partner Brian Andrews. Their secular success underscores their incredible ability to bring the reader on to the field in special ops warfare. Their latest series unveils a secret. At the core they are strong believers in Christ. And the Shepherd series combines special ops conflict with intense spiritual warfare and high-level prophetic insight to gain victory over dark forces. 

And if that were not enough, in all three of the Shepherd Series books, these dark forces are pictured targeting young adults—PRIMARILY IN NASHVILLE TN. Obviously aspects of the series proved hauntingly prophetic last week, as the lives of three children and three adult staff members were taken during a shooting at a celebrated Christian school. What’s not widely talked about is the absolute miracle that so many other lives were spared. It has since come out that the leader of the school mandated staff training and strategic protocols to mitigate exactly this scenario. This amazing leader, Dr. Katherine Koonce, was among those who lost their lives to protect the children in her care. 

All this to say, as of Passover 2023 we fully know the enemy is at war with this generation. On Tuesday’s broadcast you will gain spiritual insight and immensely practical understanding on how to fight for your sons and daughters, and protect their lives. 

In addition to authoring numerous books, Jeff Wilson is also the leader of the mens ministry at a large church in Tampa FL. You will be greatly enriched. Please share this invitation with friends! 

And covenant blessings to each of you
Jon & Jolene