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Mr. President,

As you approach your State of the Union Address before esteemed colleagues and fellow citizens, I feel the Lord would admonish you to remember who you are.

God created you, and your mother chose you. Despite the pain of betrayal and difficulties ahead, she deemed your laughter more important than her brief season of tears. By embracing an unsettled future, she embraced and established yours.

Mr. President, your life and legacy conveys the incredible potential afforded to all of God’s creation from within the womb. Yet your policies regarding the vast expansion of government-funded abortion have so far contradicted this very witness. Please use your platform, sir, to renew hope for those who are faced with difficult decisions just like your mom.

Modeling fatherhood is perhaps your greatest contribution to American life. Yet in the chronicles of your causes, very little has so far been said or done to break the downward spiral of fatherlessness in America.

Mr. President, your attention has been drawn, perhaps disproportionately, to the claims of 3% of the American population. Meanwhile, more than 40% of your Nation’s children now grow up without a dad. Please consider their pleas. In your time remaining, which priority is most needful of the devotion of your heart and energies? Which cause would brighten the future for more Americans?

I believe you would not dare lay your hand on the Bibles of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, and then deny the disenfranchised from your very legacy. With all due respect I admonish you, sir, to use your platform to call the Nation back to its most urgent need–an enduring legacy of choosing life and godly fathering. That the hearts of the fathers might be turned to the children, and the children to the fathers, and the curse might be removed instead of perpetuated.

With all sincerity,

Jon Hamill