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Author Joel Rosenberg reported yesterday that the head of Iran’s nuclear program was in North Korea for last week’s successful testing of a nuclear weapon.

The atomic bomb tested was 2-3 times more powerful than previously tested weapons, yet small enough to be carried by a ballistic missile.

According to Rosenberg: Now there are new and credible reports that Iran is working closely with North Korea to join develop The Bomb, and that the recent North Korean nuclear weapons test was done in close coordination with Iran, even with Iranian nuclear officials present to observe the test.

“Iran’s leading nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Mahabadi, is believed to have travelled to North Korea to observe its third nuclear test last week, according to western intelligence sources,” reports the Sunday Times of London.

Iran: Open Defiance of Pres. Obama
Iran’s participation in North Korea’s atomic bomb testing is in open defiance of President Obama’s ongoing diplomatic efforts with both nations. The President has made clear to the nation and world he is willing to collaborate for a peaceful resolution. Supporters and critics alike noted how this focus extended even to nominating Sen. Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense–a nomination the Republic of Iran has actually endorsed.

As it stands, the clear collaboration between Iran and North Korea seems to completely contradict recent statements by both the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameni and by Pres. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad that Iran desires nuclear power only for energy, not for atomic bombs.

The clear collaboration between North Korea and Iran to develop nuclear weaponry, and Iran’s clear pursuit of such weapons, mandates an immediate review of policy and strategic planning both for national and international security. As Israeli PM Netanyahu pointed out yesterday, the years of sanctions against North Korea did not prevent the rogue state from developing nuclear weapons. Nor should we expect economic sanctions to in any way deter Iran.

Instead, these sanctions have apparently strengthened their resolve. President Obama has rightly vowed to use every measure necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. With this latest development, time for this might just be running out.

Prayer Points
Pray now for humility and wisdom for President Obama, US and Israeli leaders. Pray for accurate intelligence to both be received and presented to decision-makers.

Pray for Throne Room strategies regarding the nuclear threat of North Korea, Iran, and their alliance to be released. The armies of Israel were held at bay by Goliath, but a “special ops” guy named David took down the giant with just a stone. Pray for God to release His Davids, and to release His stones!

Pray for President Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel in mid-March, where he meets with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

Also, pray also for our leaders to clearly perceive any societal “gates of sabotage” that remain open to the enemy. As both biblical example and national history testify, the endorsement of sin–personally and governmentally–is clearly a homeland security issue. One of the greatest “gates of sabotage” the Lord is emphasizing is our perpetuation of abortion. “Since you do not hate (unjust) bloodshed, therefore bloodshed will pursue you” (Ezekiel 35:6).

Intercessors, vigilance is mandated. Please do not invalidate a burden when you sense it–instead, by the Holy Spirit pray through! Time for us to weep between the porch and the altar, seeking God to spare His people. As our friend Bill Brubaker commented on last week’s conference call, we do not want to see this New Birth of Freedom aborted.