FB LIVE SUNDAY! REBUILDING AMERICA. Join Jamie Jackson and Lynnie Harlow as we explore what it’s going to take to restore our nation in this new season. 

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JUST BEFORE 9-11 DONALD TRUMP appeared in Jamie Jackson’s dream. What was conveyed was both sobering and exciting. And it was all about rebuilding America.

Join Jolene and me this Sunday with special guests Jamie Jackson and Lynnie Harlow for a prophetic release that will bring you great clarity and ignite your intercession. For the first time on video, we will also be sharing key revelation on Trump, the elections, and this new season of rebuilding.

And let me leave you with one key. The most important restoration is to unite America again under the shelter of God’s protection. It’s not first about President Trump or Joe Biden or the political intrigue of the elections. No king but Jesus! It’s actually first about God’s covenant reset and about you and me.

And we have a great adventure ahead. KEEP WATCH! And we’ll see you Sunday.