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Aren’t you excited to live during these times? I am. Prophets and followers of Jesus have long yearned to peer into the season we have just entered into. 

Which brings us to our next prayer project. After Sunday’s broadcast we are taking a weeklong break, then launching with you into a new 22 day time of breakthrough. Beginning December 31, THE REVELATION ROAD will propel us forward through Georgia’s runoff elections, Inauguration Day and beyond. As preparation I want to suggest that you read the gospel accounts of Christ’s birth, Luke’s insights especially, as well as the opening chapters of the Book of Revelation. Looking forward to taking this journey with you!

Life by God’s leading is often full of unexpected twists and turns. For instance, after writing and launching our book White House Watchmen I had no grid for temporarily relocating to Georgia during the US election. I mean, the book opens with a year-old  prophetic warning regarding the extraordinary significance of the 2020 elections and its impact on generations to come. Read our introduction and you’ll see how the Lord showed me prophetically the turmoil to come. That said, I literally struggled with depression in the month leading up to the elections, yearning to continue engaging from DC. But the replacement of our condo elevator over three entire months made a temporary relocation mandatory. 

To Georgia, by leading of Holy Spirit. 

And I also had absolutely no grid for the prospect that after the election, the future of our nation was going to be entrusted into Georgia’s hands. Yet here we are. Contending in the new epicenter at least until the runoff elections after perhaps the most extraordinary Revolution gathering we’ve ever experienced. Turnaround from the Reconstitution State. Glad we’re on this road together!

But pulling away even temporarily from Washington DC also brought on some deep soul searching. As Jolene and I are appointed by the Lord as witnesses of His covenant with our nation, even the twists and turns of life often become messages from Heaven themselves. Therefore I took much time before the Lord to unattach from any unholy ties with the Trump Administration that would sway my perceptions. I declined major invitations to major ministry platforms, both online and onsite. Our travel was limited to what the Lord specifically mandated—Oklahoma for HAPN, DC for RPN and the actual elections, Plymouth MA for the Mayflower Compact Renewal. 

Not that I don’t love President Trump and the administration. Of course I do. It is for this very reason I felt to pull away in Georgia and recalibrate, so as to make sure my prophetic perceptions were truly aligned with God’s heart and Throne. Seeking God’s face afresh to understand the times without bias or prejudice—before, during and after the election—and placing His priorities first.

And to the best of our abilities, with as little flash or hype or sensationalizing as possible, Jolene and I have shared real-time revelation with you from the Lord. Ruling from the precipice. Do not yield your seat. Play the Trump card and extract the Joker. Shock and Awe. The Breaker breaks open. Approach the Bench. And many other key words and directives that, when prayed into together, in some way have helped define the season.

What’s been missing in my perspective, and maybe in many of your perspectives, is comprehensive clarity. For me this clarity came perpetually through the voting year 2016. As chronicled in White House Watchmen, again and again dreams or visions of President Trump  directed us forward. For whatever reason—perhaps God’s restraint, perhaps my own foibles—direction through proleptic experiences featuring President Trump simply have been scarce.

Which is why a dream early this morning really caught my attention. Here’s how I noted it on my iPhone. 

Jolene and I are dining at a restaurant at what seems to be a mountain resort. Somewhat like a castle. It has a spectacular view but due to the late hour the gates of the castle had just shut, preventing a view of the lake below and Washington DC beyond, further down the mountain. 

I decided to step away from the table and look around anyway. Through a small opening I saw President Trump walking up a huge hill from the lake with First Lady Melania. Instead of trademark blue suit, President Trump was wearing what looked like a grey-tan tweed suit. I looked around for my phone to get a picture but did not is even it with me. In the dream the phone was aqua blue, not burgundy. I watched as President Trump came to the final part of the hill, the steepest, where gratefully there was a set of steps with railings to ascend. He and Melania headed into the resort. No secret service were visible, and it was clear this was very private and very secure.

Then I turned and walked through a narrow gap in the wall the other way, which led to other parts of the resort. At the very top there was a pool where a large Hispanic family was partying. I went down another path and found a larger pool surrounded by a spacious, open, well appointed courtyard/patio area with many staffers gathered. The back wall had Romanesque arches and pillars. Breaking reports were just coming in, and those gathered started cheering and applauding wildly. It was clear that among them were Trump’s campaign staff. 

In the dream I returned to the dining area, described all I saw to Jolene, and then woke up. 

Brief Interpretation
The briefest of interpretations of this dream is simply this. IT’S NOT OVER. There are unexpected victories still to come. 

In the dream President Trump was dressed elegantly, but much more humbly. He was ascending a series of large hills, representing overcoming obstacles. The resort itself was a refuge or a retreat, but it provided a higher vantage point of Washington DC than anything he was used to. 

Does this dream point to an election turnaround for Trump? I don’t know definitively. Best to let you, the reader, interact with the Lord and come to your own conclusion. But I can say there are more breakthrough revelations ahead which will be seen as victories for the Trump team. In actuality they will be victories for the American people—for freedom. 

The 2020 Presidential election may look like it’s over, but it’s actually not yet over.