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WATCH—SECURING THE ALTAR OF COVENANT! Glory Train St. Paul. Chris Mitchell takes the lead! Historic night includes prophetic action and impartation. WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.

WATCH—SECURING AMERICA’S INHERITANCE! Glory Train St Louis. Pursue, overtake, recover all! Learn how covenant with God unlocks both glory and inheritance. Receive a fresh impartation to possess your inheritance! WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.

WATCH—SECURING AMERICA’S COVENANT! Glory Train OKC. Breakthrough service with Apostle John Benefiel at the legendary Church on the Rock. Must-see! WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.

FIRST—THANK YOU FOR KEEPING WATCH over Washington DC and the nation. Based on a dream we shared Friday, I really feel like America’s enemies are seeking opportunities to strike with terror in the night. Stand guard! (SOS 3:8). We need to remain extra vigilant in prayer at this time. 

SECOND—there’s still time if you would like to sow towards the Glory Train movement. I felt to invite the Lamplighter family to give of your first fruits at this time. We extended the opportunity a week simply because tonight marks the time when we as a family can connect, rehearse God’s extraordinary work, and present our offerings to Him together on the altar. 

Pentecost Tour—From Threshing Floor to Covenant Altar
On our Glory Train journey the Lord began to move in ways that conveyed the windows of opportunity He is opening in real-time for the body of Christ. Many of these expressions were seeded into you and I, many were dreamed of and contended for, throughout the previous year. 

For instance—I can truly say that, as of Pentecost 2021, the threshing floor has now become an altar of encounter for our nation. It has taken a year—a really long year—for what we were aiming to receive from the Lord to come to pass. The moment has now arrived! Lets thank God that His covenant with our land remains valid before Heaven’s Court. His hand, His heart, and His countenance have now been restored to His remnant bride. It is turnaround time!

To a great measure, the Glory Train has been sent by the Lord to bear witness to this shift. Remember the 2021 Glory Train is called the Inheritance Tour. Pursue, overtake, and recover all! Like David, lets receive the prophetic word on windows of opportunity that the Lord is opening. Lets seize them! And like David, lets also resolve not to give the Lord that which cost us nothing. Instead, by celebrating His goodness with generosity of heart and spirit, the windows now opening can now forge generational pathways of blessing. 

So if you haven’t yet presented your gift upon the altar of the Lord this Shavuot, please make this act of worship a priority.

Glory Train—Chronology and Highlights
Here’s a brief rundown of the journey, related to these themes. May you, your family and your nation receive fully from the breakthroughs. Lets start with Passover 2020…

Passover 2020—Like David in Jerusalem, we sought the Lord like at the threshing floor of our capitol city on a nationwide call, seeing the potential for covid to either ravage our cities or come to naught. Repentance and prayer flowed. Prophetic words flowed. Like David, we sowed into the establishment of a generational altar of encounter, where mercy prevailed over judgement.

A measure of mitigation of the coronavirus came. But honestly it was nowhere near what we sought to receive from the Lord. 

And further, that very evening riots and violence enveloped the area around the White House and across our nation. We prayed for holy fire from God. But the fire of anger seemed to prevail. A guard house on the White House grounds was burned to the ground. Two cars were burned. The area surrounding the White House was decimated. Even the Lincoln Memorial was defaced. 

In my opinion a righteous justice movement was largely overtaken by a pursuit for political overthrow. One thing is clear now historically. Both Covid and BLM/Antifa soon raged over our cities as a two-pronged wedge to divide, traumatize our nation, and force change.

Covenant Renewal—November 11, 2020. A week after the 2020 elections, the Lord summoned a few leaders to Plymouth MA for the 400th anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact. Chris Mitchell, Jolene and I were honored to attend, along with Michele Bachmann, Kevin Jessip, Willie Jock, Jodi Wood, and others. We sought the Lord again through many tears. More repentance flowed. Worship by Jamie Fitt and a team from the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David connected Heaven and earth. 

And towards midnight on November 10, I was asked to write a covenant renewal for today based on the substance of the Mayflower Compact. I wrote it through the early hours of November 11, the very date my forefathers signed the compact and waded ashore 400 years before. Thanks to a live video program, and Steve Strang and Charisma News, this compact was soon broadcast to the nation. 

In the midst of the pain and tumult and confusion, covenant with God was renewed for our nation. It will prevail. As prophesied, we are now moving from Isaiah 53 to Isaiah 54 as a nation. It’s turnaround time!

Passover Alaska—launching the Glory Train on Passover! A freedom movement literally broke forth. Together we governmentally released Isaiah 54, declaring the restoration of God’s hand to His covenant people. As confirmation, a rainbow over the US Capitol met us the first moments we were home. We are celebrating again our collaboration with the amazing Candy Sunderland and team, Robert and Eleanor Roehl, as well as our new Isaiah 54 forerunner friends!

Pentecost Tour—journeying across the center of the nation, seeing covenant with God released and historic breaches healed.

Houston—the Isaiah 54 turnaround! Launching the Glory Train continental US tour from Launch Houston was the honor of a lifetime! Isaiah 54 again governmentally released. we saw the face of God turn again to His covenant people. It was an extraordinary moment!

Abilene—Baptisms, wholeness and inheritance. Profound experiences in Jesus are really the norm at the Gold Monarch Healing Center. We began this portion out of rest and relating. Thank you David and Amy Black and team for hosting us so well! 

A spontaneous prophetic action, with the whole room moving in a figure eight, became the symbol of the entire Pentecost Tour, and maybe for the Glory Train journey itself. Then three hours turned into ten as an extended baptism service in “fire-water” brought a spontaneous expression of cleansing encounters with God, where we were released into wholeness and into covenantal inheritance. Pursue, overtake, recover all!

Dallas—“You are laying new tracks for America!”A brief stopover brought together an incredible meeting with Chuck Pierce and some of his team, adding such clarity to our journey. Chuck prophesied that we are not just releasing the nation to “get back on track,” we are laying new tracks for America! As a result I began to see this movement in a whole new way. 

Oklahoma City—Covenant released from altar of national healing! The Lord told us to travel through Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri during the three days of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot specifically. From the historic altar of national healing at Church on the Rock, we saw covenant renewal with the Lord Jesus Christ as a nation released and sealed. And the Glory Train was officially commissioned! So powerful! Hope you watched the video. Apostle John Benefiel’s prayer extended to us personally as well, impacting us far beyond any expectations. By the Spirit of God Apostle John commissioned us into a new phase of apostolic ministry. We’ve never been the same since.

Kansas City—Covenant sealed with holy fire. The covenant released in Oklahoma City was sealed with fire in Kansas City! The Lord showed us a prophetic action with two burning lamps moving in a figure eight around two covenantal plumb lines representing America’s covenant with God. Everyone in the room then made their way through in a figure eight movement. The prophetic action literally hosted God’s glory as it became a miniature expression of our overarching journey itself. 

Thank you Becky Jackmann, Kelsey Bohlender, Dale and Anita Hensley for hosting us with flair and especially for the opportunity to pioneer new ground together. 

Kansas City is where we first began our journey by train. Amazingly, the night before, a special dinner culminated with a rainbow over train tracks… with a train rolling by! Can’t make the stuff up. 

St Louis, MO—Covenant unlocks America’s inheritance! The covenant released in Oklahoma City, sealed with fire in Kansas City, became the gateway for an incredible commissioning and release to possess our inheritance personally and as a nation. We are so grateful for Kingsley and Glenda Walker and the amazing family at LifeGate. The flow of Holy Spirit was so tangible from the moment we began worship, and the impartation very powerful!

Needless to say the ministry time lasted a little longer than we expected. Which meant we had exactly 3.5 hours rest before the next part of our tour. Driving to the station to catch a train at 4:35am, beginning an 18 hour journey from St Louis MO to St Paul MN.

St. Paul MN—Pentecost Weekend 2021—full circle breakthrough! I’m pretty sure Chris, Jolene and I can tell you the very moment we shifted governmentally from the threshing of the threshing floor to a generational altar of encounter for our nation. We are beyond grateful for David and Julie Carlson, Lori Perz, Mary Wheelock and the Josiah Center team, along with Karen Krueger and the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network, for the endless prayers beforehand and seamless, often hilarious collaboration which ushered us all into a full circle breakthrough. 

Over Pentecost 2021 Chris Mitchell gave one of the most important prophetic messages of the entire tour. Then the Lord moved powerfully to repair significant breaches in a way only He could have orchestrated. It was so holy. We will discuss it much more tonight. But just like David at the threshing floor in his day, we experienced the shift together by Holy Spirit, regarding covid and racism and also much more. 

Above all a covenant altar was built, and was met with holy fire on the threshing floor from which our nation shook. A new season has broken forth. Let the glorious Name of Jesus have all the praise! 

Glory Train—What’s Next?
This is a good time to mention what’s ahead for the Glory Train. Details are still being worked out. But this train is on the move, ever bound for glory!

June 16-26—Suncoast Rising Tour—Clearwater, Sarasota, Ft. Myers FL. 

July 22—Aug. 8 Ancient of Days Tour, beginning July 21-22 in Alaska then through Washington State, Oregon and California. Yes we are returning to Alaska, the “Ancient of Days State,” for 7-22!