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9PM ET. TRUMP & COVID—FB LIVE SUNDAY EVENING! With Chris Mitchell, Jamie Jackson, hosts Jon and Jolene. Many of the warnings and insights in White House Watchmen are playing out. We can counter the enemy’s plans through prayer! PLEASE invite your friends to join us. 

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SEAT THE RULER AND SET THE WATCH! FB VIDEO covering historic nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. And as we moved into the final portion the word of the Lord came in power. Receive His commissioning! To watch CLICK LINK:

FIRST—LARA TRUMP has just called a White House prayer meeting via Facebook Live to pray for President Trump’s speedy recovery. 5pm today! Please join, details are above. 

FOLLOWING UP, JOLENE AND I will hosting our weekly White House Watchmen broadcast at 9pm tonight, also focused on President Trump and the covid crisis. Most likely we will be delving into issues prophetically beyond what they in their discretion are able to address. Please plan to join both! 

SHALOM IS CONQUERING the chaos hovering over Washington DC. Bipartisan expressions of compassion have largely drowned out vitriol. Signs of the President’s improved health from the covid crisis have brought encouragement. But the battle is still raging. 

Renewed fear no more evident than in the darting eyes of masked pedestrians. Everything is analyzed for emerging threats. Even coffee carriers remain protected, lifting their veils for a sip of pumpkin spiced lattes only after passers-by have passed.  

The accumulated chatter hovering over the street side dining tables is intensely focused on President Trump. Questions abound. Will he make it through? Can he lead effectively through his recovery? What effect will this have on the elections? And how could the coronavirus spread so rapidly through the White House at this time, especially when all statistics indicate it is receding? 

Is there a resurgence?

The event that seemed to spread the virus so widely was the nomination of Supreme Court contender Amy Coney Barrett. Of course, the spread was accidental, right? Merely carelessness. Masks should have been worn. 

Yet given the extraordinary timing… could it have been intentional?

From the opening pages of White House Watchmen to the final chapter, Jolene and I have explored many of these questions from a prophetic perspective. We address China’s role, the “conflict of crowns,” and what Jesus is doing in the midst of the crisis. We share how to partner with the Lord to secure our perimeter. And it’s actually in this chapter where we share warnings of a weaponized coronavirus as a tool for potential assassination. 

That said, tonight we and guests Jamie Jackson and Chris Mitchell will pray with you and share imperative insights for this hour. So join us tonight. We will have a special time of prayer on the conference call, 15 minutes before the Facebook Live broadcast and then immediately following it. Covenant blessings to each of you.