FB LIVE—SUNDAY EVE 9PM ET—COMPLETE THE TURNAROUND! With insights and national communion by Briskilla Zananiri. Don’t miss the final FB Live before the election as part of the White House Watchmen series! Invite your friends to join us!

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REPLAY—UNSEALING THE SCROLLS OF DESTINY! Shared last Wednesday, it’s one of our most timely and revelatory calls to date. Will be a springboard for tonight’s FB Live broadcast. 

ELECTION DAY—NOON ET—ONE VOICE PRAYER MOVEMENT! Many heavy hitters joining for exceptional final broadcast. To watch click link: 


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FIRST—WASHINGTON DC IS BOARDED UP! In what looks like preparation for a massive hurricane, workmen are working overtime hammering plywood coverings over buildings around the White House, Federal Triangle and Capitol. The tense atmosphere says it all. Especially if President Trump is re-elected by the American voter, a deluge of riots are anticipated. Lets mitigate this in prayer!

SPEAKING OF WHICH… PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SECRET SERVICE! They are the “intercessors” on the frontlines, absorbing many assaults while keeping the line of protection impenetrable. Please pray for them. Pray much in the Spirit. Repel the onslaughts at the gates!

Lets keep vigil for at least the next week. And together lets again see the assaults planned against Washington DC, and cities nationwide, mitigated and abated. America will not be held hostage. No King but Jesus!

That said, join us tonight for a very important Facebook Live broadcast and call—our last before the elections! 

Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene