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WHAT’S THE TRUE WORD FOR 2021? As mentioned before, prophetically 2021 does not really even begin until we get through the inauguration. As we approach January 20, very little has been settled. Election results remain tainted by clear evidence of unprecedented deception. Meanwhile threats of continued violence have brought Washington DC into military lockdown, with security levels exceeding the Green Zone in Baghdad. The atmosphere is extremely tense. 

Misinformation and disinformation have been broadcast everywhere, even among communities of intercessors and prophets. Amidst the chaos, how do we process? And what is the true word of the Lord? 

Jolene, myself, Jamie and Redonnia Jackson will tackle these subjects and more on our FB Live tonight, live from Washington DC. Join us. You don’t want to miss! 

Deception—Expose and Leave Behind
One prophetic insight I am confident to proclaim from the rooftops comes from Jamie Jackson. And actually, Jolene and me too. Though we did not confer on these words, on New Years Eve we all began to prophesy similar words about the midnight hour we are entering into as a nation. I saw the “midnight train to Georgia” coming down the tracks, and prophesied how the Lord will be making himself known in Georgia in the watches of the night. Jamie then prophesied about a season of “Midnight Wrestling” for 2021 as a Jacob Nation struggles to become Israel. We all saw how the Lord desired to take Jacob, whose name means “Deceiver,” and transform him into “Israel,” a nation in covenant with God. 

But to do so requires a midnight wrestling to gain the legitimacy from Him where our old identity, tied to deception, is left behind. Jacob did not get a free pass and neither will we—even concerning election deception. 

Jacob becomes Israel. Those familiar with “White House Watchmen” might recognize this prophetic theme because it is highlighted throughout the book. And it represents our greatest potential for this season. Jamie and I both prophesied into this during the New Years Eve service. Tonight we visit this potential again.

Jamie’s word is below. I encourage you to forward this to all your friends… quickly!

This New Years Eve, the weight of the Lord’s words resounded in my spirit and how He was addressing the nation as well as myself personally. Our friends Jon and Jolene were with us for the service, and we prophesied together about the Lord entering us into a season of wrestling with Him just as Jacob wrestled through the night to gain his destiny as Israel. Seeing how the Lord purposefully knitted our hearts together since 2014, it is not surprising that we would receive similar words.

As I waited days out for 2021 to get here I became a little antsy with what the Lord was saying for 2021. With all that had gone on in 2020 in our world and the current temperature of our nation I was almost relieved that I hadn’t gotten a direct word from the Lord.  In the days leading up to our Remnant New Year’s Eve gathering, I remembered the Crystal Crown encounter I had prior to the crossing over from 2019 to 2020. It made me question whether I was truly ready for another word for the upcoming year. 

As we gathered and began to bring in the New Year through worship the Lord began to show up and speak to me.  At first, I relented against hearing this from Him, knowing that I would be held accountable for the release of what He was saying.  In a sense I was wrestling with the Lord on whether I wanted to have ears to hear His word on wrestling! Little did I know, this correlated directly with what Jon and Jolene also felt the Lord was declaring r our great nation for the year 2021. The word of the Lord to me that night was very clear:


As I reference back to the story of Jacob, a few things come to mind. Remember, the blessing from Isaac was rightfully Esau’s.  Esau was the first born and the blessing from his father Isaac was un-mistakenly his.  Yet as a result of jealousy from Jacob’s mother Rebekah, Jacob was put into a position to take what was not rightfully his. So in this moment you have two spiritual battles going on…

First, the spiritual atmosphere of jealousy.
Second, the spiritual atmosphere of theft by deception. 

This seems to be highlighted in the spiritual atmosphere over America today. Jealousy—To feel resentment against someone or something because of rivalry, success or advantages. Theft—the act of stealing. The wrongful taking away of something personal. Deception – the act of deceiving, fraud, breach of confidence, to profit or gain an unfair or dishonest advantage.

So here we have Jacob wrestling with God before things are set in motion for the blessing and for him to be the conduit through which the nation of Israel is birthed. 

We find a nation today wrestling within themselves on what narrative is true or false.  I believe America is at a crossroads of her identity and how we move forward.  Many who call themselves Americans are feeling resentment towards the opposite side that comes against what they believe is truth. Some feel that their freedoms and civil liberties are being taken from them with no resolution in sight.  Yet others, believe they have been deceived by those they trusted the most.  Whatever place you might find yourself in, the truth is the wrestling has begun.  

Jacob now finds himself years later at a place of transition. Jacob is about to meet his brother Esau and he is very uncomfortable with the possible outcome. Will the contention always be there or will there be a resolution. We all know the story, Jacob finds himself wrestling with God.  Jon mentioned this on New Years Eve. What stands out to me in this whole exchange is the question God asks him. “What is your name?”

For the first time Jacob has the opportunity to be truthful with himself and take ownership of who he is. He came face to face with an aspect of his nature that literally disqualified him from his destiny. 

Lesson: We must first take ownership of our true nature before we can be transformed by the Lord and qualified for our destiny!

Before Jacob could become Israel he had to take ownership of who he was, so that he would be named for who we was about to become. I believe America is standing in the same place with God. Again, the Lord spoke to me saying…I HAVE COME WRESTLE WITH AMERICA.

It’s time for us to own up to how we have operated, what we have believed, and what we have settled for as it pertains to “Freedom”!!  Bondage will look like freedom if you stand there long enough. You begin to learn to maneuver within the limitation of your environment, even if it is deception.  

The Lord is asking us today.  “America, what is your name? Are you ready to birth generations to come that will define what you have chosen?  Are you America ready for a “Freedom Movement” that is actually moving in FREEDOM?”

My last thought on the Wrestling
A few nights ago I had a dream, where I was moving from one place to another trying to accomplish many tasks. I was trying to fix this, change that, put things in order and bring some form of unity to everything around me. It seemed like nothing was being accomplished. There was no “finished stamp” on anything. The Lord then moved in and began to speak to me. He simply said STOP what you are doing. I said Lord, I can’t stop I must continue, I must finish and complete all tasks before me. Again, the Lord said STOP. Throughout the night I wrestled with the Lord.  He’s saying STOP and I’m saying GO!!  

Then I had what one would call a “come to Jesus moment”. This is when His presence brings your will into subjection. Meaning, when Jesus is in the room everything changes bringing perfect unity, alinement, and will into His plan simply saying:

I’VE GOT THIS…NOW LET IT GO!!!  Stop trying to contend, challenge and change what has been set into place.  

America…God is wrestling with you to come into conformity with His design. I know who you truly are, and it’s now time for you to know who you truly are. America, it’s time to return to the TENT OF MEETINGS!! 

Then I heard this Beatles song playing in the background. “Come Together Right Now Over Me…”
He says, I know you and you know me
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
Come together, right now over me 

It’s always been about HIM. America, it’s time to come together over HIM!