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“I SEE YOU HOLDING OUT THE BURNING LAMP. And you are going to go from city to city. And instead of saying the British are coming, the British are coming, you are going to say THE LORD IS COMING!”

Hard to believe. But it’s been 22 years now since Cindy Jacobs prophesied this word to me about being a “spiritual Paul Revere.” We’ve been faithful to the word, even to this point as Jolene and I find ourselves preparing for another midnight ride. In only nine days, the Glory Train Pentecost Tour will begin its slow, steady journey from south to north across the heartland of the nation. 

If it’s been 22 years since receiving the word, it’s been about 19 since I began to understand it. Misty Edwards was leading a devotional one afternoon at the International House of Prayer. I opened my Bible randomly and glanced down to read. My eyes fell on Matthew 25. “But at midnight, there was a cry. Behold the Bridegroom is coming. Rise up to meet him!”

Revelation began to flow. Before there was ever a midnight cry from Paul Revere, Jesus painted a picture of an end time movement released at midnight that awakens the Bride, causes holy fire to be kindled, and even prepares the way for His return. 

And at that moment, I “knew” Matthew 25 defined my calling. And I began to see how the Lord was raising up a movement of spiritual revolutionaries with this same mandate. Prepare the way of the Lord! 

As you might guess, there’s a reason I’m sharing this word with you now. The Lord spoke to us to begin the prayer vigil towards Pentecost on 4-18, the anniversary of Revere’s ride. I was amazed how many others in the body of Christ, from Lou Engle to Mike Bickle and others, also saw by the Spirit the importance of this date—and even referenced the revolutionary figure whose ride launched a revolution for freedom.

And in prayer this past Thursday, the Lord spoke to me very clearly. That as of this 4-18, we are crossing the midnight threshold.

What does this mean? Remember in 2017 the Lord showed us that by 2020 we would experience a series of what He called “midnight crises.” And that how we confronted these crises and overcame them would even become a prototype for believers living in the very end of days. Matthew 25, the parable of the wise and foolish virigins, would be our guide. 

Where are we now? It’s obvious we are still in a midnight hour, nationally and globally. But our intercession before before Heaven’s Court has been met with His verdict. The hosts of the Lord are being dispatched to intervene. 

We are crossing the midnight threshold. In other words, we are now stepping into the opening moments of the Lord’s “midnight turnaround.” 

What’s ahead? Awakening. Holy fire. The move of the Spirit. Vast numbers of people redeemed. The governmental glory of God restored. Please understand great challenges will remain. But we are pre-ordained to overcome. PURSUE, OVERTAKE, AND RECOVER ALL! 

Final point. Revere kept watch through the midnight hour, until the signal was released from the upper room conveying a prophetic warning. The British were coming by way of the sea. It was now time to engage for our freedom. 

I want to say prophetically, as of Pentecost, this signal will have been released.

Lets keep watch. Lets engage. As a VERY wise man once said, NO KING BUT JESUS…

From Houston Texas to St. Paul Minnesota
With Jon & Jolene, Chris Mitchell Jr.

Note: schedule subject to change. Updates will be posted on our website.

May 7-9 Launch Houston, Houston TX, http://launchhouston.org

May 10-13 Gold Monarch, Abilene TX, http://goldmonarchhealingcenter.com

May 16 Sunday morning, Church on the Rock Oklahoma City, https:cotr.us 

May 18 Kansas City MO. Details TBA. 

May 19 LifeGate St Louis MO, https://lifegatestl.com

May 21-23 Josiah CenterSt Paul MN, https://josiahcenter.org