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Last fall as I was praying over this time period, the Lord opened up key revelation regarding these next few years. I knew by the Spirit that a window of opportunity would open this year to shift us into LIFE. L’Chaim! 

But the primary emphasis of the Lord—over and over again—was “the Midnight Cry.” I started writing a posting on Reformation Day, October 31. Less than a month later an entire book had been birthed. 

Midnight Cry—Burning Lamp Awakening
It’s time for a midnight cry—authentically—which catalyzes a midnight turnaround, and releases an awakening of God’s covenant people like nothing we have ever seen. Our lamps will ignite. Our passion will be rekindled. And when the voice of the forerunner resounds, there will be no reluctance or hesitation. We will run to meet the Bridegroom! 

The Lord also emphasized the importance of preparation in order to go through the gates He is opening. In Matthew 25, a midnight cry awakened the bridal party to rise up. They all lit their lamps and went out to meet Jesus. But only half actually made it to the wedding! The “foolish virgins” were seeking a midnight gas station instead of their midnight betrothal. When the latecomers finally arrived, they found the door had already been shut!

Lesson to learn: we must prepare now for what the Lord has prepared for us. Get oil now! And the primary way to do so is by abiding in intimate relationship with Jesus—and receiving and acting on the “real-time” revelation He gives us. 

Easier said than done, I know. But it’s worth every sacrifice.

America’s Midnight Cry
Today, on the even of July 4, I want to briefly touch on another aspect of the Midnight Cry. Just to remind us all that this nation was not founded upon the cornerstone of strife, greed, or the intoxicating coercion of a political spirit. We were born out of covenant with Jesus Christ—with the Pilgrims, the Huguenots, and so many other communities of faith, preparing the way for the patriots and awakeners and revolutionaries which soon redefined our world as we know it. 

America’s Midnight Cry came in Boston on April 18, 1775. That’s when Paul Revere perceived signals from the upper room of the Old North Church and rode through the night from the Charlestown area to Lexington—to awaken the colonial militia. I want to say this is a primary goal of the Midnight Cry in this hour as well. An army is being awakened. We are being summoned to advance and engage, to perpetuate freedom in this hour! More on this in a moment.

And the forerunners are now riding, with a message that awakens us and prepares us for what’s ahead.

Revere rode, and a freedom nation was born. History was literally redefined in a way that impacted not just America, but the entire world. I wonder… What will happen when you ride?

No King but Jesus
Revere blazed a trail through the night to Lexington, MA, a village  some 13 miles northwest west of Boston. Lexington pastor Jonas Clarke hosted two leaders of this movement on that fateful day. John Hancock and John Adams. According to accounts, a British envoy was dispatched to negotiate with them for the battle to be abated and the colonies restored to British rule. History failed to record which of the three articulated the reply: “Sir, we will have no Sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus!”

No King but Jesus. This is the faith of our fathers, Pilgrims and slaves and warriors and dreamers who endured extraordinary hardship to forge a new way forward for us all. Their relentless courage has secured our freedom to this day. WE DARE NOT TAKE THIS GIFT FOR GRANTED.

Faith of our Fathers
Were the most renown leaders all Christians? Most of them were. Equally importantly, from our founding America’s culture was inherently rooted in a Judeo-Christian worldview. From the Pilgrims on, most immigrants came to these shores with the express intent to live out their faith in freedom. Europe had largely succumbed to an expression of dictatorship empowered by demonic forces, subjugating their citizens to work and live according to their dictates of respective kings. That all changed with the Pilgrims and revolutionaries who forged our new nation—intentionally as a beach-head against this expression of antichrist dictatorship. NO KING BUT JESUS! 

That said, the precepts of the Bible and the move of God’s Spirit in two Great Awakenings forged the spiritual, cultural and educational foundation of the land which would soon become the greatest beacon of freedom the world had ever known. Our fathers fought a Revolution to secure our freedom, and engaged in a Civil War to complete the securing of liberty and justice for all. We fought two World Wars to stem the tide of antichrist dictatorship sweeping the Western world, ultimately seeking the annihilation of God’s covenant people.

Don’t for a moment believe that freedom is secure in this season. We are engaged in a similar war right now against antichrist dictatorship, the magnitude of which has yet to be fully perceived. Over the previous decade we have seen an all-out, deliberate assault on our Judeo-Christian foundations, the covenantal foundations upon which our nation was built. This includes our freedom to worship—not just by singing a song on Sunday morning, but by living out our Christ-inspired convictions in society. 

That said… Remove our covenant with God, and you remove the very source of the greatness we have been granted. 

I for one am beyond grateful that in the midst of this assault, the Lord chose to grant us a restoration of covenant with Him. “Sevening” our nation once again to the Lord, divorced from Baal, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This covenant restoration provided the legal foundation for the unprecedented governmental turnaround we are now experiencing to the fullest extent at this very moment. 

Including the quest for LIFE. 

Midnight Cry for LIFE
Just as Paul Revere released a Midnight Cry for freedom, we are similarly engaged in this hour in a Midnight Cry for LIFE. Even in the Declaration of Independence, our founders equated life and liberty as rights granted from our Creator. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Is a baby created when he or she is born? By no means. A baby is created at conception. And from conception, LIFE is conferred by our Creator as an unalienable right. Just as with freedom or liberty, and the right to pursue happiness according to the grace afforded by the two previous gifts. 

Life is conferred by our Creator. Friends, this declaration marks the beginning of the very document upon which our nation was founded 242 years ago! That’s the faith of our fathers in action. And that must be our resolve again today. 

The Door Opens—Word by Jolene
And now an unprecedented door has opened to realign with our covenantal foundations—our revolutionary foundations.

On April 6, Jolene received an amazing dream from the Lord conveying the opening of this. For various reasons we kept it private until now, sharing only with a few leaders and friends. Note that her dream came almost two months before Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. Keep in mind that there is a basketball court on a floor above the courtroom of the Supreme Court. From Jolene:

Here is a simple dream I had last night. I am on a basketball court making free throws from the top of the “key.” The interpretation Jesus gave was this. The referee—God—has cried “foul” to the courts! We have an opportunity to score two “free throw” points at this time. 

I played basketball in high school, and our coach made us practice free throws for hours. He always maintained that in the games, we should make the shot every time we had the chance because they are “a given.”  No resistance. An automatic score for our side. 

The shots are thrown from the top of what is known on the court as the “key.” We need to declare from the position above the key of David… Isaiah 22:22 that two judges are being replaced at this time. It is a GIVEN. 

Shots Heard ‘Round the World
Jon here. One of the things that really struck me about Jolene’s dream is that she saw how the Lord cried “FOUL” to the Court. I am reminded of the word the Lord gave me a few weeks ago. “I will overcome the deficit of justice!” 

While praying about this aspect, I was reminded of Justice Antonin Scalia’s untimely passing just a week before a major case regarding abortion was to be heard by the Court. His bodyguards had been dismissed beforehand for the weekend. He was found dead with a pillow over his face. The county judge pronounced Justice Scalia had died of natural causes over the telephone, without ever examining the body. 

It was mandated that there be no autopsy. 

Perhaps Jesus cried “FOUL.” And perhaps the hearing examining the constitutional validity of abortion, which Scalia seemed to have missed by a week, was simply transferred from an earthly court to Heaven’s Court. A Midnight Cry was heard. And judgement was rendered in favor of the saints. 

And perhaps the gavel has now come down. Not just regarding the overthrow of Roe v Wade but regarding the consistent coercion and corruption behind the scenes of forces tied to idolatry, who seek to claim the governance of this freedom nation as its own, and impose its will upon We the People. 

Verdict rendered. I will overcome the deficit of justice, says the Lord. Only one response is needful. NO KING BUT JESUS.

As Jolene prophesied, the covenantal and governmental authority associated with the Key of David is now accessible to us in Christ. On the eve of July 4, we can see the shift we have all been dreaming of now become realized. Awakening, harvest and LIFE. THE DEFICIT OF JUSTICE OVERCOME. 

So take the shot. Two shots. And as with Lexington and Concord at the outset of the American Revolution, let these shots be heard ‘round the world.