Dear Covenant Revolutionaries,

We now find ourselves at the genesis of a society-impacting turnaround not unlike the first Hanukkah or the first Christmas. By God’s Spirit, a freedom movement has been released to restore us to our covenantal foundations and redefine our world. it’s far greater than any political election, though I believe the 2016 US election was impacted by this move.

Seismic shifts, as Rick Ridings prophesied four years ago. God played His Trump card, as Chuck Pierce prophesied seven years ago. Amazing!

But as with Christmas and Hanukkah, the move itself must be guarded. We need to pray. There remains an urgency in my spirit that remains undaunted by any holiday celebration.

Tomorrow the Electoral College meets to ratify the votes of the American people. Many members have reportedly been the victims of threats and coercion. Lets stand against the fear imposed upon them, and really upon the American people as a whole. And lets continue to stand against any threats of assassination. OK?

American Hitler or American Churchill? Why Now?
This freedom movement began long before the elections, and is far greater than the elections. To clarify, Donald Trump is not the Savior of America. Nor is he an American Hitler, as many have derided him to be. I believe the invitation from Heaven is for the President-elect to be a Winston Churchill for this hour. He seems similar in leadership style, resolve and bluntness. Seeking peace through strength.

Of course Trump could blow it—big time. But he could also succeed. Regarding this invitation, the very important question nobody appears to be asking is: Why do we need a Churchill at this time in history?

Great challenges remain to secure freedom for the future, nationally and globally. My belief is that we’ve been granted a window to stem the tide before current challenges explode into global conflict. A turnaround window.

And it pays to ponder now the warning Churchill was desperately seeking to convey to England in the hours leading to World War II. Neville Chamberlain’s Doctrine of Appeasement had allowed Nazi Germany to become a global military powerhouse that threatened the entire world and almost annihilated the Jewish race. Radicalized nations today are pursuing military might by utilizing this same deception.

The Doctrine of Appeasement mandated intentional blindness. Repudiating reams of clear intelligence which countered the agenda embraced by England’s leaders. We must not make the same mistake today. Political agendas should never be allowed to distort the truth of raw intelligence.

New Birth of Freedom—Secured by Heaven’s Court
We together have prayed into this new birth of freedom for many years. Our book “Crown & Throne,” published four years ago, conveys God’s heart for this movement so we can better grasp His intentions to see freedom secured.

And it prophetically defines this move of God as a spiritual revolution. Catalyzed by the restoration of our national covenant with Jesus Christ, divorced from our historic idolatry by verdict of Heaven’s court. People scoff at this. But Satan is the ultimate source of subjugation, just as Jesus is the ultimate source of true freedom. We needed this verdict from God’s Throne to again become truly free. Judgement in favor of the saints!

Further, our nation’s freedom was pursued by our founders in an appeal to Heaven’s Court, written in the Declaration of Independence. “We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions…” It was a verdict from Heaven’s Court that birthed our nation into freedom, and it is also a verdict of Heaven’s Court that secured our new birth of freedom today.

And despite the enemy’s intentions, this verdict will continue to uphold and protect our liberties through coming challenges.

Pray Against Subversion
This said, as one of many watchmen over God’s covenant with this nation, a deep sense of urgency refuses to depart my spirit. Remember that Joseph and Mary faced existential threats to them and their Child from the moment of birth. In the same manner, prayer by the Spirit to preserve this new birth of freedom from being derailed has never been more necessary.

A focus of our intercession against subversion must simply be for the preservation of Trump’s life. A secondary and immediate focus must be the Electoral College, which meets tomorrow to decide the next President of the United States.

Here’s a third focus of intercession against subversion—and I honestly do not know what to make of it. On the eve of this Electoral College vote, members of the US intelligence community as well as President Obama himself have gone public with assertions that Russia was the force behind the hacking of emails  exposing corruption. They not only believe this exposure helped shift the election, but that the Russians were intentionally trying to promote Donald Trump through their efforts.

The highest levels of Russian government are implicated—including by inference Vladimir Putin himself. Seeking to impose Russia’s will on the American elections. That’s actually subversive.

Russia—Make America Great Again?
Lets briefly examine this prospect. If the intelligence is correct, President Putin joined in Donald Trump’s resolve to make America great again. Endorsing a platform to strengthen our homeland security and rebuild our military. Peace through strength. A doctrine originally forged by Ronald Reagan which brought down the walls of communism and ultimately the USSR.

President Putin has apparently also endorsed Trump’s aggressive stand to restore American innovation and economic capacities. To bring back American jobs. To repair our trade deficit globally through foreign relations and more equitable trade deals.

Further, Mr. Putin has apparently pushed for America to be rescued from the global humiliation that would have been immediately sparked by a Hillary Clinton presidency. The election results essentially spared us all the investigations guaranteed to expose her apparent indiscretions. From the intentional deceit of the American people regarding Benghazi to the illegal deletion of tens of thousands of emails to the “pay for play” allegations that clearly conveyed abuse of power during her time as Secretary of State.

And beyond. Wikileaks inferred there was much more damaging evidence than what was already leaked. My question here is that if Russia was the source, why didn’t they choose to promote Hillary for President over Trump? Because if the allegations of further misconduct by Hillary Clinton were true, then strategically they would have much more leverage over Clinton. And all of America would have remained focused on their latest allegations.

The Secret Tactic Employed
In any case, if the intelligence analysis is proven true, Russia’s intervention has apparently secured an agenda to make America great again. Empowering freedom instead of self-destruction.

And the strategy employed was pretty countercultural. Simply exposing truth. Jesus correlated the embrace of truth with securing our freedom. “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32).

Whoever hacked the emails of these government players seemed to put into play this passionate resolve of Jesus Christ Himself. We now see how most of the mainstream media, the fourth estate called to uphold transparency, accountability and truth, clearly defied their own mandate.

Interestingly, this mandate of Jesus is embedded on the walls of the CIA. And for a good reason. The words describe the highest aspirations of our intelligence community, our government, and really the clear intents of our founders.

The truth shall make you free. 

Foreign Government Imposing on Elections?
Final point as we prepare to pray. We are a sovereign nation. And the toleration of any intentional, subversive push to sway the elections against one candidate and in favor of another—to further that foreign nation’s agenda—is unacceptable.

But before we judge Russia, Wikileaks or any other entity, we might want to remember America’s own quest regarding Israel just a few short years ago. During his election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became the target of subversion from the highest levels of the American government. Primarily because Netanyahu stood against the Iranian nuclear accords.

More than $300,000 of American taxpayer money was sent to fund Netanyahu’s opposition. And President Obama’s top campaign advisor, widely attributed with securing his 2012 election victory, was actually hired by Netanyahu’s opponent to lead the charge.

Against all odds Netanyahu won. I personally believe the overt interference by the US government in Israel’s elections actually provoked the God of Israel, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, to justice. Heaven’s verdict was released and enforced as a witness to the entire international community. An unprecedented election turnaround which ushered Netanyahu into office again.

The 2015 election turnaround in Israel seems hauntingly similar to the election turnaround in America today. With Donald Trump defying the predictions of the media, pollsters and of pundits. As Chuck Pierce prophesied seven years ago, a Trump card which defied all the odds.

Perhaps God’s verdict against government interference in Israel’s elections carried unforeseen consequences for America. Which brings to mind another axiom so dear to the heart of that great Revolutionary whose birthday we celebrate in a week. An axiom, again, perhaps reflected by the outcome of the American elections.

Judge not, lest you be judged.

20-20 Vision
Points to ponder as we all humble ourselves before God’s Throne, and pray for a new way forward. Remembering the Lord’s admonition to have 20-20 vision. It’s important to know right now that the elections of 2020 could carry even greater importance than the elections we just had.

So be watchful. No King but Jesus!