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Thank you all for your incredible burst of intercession through last week. Tomorrow I will share some of the incredible work the Lord birthed in conjunction with the “turnaround verdict” being released. Amazing things have transpired—especially at the State Department as the first global Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom convened!

But today my heart is with Rick and Patricia Ridings and family and friends globally as our friend Esther transitioned to Heaven’s glory last Wednesday. I know some of you are hearing this for the first time. Lamplighter family, I wanted to connect with you earlier, but honestly just did not have it within myself to do so. 

Jesus loves feisty women. Over the years I’ve seen Jolene’s adage proven true again and again. But no more so when I met Esther personally for the first time.

Jerusalem was buzzing with 70th anniversary celebrations. But for Jolene and me, Succat Hallel was where we found the most drawn to during our time in the Covenant Land. Privately, Rick and Patricia were deliberating with Esther, Will and others about the next steps they needed to take in pursuing healing from cancer. Because another challenge had been discovered. 

I will never forget the expression on Rick’s countenance as he privately shared with us. The anguish was there, of course. But much more, a sternness of fierce love flashed in his eyes unlike anything I had ever seen. It went straight through to our hearts. 

We had the privilege of ministering at Succat Hallel, sharing on God’s “turnaround verdict.” A few days before we returned home, Rick and Patricia asked us to share privately with the staff what we were sensing from the Lord. I figured on sharing about the significance of the 70th anniversary, the vision I received at the Western Wall, perhaps America’s embassy move, etc. 

What came from within instead genuinely surprised me. Time for a Midnight Cry. We are in a time similar to the season where Peter was thrown in prison. Then and now, night and day prayer was mandated to overthrow the plan of the enemy to take down God’s leaders and release us all into a new level of freedom. I mentioned that 24-7 prayer focused on Peter may have seemed to some like an expenditure too costly to attain in a time where the intercessors’ own lives were in peril. They persevered. Peter was released. And the Herod structure persecuting them was judged by the Lord and brought down. 

Afterwards, a stunning young woman met me on the way out. I honestly didn’t know who she was at first. But she greeted me with the same fierce love and determination in her eyes that I had earlier seen in her dad. 

A bit intimidated, I returned her gaze and shook her hand. “You’re even more beautiful in person, Esther,” I managed to say. She smiled and thanked me for the message. I told her we and our friends—that’s you, Lamplighter family—would continue praying for her, for full breakthrough in healing. She thanked us again and then said something unexpectedly hilarious, I forget what. But the poise, the resiliency, and the passionate love for Jesus in this 26 year old wife and mom impacted my heart immeasurably. I remember thinking then now Jesus loves feisty women!

They were all privately praying about a medical center in Mexico renown for healing of cancer. Esther had received a dream from the Lord. The next phase of her life was like the final ascension to the summit of a mountain. It would be the toughest part of the climb. But after years of battle, she would finally find healing. She would be cancer free.

The battle was unimaginably greater than anything that could be conveyed. During treatment, sepsis and pneumonia both wreaked havoc simultaneously in her lungs. Her husband Will kept vigil, never giving up. And by his side a global prayer force also emerged, stirred to a literal 24-7 watch for Esther from continent to continent. A global midnight cry!

At one dark period, doctors called her family to a final visit, fearing she would soon pass. Yet somehow Esther rebounded miraculously. She was able to breathe again on her own, and even go outside for a brief period. 

Then suddenly she took a turn for the worse. Rick and Patricia’s global call for increased prayer and fasting the weekend of July 22 proved incredibly timely. From my own vantage point, the spiritual intensity was unprecedented. 

Then all was still. Esther Moore, daughter and wife and mom and worshiper of Jesus, made her ultimate ascent early last Wednesday, July 25. Jolene and I were actually just leaving for the Ministerial on Religious Freedom at the State Department when the texts notifying this global group of intercessors came in. 

Two texts in particular, received simultaneously, stood out. They need no commentary, so I will leave you in their care, except to say that Rick, Patricia and Will deeply appreciate all of your care, prayers and outpourings of love for Esther and for them. 

From Rick and Patricia, Wednesday, July 25. About 5:30 am, Will felt a sudden jolt like electricity go through him. He jumped up and went to Esther. She had stopped breathing. He felt her heart beat and then it stopped.  We have spoken to her spirit to come back into her body for about an hour, but so far it has not. We know she is fully alive with Him. Whether she comes back to us or not,  Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

From Will, Esther’s husband, Wednesday, July 25. I had such a beautiful vision of her last night. When we first stood together in silence at 7pm it was like I was back at our wedding waiting for Esther under the chuppa (Hebrew bridal canopy). 

It was the clearest vision I have ever seen. I saw her dancing down the aisle to me again but as I stood there I saw my suit change and I knew it wasn’t me standing there any more, it was Yeshua. All the emotion I had when I stood under the chuppa came back. The excitement of seeing how happy she was dancing down the aisle and how in love and absolutely captivated by her beauty I was. It was the happiest moment of my life. 

I knew in that moment Yeshua was seeing his bride come and he felt all those feelings even more now as she danced towards him. He is her true husband and I know how joyful she is now. Even more than when she danced to me.

Welcome home, Esther. Our prayers remain with your family. We are so grateful for you, and for allowing us all to make this final ascent with you. Words fail to describe. No King but Jesus…