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Please keep vigilance for America and Israel. Psalm 91.

I thought he was going to take responsibility. But in an interview with 60 Minutes, President Obama blamed the tragic delay in confronting ISIS on a failure of intelligence.

In my opinion, enough is enough.

The subsequent testimonies of members of the intelligence community clearly contradict the President’s statement. Thorough briefings conveying the alarming threat of ISIS allegedly began 18 months ago, not just to the White House but also to members of Congress, etc.

It’s important to note that these folks don’t speak out all that much. It’s the nature of their work. Which is why this is so unprecedented.

The Danger of Agenda-Driven Analysis
In my view, the tragic takeover of Iraq by ISIS did not stem from a failure of intelligence. Instead it stems from a failure of agenda-driven analysis and action that has become attached to clear intelligence.

The children of Israel were tested on this. God spoke to confront the giants and possess their land, sworn as an inheritance to their forefathers. A failure of intelligence analysis prevented them from acting, and instead propelled them into 40 years of judgment. Further, their disobedience set up a cycle of tragedy that has been perpetuated ever since, marked generationally by the very day of their disobedience. Maybe you’ve heard of the 9th of Av.

Repenting for Our Deception
As the body of Christ, we cannot point the finger at the White House without the Lord pointing His finger back at us. Because in light of clear truth and consequences from God’s word, we have defiled “divine intelligence” with personal agendas in order to justify our racial, political, and social biases.

Friends, this is deception! And we all need to repent. Repentance for embracing deception will open the door for the Lord to bring fresh clarity by His Spirit and Word, which is so needed in this hour.

My suggestion is that we do so before Yom Kippur, when according to Jewish tradition our verdicts for the coming year are sealed.

The Consequences
One final thought. We should have learned this lesson long ago, like from World War II with the Nazis. The time to take out ISIS was before they marched across Iraq and occupied city after city—crucifying Christians, slaughtering Muslims along with religious minorities, and beheading journalists reporting to the world their atrocities.

In other words, the time to restrain an occupying force is before they take over the seats of authority of a land. Otherwise it could take generations of effort to undo the sabotage and destruction that we allowed, through our failure of analysis and action.

Prayer for Freedom
Father God, forgive me where I have attached my agendas to Your Word as a means of justifying my cause. I realize now that I actually have embraced and perpetuated deception, and I repent. Where I have put my cause above Your truth, please forgive me. 

I plead the blood and body of Jesus Christ alone for You to forgive me of these sins, and cleanse me of unrighteousness. Before Your Throne I now break my agreement with the lies I have believed. Please now shine your light of Spirit-empowered truth to further expose ones I am not aware of. Cleanse me from the defilement of these deceptions in my spirit, my heart and my mind. Restrain the enemy that I let in! Please close now the channels of deception in the spiritual realm that have gained access into my life. I renounce these connections and the forces behind them, and command them to be completely disempowered, in Jesus’ Name. 

Father God, I ask now that you restore the clarity of Your truth to my spirit, my conscience, my heart and my mind, in Jesus’ Name. I again welcome Your Spirit and Word into my life as the only plumb line of truth. I again embrace Your mentoring, and ask for you to fulfill Your promise that “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:31-32).

Finally, I ask that You mitigate the consequences my deception has caused to myself and others. Bring restoration! Where I have entered into a cycle of judgment due to unbelief, please rescue me. Redeem my time, both chronos time and kairos. Re-center me before Your Throne, and synergize me again with the activity and timing of Your Throne. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.