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Please note that revivalist John Kilpatrick is in metro DC! We have long prayed for God toignite revival fires in our region. Why not now?!!! Don’t miss this time! TONITE & FRIDAY! Immanuel’s Church, Silver Spring MD

The Call Virginia May 26 with Lou Engle, others here.

Today we begin our final push of the 40 day “Endued with Power Prayer Project.” As we shared before, we feel we are in an unusual season to access and receive mantles of Holy Spirit power. As you will see in days ahead, this has been confirmed–with power–in our recent meetings.

Jesus told His disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they were “endued with power from on high.” Through this process, the mantle of anointing He carried was transferred to His disciples. This culminated on Pentecost, where all who continued in prayer received His promise!

And this promise is yours as well. From today, the National Day of Prayer, through Pentecost, the Global Day of Prayer, lets give ourselves to this “final push!” And please make plans to join in on the Call VA May 26, the day before Pentecost!

Below is our posting on “Receiving Elijah’s Mantle,” which originally introduced the focus on accessing God’s mantles. It’s an important launching point for days ahead.

Please note also that revivalist John Kilpatrick is in metro DC! We have long prayed for God toignite revival fires in our region. Why not now?!!! Don’t miss this time!

Receiving Elijah’s Mantle
Ok. A few Saturdays ago, we were honored to minister with Nandy and Marta Pizarro at a Watchman’s Sword meeting. I was actually a little shaky, because Holy Spirit had visited me early that morning and completely changed my message. It was a special time, and the word came to define for us a primary focus for this Passover. Yes… I did wait until the final day to share it with you!

Wade Taylor: Forerunner
Many of you know how Wade Taylor, one of God’s great friends, passed on this February 29. This happened to be the same night that Jolene wounded her foot.

Anyway, Wade was a friend whose influence in our lives spanned many years before we got to know him in person. I knew he was also a dear friend of the Pizarros, though we didn’t realize the extent until visiting with them after the ministry time.

The short story is that Holy Spirit really quickened to us that as of Passover, Wade Taylor’s mantle was now accessible, especially for the Pizarros. It was as though the Lord had waited til Passover to really bring this release.
When the Holy Spirit visited me about this, He drew me to the time Elijah passed his mantle to Elisha. Many Messianic Jewish scholars believe that John the Baptist was born over Passover. He came in the spirit and power of Elijah as a forerunner of the Lord Jesus Christ–to prepare the way of the Lord.

We know that in the end-times, this Elijah anointing will rest on many, to prepare the way for Christ’s second coming. I saw how Wade Taylor was somehow both a seed and signpost of this preparatory release. He was a mentor and father, a teacher and friend. He accessed revelatory realms in the Lord with an unyielding focus on intimacy with Christ. And he brought distinctive clarity to the body of Christ on God’s kingdom and the end-times.

Elijah & Elisha
God jealously guards the legacy of His friends. I don’t know if you noticed, but He doesn’t really respond to cost-free claims of entitlement. Instead, what these bondservants live for, and ultimately give their lives for, is imparted with great care to those who have hungered for their God in the same way.

That’s the legacy of Elijah and Elisha. The younger prophet refused to leave Elijah’s side during his final season of life. From village to village, they encountered schools of prophets who knew the times and seasons. But only Elisha aligned himself to receive Elijah’s mantle.

And when Elijah went up, this young protege’s receiving of the mantle was by no means secure. When Elisha asked for a double portion, Elijah instructed him that “If you see me when I am taken from you, then it will be so for you. But if not, then it will not be so.”

In other words, Elisha had to watch until he received. This is a good lesson for us all–especially in this season of watching!

Please note also that the mantle fell from heaven. We must always remember where the mantles of power carried by God’s servants originate from, and to whom they belong. They will return to the earth cleansed, recharged, and ready to impact a generation through God’s servants.

Mantles Accessible!
I felt from Holy Spirit that this Passover season, probably through Pentecost, is a time where many of God’s mantles are now accessible from heaven. Ask to be mantled in the power of Holy Spirit! Ask for an increased measure of the Elijah anointing! And keep watch until heaven breaks forth.

Is this not how Christ’s own mantle was transferred to the disciples? They were told to tarry in Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high. Ask… and keep watch!

Yet by the time Holy Spirit broke forth on the Day of Pentecost, only 120 remained in that upper room–asking, and keeping watch.

Access & Activate
Final lesson. Elisha did not just gain access to Elijah’s mantle, he also activated the mantle. He took the mantle that fell from heaven and said, “Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” He then struck the waters. The Jordan parted, and Elisha crossed over.

Beloved, what does this sound like? Passover! By this act, God connected Elisha with the legacy not just of Elijah, but of Israel’s founding fathers as well. A living demonstration how “As I was with Moses, so shall I be with you…”

Again–from Passover to Pentecost, I believe key mantles for governmental leadership will be made accessible from heaven, and activated in the earth. A fresh anointing for revelatory understanding, even for the end-times, is being made available. The spirit and power of Elijah will be framed and formed over many, and will mature greatly in the years ahead. Pick up your mantle from heaven–strike the waters, and cross over!