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March 4 Glory Train launch was recorded! With Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Jason Hershey, Martin Frankena, Shannon Bennett, more! Playback number: 641-715-3598 access code 552-690. 

Wheels up! Jolene and I are now in the air after a life-changing week in Hawaii. Stuck on an island paradise with ministry friends and a mandate to slow down, breathe deeply, to enjoy a time of rest.

And then launch the Glory Train! Love it when a plan comes together…

I have to say, it was an absolute honor to spend some down-time with these amazing people, many of whom have mentored Jolene and me over many years. Before our very eyes I saw a united front begin to form. Grateful for R and J for their vision to grant these front-line warriors a time of solitude and bonding before the full-court press this year demands.

One of the first things folks want to know is prophetic perceptions about the elections. Can I give you a point that everybody is unanimous on? This year is mostly about seeing a move of God released that will shift America into God’s intended destiny. Without this, even the greatest leader won’t be capable of getting us back on track.

And with God’s wind on our nation again, it will all work for good in the end. So don’t worry—pray!

At the Lord’s leading, I also want to remind you of a word the Lord spoke to me last year. He clearly spoke we need to have 20-20 vision. In other words, long-term clarity instead of the shortsightedness that comes from the weekly skirmishes which often overwhelm our vision.

The Lord also made clear He wanted us to focus on the year 2020, including the election. I have a feeling it will actually be more important than the one coming up. Not that the 2016 elections aren’t vitally important, we all know that. But lets direct our prayers and make our choices based on long-term vision instead of the ridiculous sideshows manipulated by the media to retain viewer interest. That’s not the main focus, folks!

National Glory Train Launch
The call Friday night was awesome. Before we go there, I want to again express my gratitude to Kealoha Benavente and her team, primarily made up of indigenous Hawaiian leaders, for launching the Glory Train from Hawaii a week ago. It was truly a dream come true. And the Lord moved so powerfully!

Hawaii—the breath of God is blowing over the waters…

Friday night’s call marked the launch nationally with the Lamplighter Family. The Lord is marching forth as a warrior! (Isaiah 42). Here’s a summary of the call, last contributor first.

Dutch Sheets closed out the call by sharing the Turnaround Train vision. It was a really big deal for the Lamplighter family to hear this first-hand. Just as with Bob Jones’ vision of the Glory Train, this prophetic experience is an apostolic foundation for the Glory Train—Turnaround Tour. It’s why we are circling the nation. Remember the Lord has opened a limited window for national turnaround—and it’s up to us all to access this window!

Martin Frankena shared how God has prepared the way for this work from city to city. But Martin also gave a clear warning not to venture beyond the boundaries of His direction. Shannon Bennett prayed over us from our perch overlooking Washington DC. Restoring the Ark of the Covenant!

Jason Hershey of Davids Tent shared an incredible word about a fresh season of mercy, glory and revival for Washington DC and America. He feels that just as 9-11-01 could be characterized as a season of judgment for America, we have now entered a ‘mercy 9-11’ with God’s glory beginning to rest upon our nation. Jason mentioned Amos 9:11 with the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. I have to mention as well the “911 gateway” we entered into last year where the Lord emphasized Zechariah 9:11. God is setting His prisoners free from the waterless pits of this wilderness season. Time to return!

Glory Revolutionaries! Cindy Jacobs
And Cindy Jacobs prophesied. Glory Revolutionaries! I have to say that as Cindy gave this word, such anointing and authority filled the room that we were both immediately at attention. My hair stood on end. Jolene’s hands shot up immediately in worship. Eyes closed, spirit at attention, worshiping before the Throne. If you know my wife, she’s prone to this experience during worship, but not really during a message or a prophecy.

I’m just saying Cindy’s word is incredible. It is a legacy marker for the Glory Train. Note that Cindy mentioned “Glorious Revolutionaries.” A new band of Glory Revolutionaries is arising! Below is the complete transcript of her prophetic message.

“We’re actually here in Hawaii, I know you feel so sorry for us. But this is actually the most western part of America. And so it’s fitting I believe we begin here for the trip that is actually going to be one of the change agents for the nation. And I remember prophesying here in 1992 in the Aloha Bowl that Hawaii will be the first Christian state. And we still believe that for them, we know God will to that. 

“And though we know a train cannot go physically across the waters, we want to make sure we connect the whole nation together so it’s very significant and important we are here, and God’s purpose and economy. 

“And as I was waiting to share with you, I was asking Holy Spirit to give me a word. And this is what He said. “For many would say the train has left the station concerning the downfall of America. But I would say, NO! I am getting ready to release My glory and My presence says the Lord, in a way that will come wave upon wave upon wave! 

“For I still have Shekinah, says the Lord! I still have My presence. I am still the same as when I filled the Temple with glory with Solomon. I haven’t changed. I have more than enough glory. I have more than enough glory for America. I have more than enough glory to fill a nation!

“And the Lord says, Haven’t I said when the enemy comes in like a flood, and hasn’t that happened with the spirit of violence that has been loosed, that I will raise up a standard, says the Lord! And the Lord says, Isn’t My army an army glorious with banners! So the Lord says, As you begin and go even into Faneuil Hall, and even as you go to Boston, the beginning of lighting the Revolution, can’t I do it again, says the Lord! Can’t I release My glory once again? Can’t I begin to make My name glorious in a nation?

“The Lord says, many have said oh no! The glory of the former house, the glory of that which has gone before… but I would say I never do anything lesser, and if My people will believe, even as I had a glory in the past, it’s nothing like the glory I can release in for the future, in the Great Awakening that is coming. 

“And the Lord says, watch and see, I will fill schools with My glory, I will fill Capitol buildings with My glory, I’m going to move into the judicial system with My glory! And the Lord says, even as I have moved in nations—when the darkest days were there for Britain, when the darkest days were there for Europe, when the darkest days were here during the Revolutionary War, the Lord says all of the sudden there was a standard and standard bearers that I arose. 

“And the Lord says, so now know this! As I am connecting through the Glory Train My presence, My glorious presence, the Lord says You’re going to see something remarkable happen, for God says I’m going to start a new band of Glorious Revolutionaries, those who are spiritual patriots, those who will not compromise to the right or the left, who will not be bought or sold by any man’s agenda, says the Lord. 

“And if you will do this, I WILL SHAKE THIS NATION! I have a surprise up My big sleeves that no one is figuring out right now. Everyone thinks they’re figuring it out, but nobody has it figured out. But I have a plan, says the Lord, if you’ll pray I’ll release it!”