Graphic: Center—East meets west in Promontory Utah, where golden stake was driven in to connect the transcontinental railroad. L-R Railroad worker drives stake;  Harriett Tubman, conductor of the Underground Railroad; Abraham Lincoln, whose vision laid the tracks for an end to slavery and the preservation of our Nation through Civil War; Jay Swallow, Native American leader whose work to bring reconciliation both within Native tribes and within our nation has brought tremendous healing to our land; and legendary railroad “steel driver” John Henry, who laid tracks that forged America’s future. 

Announcing “Stake Your Claim Prayer Project!”
7-18 thru 8-8
Here’s a major announcement. A prayer project to culminate the Glory Train run across the nation from July 18-August 8. “Stake Your Claim—a Time to Take Back Your Land!”

Our stop on July 18 says it all. We begin this prayer project in Promontory Utah, site of the original “golden stake” which connected the east and west railways to form the first transcontinental rail line.

Friends, it’s time for our land to be connected in His glory! We’ve seen the enemy’s onslaught against this Throne Room unity. But please remember we are closing out the “year of the vav!” Where Heaven is joined to earth, and where from city to city we are being supernaturally connected and synergized by God’s Spirit.

This prayer project will carry us through the 7-22 gathering to Syracuse, and then to Washington DC on 8-8. I cannot go into details right now, but on 8-8 a significant prayer gathering is already in process for Washington DC.

And God is summoning us for these 21 days to engage in a nationwide Daniel fast with focused prayer for the breakthrough and turnaround He has promised Washington DC and our nation. Including the full release of His Third Great Awakening, this Glory Revolution. With an anointing of holy conviction which so demarcated these revivals restored in our most desperate hour.