DUTCH SHEETS JOINS SPECIAL CALL WEDNESDAY— 9PM ET. Also Clay Nash, Chris Mitchell, Jr., Jamie Fitt, Briskilla Zananiri, more. 

We will be sharing vital prophetic words in conjunction with recent journey from Valley Forge to DC—extending the altar of mercy in our land. Briskilla Zananiri will again lead communion from Nazareth, Israel to close us out. LETS PRAY FROM OUR ALTAR OF COVENANT together once again! 

Call 9pm ET. Conference call number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. 

PLEASE PASS THE INVITATION ON, and invite your friends to join us.

TOMORROW WE ARE A WEEK FROM PASSOVER. Dutch Sheets and others are joining us for a special call. Watch how the Lord moves in this new season of turnaround!

Prophetically, we as a nation are at Valley Forge right now. This will be explained more below. But Jolene and I had the honor of joining Dutch and an amazing team to participate in an governmental prayer journey over the past few days focused on ushering our nation through to victory. This is how the hand of God is now moving IN REAL TIME.

Both clarity and breakthrough have come. With great expectation we are praying this for you as well. We will share more on tomorrow’s call. Again, please invite your friends to join. 

Call to Valley Forge
Let me briefly summarize a few words related to this journey and how it even became a perpetuation of the “building an altar to the nation” initiative. As Chris Mitchell, Jr prophesied—the plague stops at the threshing floor! 

When we connected with Dutch and others this past February, he mentioned a prayer journey being planned in response to a swirl of dreams highlighting Valley Forge and Washington DC. At the time the dreams did not seem to relate to the coronavirus, just to the future of our nation. Preserving the freedoms our forefathers gained for us through George Washington and the American Revolution, and perhaps most importantly, empowering the vast army of prayer for this new era of history. 

Dutch assembled a small team of leaders to join, and asked Jolene and me to be a part. Emphasizing as he usually does, with a gleam in his eye, how Jolene’s prophetic voice what the team really needs, but that I was welcome to come too if really I wanted to. 

To which I commented, as I usually do, about how accurate his prophetic discernment had finally become over the years. 

That said, the corona concerned us greatly. But the clear focus and mandate of the dreams seemed to be unlocking God’s blessing for the nation’s freedom for this new era over Passover.  Timing was also conveyed. The mission was to be carried out while the cherry blossoms were still in bloom in Washington DC.

Orders—Shelter in Place!
Within weeks the spread of the coronavirus took a dire turn. Orders were made across the nation to shelter in place. Flights ere cancelled. Highways became deserted. The famed cherry blossom festival was cancelled, with metro police even blockading roads of access to the Tidal Basin. Dutch made the hard decision that the team must remain in their homes. 

I thought the journey was simply going to be postponed. But Dutch called me just over a week ago, compelled by God’s Spirit that he should still make the journey during the time of the cherry blossoms. Very simply, that’s what God said. 

The rest of the team agreed to connect via conference call. But as we lived so close, Jolene and I were welcome to join him if we’d like.

In a moment of time when even going to the grocery store could put our lives at risk, Jolene and I needed to pray about it together. We prayed. Unanimous vote—yes—it’s time! 

Then shortly after plans were solidified, Valley Forge closed. 

Dutch Sheets, Jamie Fitt, Jon Hamill receive communion at Valley Forge

Angel of Covenant Mercy
Clay Nash, who will be with us tomorrow night, saw the following in a dream:

Dutch I dreamed that while at Valley Forge the Angel who spoke “mercy” 6 times appeared to you. You were on a walking trail. He presented to you 12 stones which he said had come from the Delaware River. He instructed you that as you continue your walk to complete your assignment, you would come upon a very unique tree, distinguished by it’s shape. You were to place the 12 stones under the bent over part of the tree as a memorial that the Angels are released, and the war has turned.   

In the dream, it was like I was a sniper watching your back. I had no weapon but was positioned on a hill and could see your walk clearly at all times. The tree you placed the 12 Stones under looked to be a Cherokee marking tree. It was bent over near the base-many Indians used this art to mark the way for others to follow. Once you placed the stones you turned and began to leave. 

As you walked the trail a man stepped from behind a tree. It startled me as I never saw him. He was dressed in clothes of a much earlier era. He spoke to you and informed you he was William Penn and because you were a man who kept your word-even when it cost you-God was releasing to you the stewardship ability of Elijah. You would speak your words and God would honor your words from his covenant with you. He disappeared and you walked by out the trail.

Note that the angel who spoke “mercy” appeared—with an altar made up of 12 stones. It was Clay who had the dream just before Yom Kippur that the angel of the Lord had been released to declare “mercy” the seventh time over the United States of America—seven being a representation of covenant. What was God saying? He is finally willing to release mercy that secures His covenant with our land! 

Amazingly, this angel was seen in Clay’s dream declaring “mercy” right outside the Trump International Hotel. 

When Clay’s dream was recounted by Dutch on Yom Kippur at Remnant Church in Brunswick GA, our jaws dropped. We had already secured the Trump International for our upcoming Revolution through New Years Eve. In preparation for Yom Kippur we had been asking the Lord to convey His verdict for our nation. Covenant mercy was—and is—that verdict! 

Little did we know then how much we would need it.

Covenant Mercy Frames New Year
Most of you know at our Revolution gathering was forged around this dream. Just after midnight, January 1, 2020 we crossed over into the new year and decade. We sought the Lord’s hand in marriage to the land. We then took stones of remembrance and built an altar of covenant to the Lord, recounting the dream and seeking His mercy from the outset of the new year.

This covenant, and covenant plea, was sealed with communion led by Briskilla Zananiri. Those who brought two stones returned with the second to build an altar of covenant for their states.

And then we all sheltered in place. 

Chris Mitchell Jr awoke at 1:30am on March 10 praying in the Spirit. He saw from the Bible how David once stood at the threshing floor as the angel of the Lord hovered above, with sword outstretched to slay Jerusalem with a plague. David called a spontaneous “national day of prayer,” taking personal responsibility for his sins as the inhabitants of Jerusalem did the same. 

David was instructed to build an altar. AND THE PLAGUE STOPPED AT THE THRESHING FLOOR.

We were instructed to do the same. And by “we” I mean even the President of the United States. Chris’ word was among many which were presented to the highest authorities of the White House just before President Trump made the decision. And on March 14, a national Day of prayer was called. We connected together with a One Voice call followed immediately by a Lamplighter call, building an altar of mercy across the land.

Covenant secured. Mercy extended. 

Then came Valley Forge, with the instruction given by the same angel to build an altar of covenant. Maybe you see the thread emerging here. 

The Plague at Valley Forge
Valley Forge is where a ragtag continental army made up of farmers, dockworkers, shopkeepers and tradesmen were forged into soldiers—a fighting force so strong that the unbeatable British forces were soon forced to surrender. With the aid of a military advisor, George Washington trained his troops through the harsh winter of 1777. As a result, America was birthed as a freedom nation.

What you may not know is that from March to May of 1777, a horrendous plague swept through Valley Forge. More than 2,000 troops died. 

George Washington was renown for early morning prayers by the convergence of rivers near his headquarters. He would pray for healing for his troops. He would pray for their strength. He would pray for provision. And he would pray for the fledging dream called America to fulfill our divine destiny and become a freedom nation.

Yesterday by the rivers we did the same. We journeyed to the very area near Washington’s headquarters where the father of our nation was known to have prayed. Jamie Fitt of the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David joined us with stones from the Delaware River. Following the vision, he had actually gone to Penn Treaty Park to dig them out! 

Can’t make this stuff up. And the synergy of the ages soon united Heaven and earth as our pleas merged with Washington’s at the very same “threshing floor”—by the rivers, outside his headquarters. 

Lord of hosts, stop the plague. Heal our people. Heal our troops! Bring provision, even miraculous provision. Equip and prepare your covenant people for the battles ahead. 

Because now as then, America’s freedom is literally in the balance. And we must win this Revolution!

We prayed in Valley Forge and Washington DC. Then the timing of this journey became even more clear. Because immediately after, the entire metro DC region was shut down with orders to stay at home. 

The hand of God weaving together this “synergy of the ages” is astounding. Note that for tomorrow night’s call we’ve assembled the people the Lord has used to bring us this far. We believe the same anointing will be released as His work becomes amplified.

Please join with us tomorrow night. Together lets complete the work which our forefathers began. 

No King but Jesus…