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I’ve been getting deluged with calls these past few days. “Hey, did you see Dutch Sheets Sunday at Glory of Zion? Most impacting prophetic word in a very long time!”

And judging from the contents, I have to agree. A secret source transcribed much of the message and passed it along. Due to time and space, I can only share excerpts. It really resonates with what we’ve been perceiving with the Turnaround Window, the Glory Train etc.

You can watch the replay at Glory of Zion’s website. That to say, it’s a taste of things to come— for metro Washington DC, as Dutch and Rick Ridings are coming later this week!

BTW remember we’re in Turnaround Tuesday. Please pray for your sons and daughters, in the spirit and the natural! And pay close attention to the prophetic word at the end of this message. Dutch has a great surprise for you.

Prophetic Message at Glory of Zion, January 24

Dutch started out by saying God is recalibrating us. Some sooner and some later. He is taking us to a higher plane and He needs to recalibrate us for this.He is about to recalibrate retired pastors, teachers, intercessors, etc and all them back into service. There are some fiery evangelists coming on the scene.

2016 is a year of the Bible and many leaders will rediscover the Bible. We will put the Bible in a higher place of priority. We need a new love for the Word of God. He’s not fussing at us just refocusing us on what’s important to Him.  America is going to rediscover the Bible.

Huge Shifts Coming in March, April
There’s a huge shift coming in March and April of this year.  I don’t know what it is, I’m not sure what it looks like, I just know that things are going to turn and shift and things are about to go to another level. I’ve heard at least 5 leaders since then say, and none of them hearing from another, watch for March and April.

Some of it may be connected to what the enemy does and the Lord’s trumping of that. Maybe there’s an increase of terrorism, maybe something the enemy has planned and the Lord’s going to bring forth His overriding hand but I’m telling you, you need to be ready for March and April… I heard this so clearly that I boldly say to you, watch for March and April of this year. And I think it probably has something to do with this next word that I heard because just a few months ago I heard…

Awakening—God is Going Public!
I heard the Lord say, probably about 4 months ago, you have now entered into phase 2 of the Third Great Awakening… It became clear to me that phase 1 was the birth, the conceiving, the carrying, the behind the scenes things He was doing in the church.  The church was experiencing the awakening. The remnant was understanding certain things. We were being adjusted. We were being dealt with. God was preparing His people for what they would need to do and then I felt like He said to me. When we get into phase 2, THIS IS WHEN I GO PUBLIC!

This is when what I’ve been doing in the church moves outside the church. This is when what I’ve been doing in My people begins to happen through My people; out from My people… I’m now ready to take this outside of our gatherings and start taking it into the public square and I prophesy to you that there will be more miracles on the earth this year, outside the 4 walls of the church than inside the 4 walls. There will be more people saved out where they live than on Sunday mornings. Things are about to move to the level now where the momentum increases and very shortly things are going to get out of control. That’s when it gets exciting! We want things out of control…

Recalibration! Movements, Governments, Denominations
He recalibrating us, but He’s going to start recalibrating cities.  He’s going to recalibrate government. He’s going to recalibrate movements. He’s going to recalibrate some denominations.

Some of you thought God was done with some denominations and I’m telling you right now, some of them are going to be revisited with all out revival this next season. Some of them are old wineskins and some are not old wineskins. Just like some of the people in charismatic churches are old wineskins and some are not old wineskins.

Solemn Assemblies Produce Holy Spirit Outpourings
He’s about to come with phase 2 of this awakening and I heard Him say it’s a year of Act. 2:16. That 2016 is a year of Acts 2:16.  “This is that that was spoken of by the prophet Joel.”  Acts 2:16, Joel 2:16.  The year of the solemn assembly in Joel produced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He said, get the people together, have some solemn assemblies, prayer meetings, nobody is exempt. The priests have to get in on it, the ministers, the moms, dads, babies, don’t leave the babies in the nursery, bring them to this solemn assembly.  I want everybody there.  The bride and the bridegroom come off the honeymoon and get in the solemn assembly, cause I’m about to do something and everybody has got to go through a time of separating themselves unto Me because what I’m about to do is so huge, I need everybody separated unto Me because tomorrow I’m coming to do wonders among you!  I’m about to pour out My Spirit.  I need you all to show up and get ready.  He’s about to do some marvelous things!

Stadiums Rocked by God
I found myself prophesying some things recently and I had to check myself… I was prophesying and I saw in the spirit and I said, I see deliverance coming on entire stadiums of people. Fifty thousand people are being delivered all at once. Not just born again but delivered from demon control. They were a people who had given themselves to idols and had come to this place to hear the gospel and the Spirit of God fell on the place and the whole stadium was delivered all at once. We’ll get them delivered then we’ll teach them what happened to them, ok!

Out of the box, out of the box. You can’t put God in a box and you can’t put movements in a box. Chuck prophesied today that there is a movement being born and we are in it and you can’t put God in a box and He’s not going to do it like He did the last one and He’s not going to do it the way you think He should.  Sometimes He’s going to contradict everything you thought and every way you thought it was going to happen. If you think He’s coming in on a chariot He’ll ride in on a donkey.

Political Shaking Coming
God is preparing us for the launch. Not the beginning because it’s already begun, but the launch, where He begins to do outwardly what He’s been doing inwardly. Where He goes public.

I tell you He’s about to shake things up even in this nation. You watch over the next 4 to 6 months if there’s not some political shaking that goes on. Some people think they’ve got this whole thing figured out but they don’t have the whole thing figured out because God’s going to come and He’s going to do some things in this nation.

Racial Breakthroughs
Some people think they have figured out what’s going to happen in this racial thing that’s going on but the enemy is not going to have the last word in this racial thing, God’s going to have the last word and He’s going to bring healing…

He’s going to come to campuses.  He’s going to interrupt classrooms, interrupt colleges and universities, and high schools.  You’re going to see high schools over the next year visited by the Spirit of God. Kids are going to get saved and they’ll have church out in the courtyard of the schools and administrators are going to try to get them to stop but they’re not going to stop because they don’t care what the administration thinks and the administrators are going to just get out of the way. They’re going to say, “We’d rather see them out there worshiping than doing their drugs so just leave them alone. We’d rather see them worshiping than shooting each other so get out of the way.”  They’re just going to let classes be cancelled because God is going to start pouring out His Spirit!

He’s coming to America!!  Not just to America, He’s coming to the nations.  He coming to deal with people in situations that will shock us.  He’s coming to ISIS leaders, He’s coming to Imams, He’s coming to people who have been carrying the gun and they’re going to start carrying the Book.

Prophetic Word—The Harvest You Have Travailed for Is Now Beginning!
Papa is going to rescue some kids that think He doesn’t love them anymore or want them.  He’s going to say to them, “David had already reached his full destiny on the throne when he had his encounter with Bathsheba, had her husband killed, but I rescued him. Yes, there was weeping, yes there was pain, but yet I restored him and called him My son. Yes, I called him the man after My own heart. Yes, I said he fulfilled My purpose for him in that generation.

I’m coming for My prodigal sons and daughters that I love.  I’m coming for My ministers who know the Book.  I’m coming to finish some things I’ve started.  I’m coming with wind and fire.  I’m coming with a rushing mighty wind that will be followed by a deluge of rain. Storm clouds are even now forming…

I will come to places that have never heard. I will go to places that resisted Me. But do not think that all the people there resist Me. The principalities resist Me, but I have people there that want Me. I have people there that are hungry and they know not what for but I am preparing them and very soon you will see Me come to places that you will be surprised.

You will see a release of angelic activity and I am coming with a fresh release of angelic hosts. They are already active and raised and I’m already preparing hearts that you don’t know about.  Even world leaders that you are aware of, that My Spirit if dealing with even now. So don’t be surprised at what I’m about to do.  Get into agreement with Me, the Lord says. I’m waiting for My people to trumpet what I’m saying. I’m waiting for them to prophesy and decree. There are places in the earth that I’m ready to move right now and I’m waiting for them to see and say release.

My angels are even now waiting now in cities that I have mighty ambushes against in the spirit and I’m ready to go in and reverse what the enemy has done and I’m waiting for my people to go and say Release! So do not wait and do not back up. Be bold to agree with Me. Be bold to prophesy what I say to you. For the hour you have longed for is upon you.  A harvest that you have travailed for is now beginning.

The clothing of the planet will now go to a new level of the sons and daughters of the most high. There will be a birthing of My kingdom in parts of the earth that have never known Me.  You will see the full release of My power.  You will see the fullness of Christ revealed in this season.  I will manifest Myself fully.  I will shake kingdoms of the earth.  I will shake strongholds down that have existed for millennia for I am about to release a new season of My kingdom war.  I am about to release a new season of My ever increasing kingdom that will shatter strongholds of the enemy and I’m about to dislodge principalities in parts of the earth where they have ruled since Genesis, the Lord says.

The Lord says, start thinking not only like an intimate bride but start thinking mighty warriors. Like commissioned officers.  Like the Davids, like the Calebs, like the Jaels.  Sing the songs, decree it as you drive through your communities.  Decree it over maps.  Decree it when you wake up with a nation on your heart.  Decree these things because I am needing agreement from My people now.

Be ready the Lord says, for these adjustments.  Be ready to be recalibrated so I can take you higher.  Be ready to be realigned and you will go to a new strength.

There is a new wave of healing anointing that is coming to My people.  Not only will they lay hands on the sick outside of the church and through signs and wonders many will come to know Me.  I am coming with a new wave of grace and mercy and healing anointing to My people.  Things you have dealt with, struggled with, wrestled with, some for years, I’m about to come with a release of power and by My grace through the blood of My Son I will heal you.  I will heal hearts, I will heal bones, I will heal organs and give you renewed strength.  I will enable you to run again!  I will enable you to sleep through the night without waking up.  You will wake up refreshed and rested.

You will find the deluge that you have even inflicted upon yourself through things, through foods, through addictions, you will find that I will reverse that.  My grace is coming.  My blood will not only cleanse you from that which you did but now My grace and My healing anointing will transform your body and your blood pressure will go down.  Your blood vessels and blockages will end and your heart will be renewed and your bones and your ligaments will be strengthened, will be softened and I will heal you and you will say, I feel better than I felt 20 years ago.

I need and army right now that is agile, and army that is strong, an army that can fight, an army that can show up and do what I need for them to do and all I need from you is for you to respond to Me in faith and say, yes, I receive this!

So Lord we just say right now that we receive Your grace, we receive your strength, we receive your word, we receive fresh strategy, we receive your promise, we receive phase 2.  We are ready to march, we are ready to run.  We agree with everything you are doing.  We are warriors!  We are warriors!  We are warriors!  We are ready!  We are not afraid! We are not terrified!  We are not intimidated!  We are warriors!  We are full of faith!  We are more than conquerors through You love!  We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and we love not our lives!  We are warriors!  We are warriors!  Take that healing we spoke of right now in Jesus name!