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TURN THE TABLES! Daily communion through Pentecost. 

GLORY WEEKEND MICHIGAN! May 3-5, Gateway Hope Center, Jon and Jolene with Pastor Ed Watts, Flint MI. More info CLICK HERE.

MAY 7-22 JERUSALEM, ISRAEL| MAY 22-27 ENGLAND, WALES                                                                                                                                                                                                                

FANEUIL HALL JULY 22! With Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, others. More information coming soon. Save the date! 

GLORY TRAIN OFFERING! Sowing into Israel & England Tour, Glory Train launch at Fanueil Hall. We are believing God for $22,000 between 4-22 and 7-22. Only $16,000 to go! Lets stand together to receive His miracle provision. To contribute please CLICK HERE.

“I’M SENDING YOU BACK and I’m sending you forward! I’m doing both at the same time. That’s part of the whirlwind. Creating cycle of moving from the past quickly from areas you were almost worn down and got lost in your faith in, into an explosion of new faith and new vision.” Chuck Pierce, Revolution 2018.

Here’s a major announcement for you—Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets are returning with us to Faneuil Hall! Mark your calendars for 7-22, 2019. We will have sessions Monday afternoon and evening. “I am sending you back to send you forward!”

National Turnaround
Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall is known as the Cradle of Liberty, the womb of the American Revolution. And on 7-22, 2014 Jolene and I approached our Faneuil Hall gathering dreaming a revolutionary dream that a new course could be set for national turnaround. We gathered together to receive a verdict we honestly did not even know we needed. From Daniel 7:22, judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom! 

This was a last-minute venture. Yet to our great surprise, Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce caught the vision immediately. They joined us at Faneuil Hall and apostolically sealed the verdict God entrusted to us all. 

Looking back it is astounding how comprehensive God’s response to our united plea actually was. Sabotage by the forces of darkness was averted. Freedom was preserved. New tracks were laid. With countless amazing saints gaining stewardship over the governmental seats of authority of our land.

Complete the Turnaround, Birth Awakening
Jolene and I have such a similar sense of anticipation and awe about this year’s gathering. It seems really important to God’s heart. This time our deepest hope is twofold. First, to complete the turnaround which has begun. Second, to birth the fullness of the awakening the Lord is sending to heal our land. 

Amazing that Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce are joining us once again! As you know, I feel the Lord wants us to again connect with our covenantal foundations to set a new course for our future. Chuck essentially prophesied this to Dutch during last week’s Passover meeting at Global Spheres. And now God has sent us all back to send us forward.

Face of God Hall
Faneuil Hall, of course, is the historic hall known as the Cradle of Liberty because it’s where the American Revolution was birthed. Revolutionary leaders such as Paul Revere, John Adams, Sam Adams etc would speak at Faneuil Hall, mobilizing Bostonians to birth the freedom movement which would soon become the United States of America. 

Not coincidentally, Boston was where the Appeal to Heaven flag first flew. We are once again joining their appeal.

In the “city on a hill,” our forefathers lit a lamp for liberty. The torch has now been passed to us. What we do with this torch, maybe even at Faneuil Hall this July 22, sets the course for our future. 

By the way we discovered just a month or go that the name “Faneuil “is from the Biblical name “Phanuel.” Phanuel means “Face of God.” Isn’t it amazing we are being summoned to a sacred assembly at “Face of God Hall,” the Cradle of Liberty, the womb of God’s freedom movement for the nation! 

I Am Sending You Back to Send You Forward!
Final point. The Faneuil Hall gathering is launching the Glory Train 13 colonies journey. We will be journeying from Boston and Plymouth to Albany New York, to Rome and Lowville New York. We then through Pennsylvania into Maryland and Washington DC. 

Remember how God’s governmental glory is pictured biblically as a whirlwind. Chuck Pierce’s word at Revolution so clarifies what we are pursuing together. The word “sent” is an apostolic word. God is sending us together—back to Faneuil Hall—to send us forward and secure our pathway for the future. No King but Jesus!

“I’m sending you back and I’m sending you forward. I’m doing both at the same time. That’s part of the whirlwind. Creating cycle of moving from the past quickly from areas you were almost worn down and got lost in your faith in, into an explosion of new faith and new vision. How many feel a whirlwind swirling? You feel a whirlwind going on. But I’m here to prophesy when you. See that whirlwind come across Pennsylvania this year, into Maryland and into DC. You’re going to know that God has said I have come to secure My pathway for the future.” Chuck Pierce, Revolution 2018, December 6, Trump International, Washington DC.