Welcome to phase two of the Turnaround Project. From the beginning of the year the Lord began to speak to us about the importance of aligning with His windows:

“For 2015 I want you to decree ‘open windows,’ not open doors. For I am opening windows of opportunity that are tied to these doors, and you must now align your ministry with these windows!”

We shared yesterday how, during the first 21 days, we sensed the call to continue this Turnaround Project through March 4. As best I understand, below are the windows: 

From Jan. 4-24, we entered the whirlwind. Even news events conveyed that we entered into a whirlwind year. More importantly, we set our course for the future by aligning with Jesus Christ and the move of His Spirit. We entered the whirlwind!

From Jan. 24-Feb. 14 we ascend the whirlwind. Time to take time before the Throne of God, accessing His council chambers. It’s almost as though much of the revelation we were anticipating in the first phase will actually be released during this second phase. Certainly worth the wait!

From Feb. 14-March 4 we see the mantle in the whirlwind. There’s a refined “prophet-warrior” mantle coming over the body of Christ. I don’t know any other way to describe it, but the prophetic expression and warrior expression are being honed to function together at a higher level. The movies “Selma” and “American Sniper” are signposts in the natural of this.

That said, by March, watch for this new season. God is now preparing us to “spring forth” as God “marches forth.”

Dream–Misty Edwards, Windows, and Special Forces
What I didn’t realize is that these three phases of this Turnaround Project were actually mapped out in the dream I shared at the very beginning, on January 4!

In the dream, Misty Edwards came and visited our condominium in Pentagon City. Most of you know Misty as a prophetic worshiper with an extraordinary focus on intimacy with Jesus.

Enter the Whirlwind. Misty stepped towards a very large window overlooking Washington DC. In the natural, we do not have curtains on our window, but in the dream she stepped behind a thin white curtain.

Please keep in mind that windows represent portals. Prophetically, Misty entered the whirlwind.

Prophet in the Whirlwind. Misty remained there, silhouetted, for a very long time. When I asked the Lord about this, He replied that “Misty has not just entered the window, she has become part of the window.” I knew immediately the Lord was talking about windows of heaven, or portals of access to His Throne.

Friends, this is our next phase of abiding. We are called to be like a prophet in the whirlwind—not just entering, but remaining in His window.

The scene in the dream changed. Jolene and I were on our bed, fully clothed. Misty Edwards just ambled in and started talking with us!

Again I knew immediately what the Lord was conveying. He was giving a gentle summons for us to return to intimate worship and communion. To dwell in the chambers of intimacy.

Mantle in the Whirlwind. There is more to this encounter than what I originally shared, except with Jolene and a few close friends. I wanted some time to process before releasing this publicly. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me.

In the dream, I turned to Misty and said to her, “So glad you’re here, Misty, so we can bring reformation to the Special Forces!”

Stunning! This declaration seemed so out of context at first. But it’s not, really. Intimacy with God, worship, and prophetic clarity ushers in His Throne room authority and breakthrough!

Remember Elijah, Elisha, and the mantle in the whirlwind. This is actually how they operated. They were prophets and warriors. Special Forces.

Both knew the secrets of the Lord. They also knew the enemy’s secrets. Elisha even overcame an entire army that had surrounded him! And their intel from the Lord brought societal turnarounds.

There is such a hunger for increased effectiveness in prayer. Many of you are being summoned out of the rank and file, and into advanced training in God’s ways of forerunning prayer. There is indeed a price to be paid.

Reformation in Special Forces
God wants to equip His army in these ways of forerunning prayer. I believe He also wants to equip many in the military and intelligence communities in this aspect.

Because frontline soldiers here and across the world are facing much more than natural conflict. They are facing extreme conflict in the spiritual realm which often takes a toll on their capacities, and even can determine the course of the battles they face.

Spiritual warfare is not fiction, it is very real. And I believe God is bringing a reformation to His army that will even affect the armies of the earth.

The Lord of armies is now summoning His hand-picked special forces to “come up higher.” Why not pray now as Elisha prayed. Ask the Lord for His advanced training. Ask to stand before the Lord, to stand in His council. And why not ask for a double portion of His Spirit—His turnaround mantle for this new season!